The Myth Of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Is Not Just False, But A Deliberate Hoax

The proof comes in two reports. First is this summary of the facts:

Global temperature has declined since 1998. Meanwhile, atmospheric carbon dioxide has gone in the other direction, increasing 20%. This divergence casts doubt on the validity of the greenhouse hypothesis, but that hasn’t discouraged the global warming advocates. They have long been ignoring far greater evidence that the basic assumption of greenhouse warming from increases in carbon dioxide is false.

From 1940 until the mid-1970s, the climate also failed to behave according to the greenhouse hypothesis, as carbon dioxide was strongly increasing while global temperatures cooled. This cooling led to countless scare stories in the media about a new ice age commencing.

Not only is carbon dioxide’s total greenhouse effect puny, mankind’s contribution to it is minuscule. The overwhelming majority (97%) of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere comes from nature, not from man.

Notice that the author puts man’s contribution to atmospheric CO2 at right around 3%. Other sources, including at least one AGW-believing website, say it is close to 5%. Neither figure is nearly high enough to give us any hope of altering climate by reducing our output of the gas.

Second, we have a comprehensive article exposing the fabrication of AGW propaganda.

For some years, AGW promoters such as Al Gore have relied upon the “Hockeystick Graph.” You can see it in the falsehood-laden film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” It’s a line on a chart that dramatically demonstrates the consequence of our contributions to the atmosphere. The Hockeystick is the most effective graphic the AGW propagandists have; it convinces everyone that something must be done immediately, or the earth will become a graveyard for humanity. It is scientific, it is easy to understand, and it is shocking.

It is a hoax.

The article linked to above explains how we know this is so. It presents the facts chronologically, and in terms that a layman can grasp. Still the reader is cautioned that the chicanery of the AGW fanatics proceeds along a twisting path; it is easy to be confused by the course of events. Peruse the report at a deliberate pace, therefore.

Note as you proceed that AGW enthusiasts are guilty of a number of violations of scientific procedure:

1. A refusal to submit all their data to investigators.

2. Doctoring the analytical process that puts the data into context.

3. Violating the ethical principles of scientific publication.

4. Constructing a circular argument. Circular arguments are logically invalid, though not obviously so if they are complex. They can be employed by charlatans to “prove” literally anything to the gullible.

In this fearless expose of the prostitution of science by eco-crackpots, we see the depths to which these True Believers will stoop in order to advance their dogma. “Fearless” is indeed the word, for the author names names, and even provides photos of the malefactors.

The evidence is overwhelming: the AGW cult is founded on deceit. It has transformed a fraud — the Hockeystick Graph — into an icon. It continues to provide invalid and untruthful defenses of its absurd claims. It is without scruples or shame in its propaganda. Its hysterical message is fear-mongering at its most vile. It is not simply abusing science, it is savaging the rational pursuit of knowledge.

Case closed.

The Implicate Cowardice Of Multiculturalist/Politically Correct “Respect For The Beliefs Of Others” Harms Everyone

There is an excellent essay on Liberty, religion, and the cowardice of the West that demands your attention. Quotes to entice you:

Insulating a religion from criticism — surrounding it with an electric fence called “respect” — keeps it stunted at its most infantile and fundamentalist stage.

You cannot say that Mohamed’s decision to marry a young girl (of nine years –Ed.) has to be judged by the standards of his time, and then demand that we follow his moral standards to the letter. Either we should follow his example literally, or we should critically evaluate it and choose for ourselves. Discussing this contradiction inevitably injects doubt — the mortal enemy of fanaticism….

Conspiracy Theories Are Eternally Beguiling

Scant days ago, the PenPo was working on a story that would have been a bombshell…if it had turned out to be true. It did not pass muster.

That’s not to say that we can’t be fooled, all of us. We depend on intrepid investigators to help us out, and the advent of the internet has increased their numbers dramatically. Ask Mad Mary Mapes about those folks, and you will probably find yourself wearing a broken flower pot on top of a scalp wound.

Here is an example of a juicy factoid that tuned out to be a falsehoodoid.

You May Have Seen This Shocking Story When It Was Current. The PenPo’s Predecessor Missed It. A Hat Tip To Subscriber D. In California, Who Felt It Needed Additional Exposure

It’s probably too late to do anything about this now, but some lessons might be learned. First look at the linked web pages.

A review of a documentary. Note in particular the names mentioned: Clinton, Foster, Trask, and others. Remember the flat refusal of former governor Clinton to permit access to his gubernatorial records. And they called Ron Reagan “The Teflon president”!!

An article in a British publication.

Commentary and information posted by what appears to be a vaguely “green” and “progressive” organization.

A carefully-balanced collection of reports from all political viewpoints and an excellent source of information. Scroll down to “Arkansas, Prison Blood Scandal.”

An article in an Arkansas newspaper.

The Hepatitis Trust explains the facts.

Google reveals an attempt to get the public involved; the petition is no longer posted on the internet. (The link may not work with your browser; write the PenPo if you need help finding the document.)

The website for the documentary.

Some instructive facts also escape emphasis in the material the PenPo has examined: the horror began in a state under the administration of a governor whose ethical sensibilities have been open to serious question. It then moved to Canada and the UK, nations whose health care systems are nationalized. At every step of the way, governments (state and national) were in total control of the entire process. Yet never did the authorities order tests that would have detected the approaching catastrophe.

That should be remembered as the USA edges toward “free” universal health care.

The PenPo has learned from the maker of the documentary that no persons have been convicted of crimes and put in prison as a consequence of their malfeasance.

This seems to be another instance of, “Because governments were involved, no one was involved.”

Did You Know That Rolling Your Eyes Is Good Exercise?

Well, it is. Or should be. Anyway, here is a good reason to do it, as described by a weblog that is exclusively devoted to documenting the bias of the BBC:

OLYMPIC FEVER. Trying to escape the hype the BBC is producing for the Olympic Games is difficult, unless one turns off! But I happened to tune in to Victoria Derbyshire this morning and was amazed to hear her ask a listener who had phoned in to say that awarding the games to China was a disgrace given its’ human rights record why he had not also objected to LA getting the Games back in 1984. She clearly equates the tyrants that run China with the democratically elected US government.

Perfidious Albion….

This is the ideal time to square our shoulders and say, “We don’t like your food, we don’t like looking at your bad teeth, and we don’t intend to ruin a perfectly good language by abusing it as you do!” There. That ought to hold the puffed-up losers and soccer-addicted drunks until they repay their war loans!

Relax, It Is Not True

Oh, for crying out loud.

It started with this report saying that alien beings, though dead for thirty thousand years, were contacting us Earthlings.

Then the truth came out, and the explanation made sense.

The Russians are going to have to stop taking those BBC correspondence courses — you know, the “Absolutely Anyone Can Be A Real Broadcast Journalist, Dearie!” series.

A News Item You Are Not Terribly Likely To Get From Mainstream Services

As everyone knows, the USA prohibits its citizens and businesses from trading with Cuba. That stranglehold on the communist nation is so effective that Cuba remains an impoverished victim of capitalist economic aggression.

Here is proof:

HAVANA – The United States ranked among communist Cuba’s top five trading partners for the first time in 2007 despite the decades-old U.S. trade embargo, as U.S. agriculture sales increased by $100 million.

The United States, which began selling food to Cuba in 2002 under an amendment to the embargo, placed seventh in 2006 and 2005. Revolutionary ally Venezuela and communist China were Cuba’s top trading partners at $2.698 billion and $2.457 billion respectively, with Canada placing third and Spain fourth, each at more than $1 billion.

Well, er, um, you get the point anyway. Sure, Cuba trades with just about every nation on earth, and can buy US products by ordering them from suppliers in Mexico, Canada, South America and everywhere else (which does not register as US sales to Cuba), and yes, Uncle Sam does business there directly (US-Cuba trade in 2007: $582 million), and so on, and of course trade is the lifeblood of a small island nation, but…that is, you see….

All right, so the embargo is toothless, and Cuba is poor because it is a communist dictatorship. Forget about all that, though, because just about everybody else in the USA has, so you might as well, too.

Then why all the fuss about ending the US “embargo” which is not an embargo??

“Has A Man No Reproductive Rights? Why Don’t We Ever Ask That Question?”

That’s a provocative way to change the subject, and the more so because it seems inane. Consider it anyway, and begin with a taste of what’s in store if you click on the link:

…two utterly contradictory things occur at the moment of conception:

Legally, from the point of view of a woman: the fetus is a lump of tissue which may be excised at will if she subsequently regrets having conceived a child. It imposes no obligation or legal duty unless she chooses to accept it.

Legally, from the point of view of the man: the fetus is a human being which must be allowed to live, even if he subsequently regrets having conceived a child. It imposes an absolute and irrevocable legal duty, regardless of his wishes in the matter.

What?? Well, yes, as it turns out, that’s exactly the way it works. Read the post to see how that came to be — and steel yourself for this outrageous notion: “If we ever hope to be equal with men then we must, with our ‘equal rights,’ accept equal responsibilities. It is, truly, that simple.”

A Task For The Executive Branch Of The US Federal Government

The Department of State is part of the executive branch of the government of the USA, but sometimes that may not seem terribly obvious. Foggy Bottom has a tradition of being a small empire unto itself, a status it maintains by controlling the political appointee who is Secretary of State. After all, the person in that office is just there temporarily, while the careerists are there for…a career.

One might wonder, for example, what happened to Condi. What’s that? “Who’s Condi??” you ask? Heh, heh, cute….

In any event, here’s a little project for the Brahmins at State: clean out the department’s septic tank. That means take a look at the ties State has with evil people, and sever those ties, pronto. The gist of the story is to be found in this medium-length report and the comments that follow it. Tip: it’s a bit arcane, and really intended for foreign policy wonks and those who take an interest in keeping, pardon the expression, Islamofascism at bay.

This Could Hurt Obama — If Anybody Is Listening

The bitter polarization (translation: complete disagreement) that segregates left from right in politics may prevent this information from receiving wide distribution, but comparisons of the reactions of Obama and McCain to Russian aggression are shocking. The right is on the attack, and there is no mincing of words.

Those words might not be heard by the voters in the middle, however.