Tangled Webs And Unhinged Minds: The Story of Sami Al-Arian, Terror Advocate

Sami Al-Arian is a college teacher and wily supporter of mass murderers. He currently sits in prison in the USA, serving a term far too short for his crimes. The facts of his case are not just bizarre, but frightening. They provide a glimpse into the minds of some of the most dangerous people on earth, the “Palestinians,” and also expose “progressive” allies of the “Palestinians” to critical view. Follow the links.

This is the story in a nutshell.

The “progressive” response. Look at the entire site, and note the books advertised there. This is a dive into an ideological septic tank, to be sure, but a necessary excursion for folks who are not familiar with the implications of far-left mythology.

The shameful consequences: a former presidential candidate, taken seriously by some, suggests a strategy to those who oppose the attempt to put Al-Arian where he belongs. This is what happens when Jew-hatred and a loathing of the USA’s cultural postulates disguise themselves as principled opinion.

For context, here is a valuable discussion of “Palestinian” values and thought processes. These people are not victims of anything but their own insanity, as this post makes clear.

Not Everyone Agrees With The PenPo’s Flat Statement That McCain Can’t Win

Here is a peculiar essay from the left that is a bit hard to explain away. It could be the work of a very bitter Hillary supporter, or possibly an attempt to get the Democrats to take McCain more seriously. While it is, therefore, impossible to tell just how sincere this author is, his argument is interesting.

The real question is how McCain’s ineligibility for the presidency will be used against him, and when.

If he were constitutionally qualified to run, he would be well advised to run against Congress. He could then portray Obama as a glib agent of The Hill, too inexperienced to run the executive branch himself and therefore necessarily deferential to the Democratic elite — who will in any event consider him their creature, if not puppet.

Imagine: McCain steps to the podium and thunders, “We face the distinct possibility of being governed by a cabal composed of Pelosi, Reid, and the former junior senator from Illinois…the principle of a balance of powers would be mocked. Do we really want Congress, especially this Congress, running the nation single-handed? Seldom has the legislative branch been so corrupt, so incompetent, so unimaginative and such a hindrance to progress. Now they want all power. Their slimy tentacles grasp after the ultimate prize, the White House. We must tell them to STAND DOWN!”

A little declamatory rhetoric, backed by solid logic, could draw blood. But…this is the man behind McCain-Feingold, a fascistic revocation of the First Amendment. He is not one to preach about good governance.

That Thing Pushing Under The Wall Of The Tent From Outside Looks A Lot Like The Nose Of A Camel

The PenPo tries to bring you links to news you missed, but you may have heard about this.

Why are all those people there? How did they get in, what is their immigration status, and how did this happen? Was it coordinated by a labor agent? If so, what is the nature of his relationship to the officials who oversee admission to the USA?

The assumption seems to be that the workers are refugees. Now economic hardship is not legal grounds for refugee status under US law, so what, exactly, are these people refugees from? What are they fleeing? The only fearsome aspect of Somalia that comes to mind is Islam itself — but clearly, these people are not fleeing that. So what is really going on here? Is this a case of Tyson (the company involved) pulling strings illicitly to get a large, compliant and fearful work force that it can threaten with deportation? If so, it seems Tyson blundered, as rational people would predict if you hire alien Muslims by the busload. Meanwhile, Tyson’s business is in serious trouble.

There are lots of questions here. One might even wonder why those jobs could not go to people who are citizens, do not live in Tennessee, and are out of work.

Answers? None that the PenPo could locate on the internet. Perhaps some enterprising editor will…naaaah.

This Is A Terrible Book, And We Should Be Grateful That It Exists

Given the blood lust of our enemies, we have to expect horror and heartbreak. At the same time, admirable people are doing all they can to find better ways of helping the injured. The effort is succeeding. Here is the story of progress made and hope extended. Quoted in the article:

“There was never any doubt in my mind that the Army would publish this,” he said. “It was just a matter of getting around the nitwits.”

Feminism Marches On — In Spite Of A Broken Heel On That New Pump

You may have flinched on reading, in PenPo 19, of “…the political correctness that gave us radical feminism and other similar conceits.” If you think feminism was an unalloyed improvement in our culture, reconsider, please.

Down through the years, a few folks have complained that feminism was not as helpful to females as it was harmful to males. Well, it turns out a male can’t get away with saying that, as noted by a British author who claims his opinions were severely punished by feminists of whatever gender:

Exactly 20 years ago, I began to write a series of newspaper and magazine articles — culminating in my 1992 book No More Sex War — which made most of the points in Parker’s book (see below) and also advanced a far more radical prospectus.

She says: “Incrementally, government fills the void once occupied by parents.” I said: “The state makes a poor mother and a mean father.” She says — as I did — that boys need men as models whom they can admire if they are to become responsible, balanced, women-loving men, fathers and husbands. I would now say that the fatherless hoodie gang-banger with the 6in blade in his waistband is Germaine Greer’s bastard offspring.

The response to my work was a torrent of abuse. I lost all my work and income and was bankrupted. The derision was even echoed in the Scottish courts where I was contesting the custody of my young son.

After this surreal sojourn in hell, I realised that only a woman could succeed in criticising feminism; and that only women now have the power to establish equality between the sexes. It is now incumbent upon women to rise up from their privileged position and repair the inequalities of men.

The rejoinder to this might well be that a famous feminist, Susan Faludi, was in fact on the side of men, and pleaded their case to her sistersyears ago. So this guy should have kept his mouth shut?

Well, no, because Faludi’s book, Stiffed, was a condescending, contemptuous look at mere males who had, in Faludi’s view, not adapted to the feminist manifesto. In 650 pages of scorn and crocodile tears, the author chronicled the lives of pathetic losers who were incapable of dealing with Today’s Woman.

The portrayals were neither humane nor objective. While on a promotional tour for her book, Faludi briefly summarized a few of her case studies of individuals suffering the consequences of being modern Neanderthaler. Revealingly, as she described each man’s cultural irrelevance and misery, she chuckled almost continuously. (It had to be heard to be believed.) She could not stifle her amusement at the freak show.

That blood-chilling attitude is absent in a new book, about which you can learn more by listening to this audio file. It’s time well spent if you consider the War Between The Sexes to be of consequence.

The truth, blurted out by the female author of the book: “Let’s face it — a guy cannot say the things that I say in this book.”

Obama Exposed!! — Well, Not Quite, But A Few Pieces Of The Puzzle Have Been Found

Who and what is Obama, anyway? The real debate about his politics and qualifications does not focus on what he says, but around the man himself. He’s something of a mystery, a fact only his rabid followers deny.

If you read his book, you know there is a huge slice of his life he tells the world nothing about. Some of that period has come back to heckle him, but it’s mostly just the buzzing of an insect, not the arrival of an avenging angel wielding a flaming sword. Now a right-wing publication claims to have researched the mysterious years and come up with tons of filthy dirt.

Will his past besmirch Obama, and prevent him from becoming president? Almost certainly not. It will all be dismissed with a flick of the hand and a sneer — “Guilt by association again, McCarthyism, typical wingnut lies and smears. Nixon’s spirit lives on.”

That’s probably more right than wrong. Still, for the conspiracy theorists and avid Obama-haters in the PenPo’s readership, there’s fun to be had. One caution: before you start babbling about “proved links to terrorists” and “evidence beyond doubt that the man is a Black Muslim, a Manchurian Candidate, maybe even a vampire child molesting drug addict,” remember the folks who believe The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a genuine expose of the international Jewish conspiracy. You are very likely to be ignored as a lunatic.

For perspective on why Obama lived his early political life on the edge of outright insurrection, re-read Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic. That slim, insightful book explains why Obama the up-and-coming Man of the Hour loved kissing the backsides of some genuinely nasty people like Ayers and Dohrn. It was trendy! It was hip! It was cool! It was progressive!!

This is the pastime of the chattering class — a one-upmanship game of social climbing and snobbery that involves schmoozing with people who are probably still being watched by the FBI (or so everyone hopes). If at least some of the poseurs at your penthouse cocktail party don’t have to report to a parole officer, you are just not With It, Baby!

Yes, yes — of course it’s childish. But that’s why they are called the chattering class.