The Hostilities In Iraq, And Related Developments

Peace is not in sight, if by peace you mean all of Iraq living with a level of violence that’s on a par with that of San Diego. But large areas of Iraq are tranquil. Most of the news is about Basra and the Mahdi Army.

As mentioned in PenPo One and Eight, the press decides who wins battles, and that is a political/ideological task that journalists are glad to perform for our benefit. That’s why there were three distinct victories in Basra in the last couple of weeks: the first victory was won by the Iraqi Army (IA), the second was won by the Iraqi people, and the third was won by Truth. The victory of Truth is particularly worth celebrating. That’s right: the press, certainly aware of the informative and corrective power of the internet, has admitted that Sadr took a beating and that Basra is now controlled by the IA and police. Initial reports of the collapse of some IA units have been put into perspective, and the final outcome of the fighting is a boost for Iraqi confidence and pride.

Legacy media links: The London Times reports and then again and yet again. It’s refreshing to see good news get the coverage it deserves.

Our information mainstays prove solid as usual, as this from Strategy Page demonstrates. Read it, because it includes news from other areas of Iraq and is a textbook example of what journalism could be.

Then, in the event that someone mentions the endless fighting and dying in a tone of voice that hints at the “progressive” shibbolethquagmire, counter immediately with three references: One, Two, and Three. That should do it — because the full truth is, the bad guys are being hammered, and it is no longer just the USA doing the hammering. The success of the IA is a genuine turning point in the history of modern Iraq.

So what is there to worry about? Lots, because our people are still getting hurt and killed, and Iran remains the biggest danger, both present and future. Within Iraq, there is a possible alliance between two of our enemies. Fortunately that would probably only hasten the demise of both.

Perhaps our greatest worry is that we simply don’t know whether the candidates for the White House can be trusted to stay the course; if they kow-tow to the “progressives” and pull out of Iraq in a hurry, the USA will be hit hard by Islamofascism. Weakness and lack of resolve always draw fire.

That makes this post particularly interesting. It attempts to answer the question, “Hillary has strongly implied that she will clear our people out of Iraq ASAP. Will she? Does she mean it?” The weblogger’s response:

…we don’t believe a word she says on the issue, which makes her more reliable.

…we don’t believe that she actually has a principled stance on the subject, which means (paradoxically) that she’s not going to either ignore objective reality if she gets in the Oval Office, or let her past utterances adversely affect her in any way, shape, or form. And Clinton certainly won’t take any risks on this. At all. We can work with that.

How’s that for optimistic cynicism?

Not Just Another Book, But A Network Of Documents To Support The Author’s Thesis — And All Accessible

Give this one a chance: go to this weblog post and click on the links. The development described there is not new — it was used in 2003 to enhance The Book of Hiram, and to good effect. It deserves more attention in the publishing industry.


Petroleum: Not At All Understood, And Possibly Not A Finite Resource

Geologists literally do not know what oil is. Now of course that statement makes little sense to anyone who made it through grade school and learned about cows and pollination and where coal and oil come from, but it’s a fact. The notion that oil is dead plants has never been proved. And no amount of testing and analysis can tell us what oil was before it was oil. We don’t even have a good idea of how it was formed.

Sure, you hear talk of pressure and heat, but…if that’s what it takes to make oil, just a bunch of dead leaves that you cram into a tiny space and then heat up, well, why does the stuff cost so much? At today’s prices, you would think some guy would invent an oil-making machine. We could ship him all our organic garbage, and he could squeeze it and light a fire under it, and…Bob’s your uncle, as the Kiwis say.

So far, there is no such machine. All we have is a tacit confession by a geologist that he and his colleagues don’t have a clue. Now that would be depressing if it weren’t for the fact that this guy feels that maybe the earth is making more oil all the time.

So…oil, a renewable resource?? Now there’s a concept!

Whence Proceeds The Human Rights Commission Madness In Canada? Britain, Perhaps?

Why do Canadians permit their Human Rights Commissions to operate as they do? (See PenPosts numbers One, Four, Five and Eight.) One might speculate that British precedents and mindset have something to do with it. If that guess were on target, one would expect that the government of perfidious Albion set an example for Ottawa, namely by doing some crazy things, and the British view of the USA (a nation mistakenly called “America” across the pond) would be, er, interesting, if not surprising.

Well. Given the above evidence, one might hypothesize that Canada is within the British sphere of epistemological influence….

In any event, here are Ezra Levant’s comments on his persecution by the thought police in Alberta. He seems happy to have made a “convert.”

Read This And Act On It

Once again, the PenPo alerts you to dangers created by human foolishness and impetuosity. First it was the mobile “telephone,” the phone that is not a phone and emits radiation you do not want your kids soaking up. Now it’s pills that were supposed to help you live longer but will shorten your life, and a “green” gizmo that should be taken off store shelves because it’s very dangerous to your health and your wallet. Really. Click on the links!

Anti-aging vitamins have been popular for a long time — “free radical scavengers,” some folks call them, and they are often referred to as antioxidants. They have been widely touted…and now we learn that a carefully done study has concluded: “Beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E, given singly or combined with other antioxidant supplements, significantly increase mortality.” That sentence is about as straightforward and unambiguous as words can get.

Meanwhile the campaign to compel (well, convince) everyone to use compact fluorescent light bulbs is turning out to be a parade led by a pied piper. Mercury in the bulbs is a serious health hazard, and disposing of the bulbs when they burn out is going to be a risky business, and costly. (Many of these little time bombs are made in China. Those cheap imports will burn out with depressing regularity and dispatch, therefore.) There’s no throwing the new-fangled bulbs in the trash and forgetting about them — they will need to be collected separately and processed somehow somewhere, and heaven knows how well safety requirements will be met, or who will pay for the final disposal (it’s another opportunity to raise taxes, in other words). But that’s not all — it gets much worse!

This is a disgrace and would be a scandal, if it were not the case that, as a “green” crusade, the push for the bulbs is politically correct and therefore exempt from reason. The public has been propagandized and railroaded.

We should have smelled a rat: these new bulbs are expensive, and throw weird hues of light that flickers. Yes, it flickers rapidly, but why is that all right? Sunlight does not do that, and that’s what Mother Nature intended light to be — flicker-free.

It’s clear that the disadvantages of these things more than outweigh the advantages. (Don’t believe it? You did not click on the “worse” link at the end of the third paragraph, now did you?) So, when pushed to save energy by buying the dratted things, just say NO!

The Bloodshed To Come

If you speak out against the inhumane teachings of Islam — no, not against the palatable babble of imams who want to convert Westerners, but against the words of God as conveyed by the angel Gabriel — you are sure to be damned as an Islamophobe. The word is said to mean “one who hates Islam,” or even “one who is prejudiced against Muslims.” In fact -phobe comes from Greek, was handed on to us by the Romans, and refers to fear, not hate. In Islam, there is much to be feared.

We must be brave enough to resist evil. That imperative is at the core of our heritage. Why, then, are so many catering to the monster? Why does our elite so lack vision and determination that our blood enemies are heartened?

By all means read this eloquent article.

Concerning Wright, And The Harm Done

Barack Hussein Obama’s (former?) pastor appeared before the National Press Club recently, and was told to explain himself. Aweblogger, tasked to comment, watched the You Tube videos and provided Pajamas Media with his reactions. Samples: “Wright talks about events of hundreds of years ago as if they’re happening right now. His tripe is some of the vilest demagoguery I’ve heard. … What sort of person could watch this crap for 20 years?”

Others are piling on, including a weblogger at, of all places, the Washington Post, who reports that at another meeting

…Wright praised Louis Farrakhan, defended the view that Zionism is racism, accused the United States of terrorism, repeated his view that the government created the AIDS virus to cause the genocide of racial minorities, stood by other past remarks (‘God damn America’) and held himself out as a spokesman for the black church in America.

Wright is a gullible and bitter little man who has tainted Obama. That raises two questions: first, has Wright done enough damage to deny Obama the White House? Second, is it true that Wright’s views express the feelings of a very large minority of black voters?

The first question will never be answered if Obama fails to win the nomination or the presidential election. We simply won’t know why he did not get the votes. The second question, however, needs to be asked and discussed, regardless of the outcome of the political process.

Here is the reasoning behind the contention that Wright’s ideas are held by a significant minority segment of black citizens:

A long, harrowing history has made many black citizens susceptible to preposterous notions about US society and government. De factoslavery continued for many years in the South after the Civil War. Segregation did not start breaking down once the US constitution had been corrected — instead it grew, intensified, spread and gained social approval. Jim Crow laws were enacted not at once, but years after the end of hostilities. Discrimination and terror increased, and included mass murders — an entire town wiped out — that never took place under the old slave laws. A black middle class arose, flourished for a while, and was swept away by poorly-understood social forces that probably included an unreasonable demand that integration be imposed. North and south, for many black people in the USA, life got worse or no better.

That’s why many black folks today see the world as controlled by slavemasters, and see themselves as branded, unable to escape, unable to avoid the inhumane indifference of this bigoted ruling elite. It’s no wonder that conspiracism is one of the flaws in Wright’s thinking.

For example: Jew-hatred, complete with its fake history (The Protocols) that explains what happened and names the perpetrators, is a persistent undercurrent in black politics. Significant numbers of black citizens continue to convert to an unevolved faith whose God-given teachings include hatred of Jews; the (nominal) Christian Wright links up ideologically with the fascist bigot Farrakhan; and Wright’s tales of exploitation and attempted genocide (via HIV) find a receptive audience in his parishioners.

Of course some of the folks in the pews don’t quite believe the bombastic preacher. They don’t accept his Mad Hatter fables as true, but they enjoy — are literally entertained by — his sermons. He’s a showman.

For many others, Wright’s Quixotic nonsense is not a diversion, but an epiphany. Bitter experiences and a sense of eternal victimhood have shaped their angry understanding of the world. Accordingly, they are easily misled by a legion of Chomsky clones, purveyors of Marxist and neo-Marxist tyranny, missionaries of the least tolerant major faith on earth, advocates of violence, paranoids with outlandish explanations of why things happen, and teachers who denounce the Enlightenment.

If people understood how slavery and subsequent events have created both Wright’s mindset and his audience, they would look at today’s commotion and say, “Well, what the hell did we expect??”

There is another view, and nowhere is it expressed better than in this post. Selected quotes:

…some black leaders did not proactively debunk the suggestion that Wright was representative of “the black church” out of deference to Obama’s prior attempts to make the issue about race instead of religion and theology.

Perhaps worse is the degree to which the establishment media not only avoided soliciting the opinion of other black religious leaders, but also promoted the notion that Wright was expressing views commonly expressed within black churches. The offenders in this respect already noted here at pw (Protein Wisdom, the weblog) include TIME magazine, as well as the taxpayer-funded PBS’s Bill Moyers and NPR.

Those who engaging (sic) in this level of intellectual dishonesty may serve Obama’s campaign and their own willingness to jump in the tank for him when he proclaimed that he could no more disown Wright than he could disown the entire black community. But this effort has been — and remains — a libel against the majority of black churchgoers who do not share Wright’s warped view of the world or his warped view of Christianity. Moreover, by suggesting to non-black America that Wright was representative of historically black churches, such media outlets set back the cause of race relations to the detriment of all Americans. (Emphasis added.)

(Note: a commenter on this weblog stated that Bill Moyers’s program on PBS is not taxpayer-funded.)

Meanwhile Obama, under pressure to denounce Wright and not at all happy to do so, is saying as much as he dares. He made a mistake about the pastor, but it’s been blown out of proportion. Mountebanks like Wright are not policy-makers or skilled politicians: they are theatrical personalities who sometimes try to intimidate their way to power (consider Al Sharpton). Common sense tells us that Wright would not be a Gray Eminence in an Obama administration.

That does not tell us how we can solve the problem of all those people who believe the lies spun by Wright, Chomsky and others who would destroy the hated System. Well, there is no solution, because there is no problem. We are confronted by a difficulty, not by a problem, and difficulties must be coped with. They can’t be solved. We just have to do the best we can to live through the consequences of our history.

We can’t change the past, and the future is extraordinarily difficult to shape. Yet we are sovereign individuals, so we can try to organize our behavior to have some positive effect on our neighbors. We can bring our children up to understand truths, and not to believe in myths. We can lead by example, rather than by direction. We can defend Liberty. We can help each other, and we can express our hopes for the future.