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Month: August 2008

Number 25

The Coming War In Afghanistan Yes, there is war in Afghanistan now, but to refer to the “coming war” there is still accurate — because we haven’t seen anything yet. The Taliban will murder all foreigners...

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Number 24

The Myth Of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Is Not Just False, But A Deliberate Hoax The proof comes in two reports. First is this summary of the facts: Global temperature has declined since 1998. Meanwhile, atmospheric...

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Number 23

This number of The Penguin Post is devoted exclusively to the issues behind the McCain-Feingold Act, a law co-sponsored by Senator John McCain. The original draft of the legislation is important because its intent tells us...

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Number 22

Nasty And Clumsily Written, But Still Spot On OK, tell us what you really think of the grand international sporting event about to take place in China. The Olympics are a fount of corruption and chicanery anyway, upholding no...

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Number 21

Tangled Webs And Unhinged Minds: The Story of Sami Al-Arian, Terror Advocate Sami Al-Arian is a college teacher and wily supporter of mass murderers. He currently sits in prison in the USA, serving a term far too short for his...

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