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Month: July 2008

Number 18

The Icon That Failed The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a speckled history, much of which remains occult. There are some things you just don’t repeat. For example, when the libertarian folks at the Cato Institute take...

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Number 17

The Sacred Teaching Is Become Mandate And Censor What is this man talking about?? “The first sentence is nothing more or less than a deliberate lie,” writes Professor John Brignell on his Numberwatch blog. “The...

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Number 16

Is There Such A Creature As A Good Muslim? Whether Muslims can be decent people is a primal and essential consideration. As soon as the question arises, it demands definition: by which standards of goodness shall we measure...

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Number 15

News To Gladden The Hearts Of Democrats, And Make Republicans Throw Up John McCain is not constitutionally eligible to be president of the USA. Before you dismiss that claim out of hand, download and read this document written...

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