The Sacred Teaching Is Become Mandate And Censor

What is this man talking about??

“The first sentence is nothing more or less than a deliberate lie,” writes Professor John Brignell on his Numberwatch blog. “The second is, to say the least, contentious; while the third is an outrageous example of ultra vires interference by a committee in the proper conduct of scientific debate.”

He’s talking about anthropogenic global warming (AGW), and an attempt to prevent discussion thereof. He’s talking about censorship. He’s talking about an ideologically-based block on free, open inquiry, research, and communication.

He’s also providing yet more evidence that a belief in AGW is a faith, not science. And he’s referring to the publication of a scientific paper debunking AGW that was linked to in the last PenPo. Read his comments and the article in which they appear, and then consider the harm done not just to science, but to Liberty.

Er, Ah…Nice Kitty!

Have you seen this yet? Give it a look, and if you have seen it already, you will enjoy it almost as much this time as you did the first time you saw it. It’s one of the YouTube stars right now, and for good reasons.

They Are Campaigning In The USA, So Here’s A Little Something From The PenPo For Each Of Those Scoundrels

First, a stiletto into the left kidney of The Obamessiah. Yes, as the post says, if a Republican had messed up this badly, it would be all over the papers and TV. One man’s vicious Rottweiler is the next man’s lap dog.

Next, a kick to the groin for a fellow who, in the minds of many in his party, epitomizes the RINO: Republican In Name Only. McCain has bought the conventional wisdom that to win the White House, you appeal to the center. The novel feature in his strategy is that he believes he can do that, and win the election, after abusing his base. Here, in cartoon form, is a reminder of the great goodwill that smug, supercilious behavior has earned him.

Would it be possible to arrange things so that both of these guys lose?? Suppose some trouble-maker files a lawsuit and gets an injunction from a federal court, preventing the GOP from nominating McCain, who, as a naturalized citizen, is constitutionally ineligible (fact: he really is ineligible). Then Fred Thompson walks into the stymied convention and says, “All right, everybody, rumps together, horns out!” Pandemonium. More fun than a girl fight in the schoolyard at lunch.

Imagine it: we’d have a genuine campaign, with total opposites squaring off for an apocalyptic battle. Obama would run against Bush. Thompson would run against Congress — a Congress that is, according to the voters, the worst the nation has ever had. Change vs. Reform. That would offer the electorate true options.

Heavy sigh….

Why Do We Tolerate This Degenerate, Corrupt, Rotten And Wormy Outfit?

The scandals and disgraces appall, but do not motivate. The UN, the folks who gave us the biggest financial swindle in human history (who’s in prison because of that?), have also given us horror stories from Africa that are literally hard to believe. “Peacekeepers” wearing blue helmets…a cruel hoax perpetrated by an organization that deserves radical, traumatic reform. Get a DVD of “Black Hawk Down” and watch carefully toward the end, where UN troops refuse to go on a mission to rescue trapped US troops. In truth, the film downplays the facts of cowardice and UN impotence — events were worse than the film-makers dared show.

Well, those poltroons were Pakistanis, and just a token force sent by a nation that has wasted no respect on the infidel USA, right? How professional can we expect those people to be? Not the UN’s fault, surely. Fine. Now revisit what was once Yugoslavia, and note that the UN’s sponsorship of a unit of gutless, worthless and criminally negligent “peacekeepers” from northwestern Europe is revealed only most of the way through the article. Every high school journalism student knows most people don’t read that far into any newspaper piece.

And by now, everyone should realize that there is something about being a “UN peacekeeper” that corrodes the soul and fosters felonious passivity. Those effects are caused not by peacekeeping, but by the UN. Corruption, incompetence and a bloated, unaccountable bureaucracy take their toll — even on good soldiers.

It’s time somebody stitched all this together and concluded the nauseating facts with a question: why does any principled individual consider the US-imposed regime change in Iraq to be illegal because it was never approved by the UN Security Council? That body has no ethical bona fides, no undisputed role to play in international jurisprudence, and many things to answer for. The crimes committed under the aegis of the UN damn the entire organization.

Oh, but the UN does good work, like, er, you know, like UNESCO and other charities, I mean you know, right?

That work is often laudable, even if one takes into account the reprehensible nature of UN refugee work in “Palestine” and many other areas. The programs are definitely not unimpeachable, but let that go. This work should be done by another international organization that is not directly linked to the monstrosity that squats in New York city, literally polluting the world with violence, rape, hideous child abuse including slavery, and pure terror. Doing some good with one’s left hand is no license to do inestimable harm with the other hand. The UN: an international unindicted war/peace criminal.

This, Ladies, Is Sincere, Humane And Respectful Feminism. Accept No Other

What is it about high fashion that fascinates? Clearly, haute couture today springs from a homosexual’s view of females — which tends to make it, er, off-center at times. Fashion shows may, therefore, have enough shock value to be mildly entertaining. Rather like a troupe of midget acrobats who perform unclothed, say.

However: paying midgets to pander to our base sensibilities, and enjoying the performances, seem very much like perversion. It dehumanizes the acrobats and stigmatizes them, as well as damaging their audience. And it is precisely the freak-show aspect of fashion that is off-putting.

Are girls and ladies supposed to look like that?

The question may betray a lack of sophistication, but it is natural — and sincere. It may be an indication of solid values and transcendent taste. It may also lead us to ask whether haute couture celebrates or mocks feminine beauty.

There are excellent reasons to ask what good the rag trade does. It certainly has altered the way females perceive themselves and relate to men. For the better?

As a spur to conspicuous consumption, the fashion industry is considerable. As a focal point for several media, fashion puts food on many tables. And some of the models who have walked frozen-faced and aloof along the catwalk, carefully putting right foot to the left and left foot to the right (who else walks like that?), have moved on to other careers.

That is pathetically small beer, given the human cost. There are other considerations, including the imposition of an inhumane lifestyle fraught with psychological and physical disorders, negative behaviors, and dysfunctional attitudes. (Caution: link leads to photos that, due to unflinching depictions of nudity, depravity, illness and total disability, may distress sensitive people.)

Ultimately, there is a strong case to be made that high fashion exploits, restricts, dictates to and debases females. Its harmful effects go far beyond setting up an inhumane, unattainable goal as the ideal toward which every girl should strive.

It’s a shame that a female’s instinctive desire to look nice should have such tragic outcomes. Perhaps the outcome is, however, inevitable, given the impetus.

Yes, You Are Being Nagged

The PenPo warned you. Do not let your kids use these things!

How Do You Spell It — With One “A” Or Two? It Depends

And while you are at it, don’t let your children grow up to be astronauts, either. There is a strange effect caused by going into space and fooling around out there; it messes with your brain cells or maybe rots your endocrine system and unbalances your mental processes or something. Here you see an instance of this occupational hazard.

Im Westen Nichts Neues

There’s been a development (which is utterly unsurprising, and neither novel nor encouraging) regarding the editorial misbehavior at the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel. You recall this farce: the Iraqi PM said some things, and some journalists ignored what he actually said and meant and replaced the truth with fabrications, in order to boost Obama’s candidacy. Ho-hum, just another case of the media’s familiar tsunami-like Obamobsession. Bore-ing. What’s up next?

An Apostate

Hey, hold it! Who the heck is this guy, and what business does he have expressing opinions and fake facts and drivel like this?? Can’t somebody shut him up, before the inbred hicks and gun-huggers and wingnuts find out about this? After all, with freedom of the press and speech must come responsibility, for crying out loud….

Yep, that’s what those who fear and hate Liberty would say about the candid meditation found at the link. Do take a look.

“War Is Peace”, As E. A. Blair Wrote In His Classic 1984

“Volunteer, or else.” Hmmmm…that reminds of the claim that “the US tax system depends on voluntary compliance,” now doesn’t it? Hah! Anyone smarter than a potted palm knows Big Brother is not a fictional character. So what’s next? Horrors…it’s that paragon of populist principles and practitioner of preposterous political pettifoggery, good ol’ Charlie Rangel. The mountebank has joined hands with the Big Boys at — pregnant pause — Time magazine to do nothing less than restructure US society.

Hogwash, fascistic Utopian hogwash. What they are really doing is plotting yet another rape of Liberty. Sheesh, haven’t these rascals ever heard of seduction?? Or better yet, prostitution, which is based on free market prerequisites? No, they are not going to allow us to reject their proposition. Options won’t exist for us, once this crew of pirates is though with its skullduggery.

The whole dripping oozing smelly story is available here (gastrointestinal indifference to noxious effluent required).

The Returning Hen Report, Part 1,452

This open secret tells you disruptive change is not just in the offing, but has begun. Nobody affected talks about it, of course, because…well, it would be disruptive to do so. And later, when the full impact is felt, nobody affected by it will want to admit why it happened.

The best advice the PenPo can give people who find themselves looking for work because of the arriving changes is this: you are in deep denial, Folks. You have deluded yourselves into believing this is not a consequence of your hiding opinion and ideology in the news section. You need to divest yourselves of your defensive denial and upgrade your principles. Greater objectivity and a refusal to play the censor would have served you and your industry better, and now you are reaping the whirlwind. Straighten up, accept responsibility for the consequences of your ideological unprofessionalism, and get on with life.

If you can’t face those facts, then look at it this way:

It’s like a raid on a whorehouse. The good go with the bad.