The Hostilities, And The People Who Have Investments In Them

The situation in Iraq remains both (a) promising, and (b) under-reported, as this quote proves (do read the entire post, it’s brief):

Iraq is much better.

For weeks and months other outlets including some of the (NY) Times’s major competitors, the Times’s own editorial writers, government officials, and independent observers have been saying much the same thing, indeed saying it without much of the self-conscious double-talk we read in the Times. Yet the Times neither reported itself on the developments which other outlets did or acknowledged others’ reports.

Then this article appeared in the NY Times. It’s surprising enough to rate a close look…considering the source. Or is this just the dead tree media sticking the knife in the electronic media? Whatever; as long as reports like this appear, in the long run all propaganda-mongers lose.

For news and facts you almost certainly did not get from the major media, you can call up this on Basra, or an interesting discussion of Iraq, Iran and more. It’s all grist for the mill.

Of some historical interest, as well — perhaps that should read, “hysterical interest” — is this this meditation on weapons of mass destruction, lies, and Bush.

One can’t talk about US policy toward Iraq and Al Qaeda without eventually getting into the McCain-Obama issues, or the role the press has played in reporting events in order to manipulate the voters. For those who still have open minds and some curiosity about events, there is a useful discussion of Obama and the surge on line. Ah, yes, the surge — that political ploy used by a cynical administration to send yet more failed scholars and losers (just ask John Kerry) to near-certain death in a hopeless, endless quagmire…will they ever come home?Well, yes, as a matter of fact. But we don’t want to let stories like that get onto the front pages, now do we?

Heavens! How did it come to this? Whatever shall we do? Well, we might begin answering those questions by pledging to be rational — just for fun, you understand, and we can stop any time we like. So: let’s all read an article that includes this nifty quote…”Like Sen. Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Robert Gates strongly doubted the wisdom of invading Iraq.” Here it is. Yes, that’s right. Obama is not modifying his stance — because it’s pure ideology, and pure ideology is never terribly flexible. It might disappear, but it seldom adapts intelligently.

Speaking of the Democratic candidate (assuming, of course, that Hillary can’t find a way to derail Obama’s White House Express at the last minute), it’s time to reconsider. In issue thirteen of the PenPo, the flat statement is made that Obama was a Muslim and is considered an apostate. Some dispute this. The debate is interesting, so here are some sources, each with links to other web pages: “It’s a smear and a filthy lie,” and “Born a Muslim, practiced the faith,” and “Not exactly a Muslim Manchurian Candidate, but…“.

Then there is the question of whether Obama will name Hillary as his VP candidate. So much is unknown outside tightly closed circles that wild speculation is rife on the internet, much of it focusing on the female fired by Hillary and hired by Obama. Ignore all that; the simple fact is, Obama is not nearly stupid enough to allow Hillary anywhere near his administration. The last thing in the world he wants is that female and her priapic familiar skulking about, mugging for the cameras and making news on their own. Hillary as VP would drive Obama crazy, and he knows it.

More rumors: a mini-flurry of excitement about an alleged video of Obama’s wife savaging “Whitey” arose, lasted for a few days, and subsided. Die-hard believers say McCain will use the video later. But really now…”Whitey” a racial slur, a real bit of hate speech? Comeon! For some perspective, take a look at this.

Finally, what about the judgment of history, as regards Slick and W? The books and articles and opinions will be astronomical in number, for these two guys have given everyone lots to talk and argue about. It will take a generation or more before their legacies are understood, and then they may be forgotten…as Lyndon Johnson’s has. For now, here are two opinionated glimpses of the pair: first, of The Arkansas Swordsman Who Was Blacker Than Obama Because He Had More Black Women Than The Candidate Did (according to Hillary supporter Andy Young), and then of The Texas Jogger Who Couldn’t Give a Speech But Drove Oil Over $100 A Barrel And Made Halliburton A Welfare Client. Feed your prejudices.


Pure, Unadulterated Insanity

It is important that you go to this stunning article and read it all. Then — and only then — continue reading this item.

As noted in PenPo Number 12, the human contribution to total CO2 levels in the atmosphere is five percent. Both sides in the debate over anthropogenic global warming accept that figure. This Hansen fellow wants to cut 385 ppm (the current level) down to 350 ppm, which means he is asking for a reduction of almost nine percent. That would require humankind not only to stop all production of CO2, but somehow manage to remove CO2 from the atmosphere in quantities virtually equaling its current contribution.

Anyone who thinks that is a rational goal is not just mistaken, but intellectually deficient. The error is compounded by solid evidence that CO2 levels can not possibly be responsible for global warming. It’s all in the global warming piece in PenPo number 12, so if you are unclear on the matter, have a look (or request another copy of 12).

This is not just an instance of bad science, however. A consequence of Hansen’s fanaticism is his abandonment of principles. Not only is he unashamed to promote irrational falsehoods about climate, he believes freedom of speech should be repealed so that people can be arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned…for disputing him, and pursuing policies of which he disapproves.

This is an ultimate result of pure faith. Anthropogenic global warming’s true believers ignore facts, refuse to deal with or even acknowledge the existence of solid evidence, damn those who point to the obvious truth, and take a sanctimoniously punitive attitude toward their opponents. Freedom of speech and press are under assault, and the faithful believe their holy crusade is justified in using the law and the courts to silence reason.

Yes, it is exactly that serious.

When a fanatic like Hansen is actually listened to by Congress…when he can target individual members of Congress and try to get the voters to remove them from office…when he can honestly demand the prosecution of his opponents…the foundation of Western Civilization is under frontal attack.

It is time to put an end to science by consensus. You don’t vote on the properties of a chemical.

In the interests of truth and sanity, the public needs to have the facts regarding CO2, and it needs to be reminded that we still have the Liberty we need to disagree with — and refute — lunacy.

Global warming is not anthropogenic. Simple arithmetic shows that mankind can not possibly produce enough CO2 to cause it, nor reduce CO2 enough to halt or reverse it. We have accurate records of rises and falls in levels of CO2 and temperature over thousands of years, and they make it clear that CO2 is not a cause of climate change. There are numerous instances of long-term, sharply rising CO2 levels coinciding with long-term, sharply falling temperatures.

Yet this lunatic Hansen preaches lies and demands the imprisonment of his opponents. Why we put any confidence in him is the huge question; the answer seems to be related to the cultural self-hatred that has weakened our civilization and, among other negative effects, invited attack from Islam.

Because we are depressed by undeserved guilt, we permit our legislatures, our courts and our media to be used against us. We do not demand that our servants, the politicians and their hordes of bureaucrats, provide the protection our Liberty requires. Gullible due to poor education, whimpering with remorse over our addiction to progress, we have become our worst enemy.

That’s why a raving charlatan like Hansen finds it easy to influence those who chart our course. Exploiting our moral and emotional flaws, he blames us, our technology, our progress, our standard of living, our values and our accomplishments for a prophesied impending catastrophe.

What happened? It’s not complex. And it’s not new. We have simply created and embraced a modern version of Original Sin.

Hell awaits, and it is once again entirely our fault if we fall into it; this time, however, it’s to be hell on earth, and all but the wealthiest will suffer. There is hope for us only if we follow the instructions of the Wise Leader. To impose His rule effectively, we must of course punish severely those who do not believe in Him.

Once again the authority of a faith is to be imposed by force.

Is that a bit of hyperbole? No. Hansen is not the only contemporary self-appointed savior of mankind who is attempting to set up a new Inquisition that will root out and exterminate meteorological heresy.

Shame! If we were rational and informed, we would ignore Hansen as the madman he is. That would prevent today’s fear-monger from transforming himself into tomorrow’s literal terrorist.