The Coming War In Afghanistan

Yes, there is war in Afghanistan now, but to refer to the “coming war” there is still accurate — because we haven’t seen anything yet.

The Taliban will murder all foreigners in the country and put the population back in chains if the USA does not move in soon.

This has been coming on for months, and The PenPo has not devoted nearly enough space to it.

The basic problems are NATO’s underperformance, and sloppy command and control. Some of the NATO forces should stop pretending they are soldiers and clear out as soon as possible. We have to face the fact that the Europeans simply will not fight. They see no reason to — which may be because they intuit the truth: even if they win in Afghanistan, they have already lost to Islam at home. There can be no reversing the tragic course of events. Europe has perhaps two decades left before it comes under Muslim control.

The big advantage the USA has in the war in Afghanistan is air power. The USAF had a devastating impact on the Taliban some years ago. That said, the key to victory is, as always, troops on the ground. There is no way to protect the civilian population from the Taliban, hold territory and win this war without infantry that knows how to fight and is willing to fight.

For a wealth of information, see this comprehensive report.

These are our options: either we fight and drive them back, or Islam will expand its attacks. They are waiting for us to lay down our weapons and try diplomacy; they expect us to talk because they believe we are morally and spiritually weak.

We must take the long view, for that is what Islam always does. This phase of the war against Western Civilization will continue as long as the jihadis believe we shall yet again decline to press on to victory. The corollary to that is that if this time we persist, if we carry the fight to them and shatter them, we shall force Islam to pull back and wait for another opportunity.

Note well: that is the historical pattern Islam always displays. It pushes when it perceives the infidel as weak, and withdraws when he is resolute.

Nothing about this phase of the 1,400 year war is new, unusual, or incidental to our survival.

Here is truth: Afghanistan is just as important as Ohio. We have to prove to our enemies on every battlefield that they can never break our will. And we must do this even as our former allies in Europe submit meekly to Islamic tyranny. Though Europe kneels, we must stand —alone.

It is a horrible prospect. Waiting and wishing will not dispel it; diplomacy can never avert it; pacifism — which is not just a willingness to be killed rather than fight, but a willingness to allow the slaughter of any number of good people — will only embolden our enemy and intensify the horror. We must fight.

This Is Peculiar, Given The Claim That The USA Is A Democratic Republic

Shouldn’t government be responsive to the desires of the electorate? Generally, yes, though there are exceptions. We abominate a dictatorship of the majority, and our constitution is based on that ethic.

When it comes to national defense, the exercise of national sovereignty and our dominion over the geography of the nation, one has a right to expect a democratic government will pay close attention, however. Why this has not happened — why neither candidate understands the merits of a major public concern — is hard to explain.

The issue is immigration. This post defines the gap between what the voters say they want and what the candidates plan to do. Senator McCain (R, Mexico) is at odds with the voters to a degree that both the GOP and the voters seem not to grasp.

And then there is this explosive video, to which the PenPo has referred you in the past. If you have not seen it, you literally do not understand the problem of immigration.

NBC Does It Again. We Know What To Expect, But Censorship Is Always Disappointing And Disgusting

You may remember NBC. That’s the outfit that is so politically biased that it is more than willing to try to erase history — create non-events, in other words — in order to propagandize the US electorate.

(For those who don’t immediately recall the facts, here’s a little background. If you are aware of NBC’s way of doing things, you can skip this paragraph. — When John Kerry was running for president, he was interviewed by NBC’s Tom Brokaw, who pointed out to Kerry that the military records of Kerry and George W. Bush give the men’s scores on the same intelligence assessment test, and that Bush scored higher than did Kerry. Perhaps rattled by the revelation, Kerry blurted out that he had not opened all of his military records — this in spite of his numerous lies stating exactly the opposite. He spoke too quickly. …”Oh, what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive.”

(Confirmation? Yes. The original post on Ed Morrissey’s Captain’s Quarters weblog is no longer directly available, but Google has cached it. To get the archival copy of the post, Google for this: “nbc must have decided to cut it off, but its excision” and move down to the fourth entry on the display, “Captain’s Quarters,” and click on “cached.” You can also find it at this location, which has links to the original NBC transcript and to the censored version. — End of background on NBC’s dismal ethics.)

Well, the rascals are at it again. This time it appears to have been done on the basis of an assumption that Obama will be running against Bush, not McCain (which is to a great extent true, by the way). Here is the tip of the censorship iceberg. If you have had your daily dose of blood pressure medication, follow all the links found here and get the full disgraceful story. It’s obvious that NBC has had some help covering up this story. That’s what a media oligarchy is for….

And that’s why the major media hate independent weblogs: they can’t control and smother them.

Warning: Obama Partisans, Don’t Read This. It Is Not Congenial

This lady would be a problem if it were not for the virtual lock Obama has on the media: she won’t get any coverage to speak of.

Some Nifty URLs


Green tea — all the facts you need to know.

The art of the con…how people get us to trust them when we should not.

Banned Books Week. Celebrating the freedom to read.

There is a lot to learn about the solar system, and some of it will be really, really strange stuff.

Does your back hurt?

Secrets, Stonewalling, Swiftboating And Simplemindedness

Concerted and multiple efforts are underway to learn more about Obama’s past, bring all the details to light, and expose him as one of the following:

A. A puppet controlled by sinister mages who hope to rule the world (or who may rule it already),

B. A liar,

C. A fanatical Muslim, Utopian socialist, neo-Weather Underground terrorist/bomber, or political lunatic of some sort,

D. All of the above, somehow.

Not long ago, the PenPo told Obama’s people to get busy and deal with this — by releasing verifiable information. (Note that to ask, “What are they hiding?” would be to make an unwarranted assumption. There may be nothing at all to hide, or the full truth may be merely embarrassing rather than damning.)

Tangential observation which you may skip: note that this campaign to impugn Obama is somewhat reminiscent of attempts to prove that G. W. Bush is a Nazi because his grandfather invested in the only industrial nation that was undergoing rapid growth at the time, Hitler’s Germany. Recall, please, that by the 1930’s, Germany had extinguished a (today forgotten) genuine, fully-fledged civil war waged by communists (“Sparticists”), utterly vanquished catastrophic inflation, reduced unemployment from a horror to a triviality, imprisoned most of its professional criminals, improved the living standards of the citizenry immeasurably, and embarked on a period of economic expansion. Germany was the rational destination for investment capital; by 1938, the Depression in the USA was deeper and worse than it was when FDR took office.

You may recall that PenPo 16 carried a link to a website that displayed the many flaws and inconsistencies proving Obama’s claimed birth certificate to be a fake. Visit it now, if you did not do so the first time around.

Now an outfit called The Annenberg Political Fact Check insists that the certificate held by the Obama campaign is legitimate. See this web page for what they found when they got their hands on the document.

Good enough? At this point, it does not appear that the arguments line up properly, which is to say that the claimed evidence of fraud is not specifically refuted point by point. Too, the evidence that the certificate is genuine seems superficial when compared to the evidence pointing to counterfeiting.

The weblogger who is promoting the idea that Obama has faked his birth certificate has responded to the Annenberg assurances — and the claims of fraud have expanded to well beyond the validity of the document, now including birth in Kenya and Indonesian citizenship. And — oops! — it is asserted that Obama was once the chairman of Annenberg, which is said to have been founded by ex-bomber Billy Ayers.

The PenPo considers the debate over, however. While questions remain, the certificate provided by the Obama campaign is going to be accepted. Right or wrong, the naysayers will be left in the wilderness, muttering to each other.

So…what questions remain? These: why the Obama campaign involved DailyKos at all; why the apparently careful analysis of the DailyKos document turned up so many flaws; whether the DailyKos copy was a fake while the document examined by the Annenberg people is not; and perhaps most important of all, why the Obama campaign responded so slowly and ineffectually to the skeptics and conspiracy theorists. When attacked by such people, always use your heaviest artillery as soon as you possibly can.

The bad news here is one statement made on the Annenberg web page that opens the door to the conspiracists: “We conclude that (the birth certificate) meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship.” Big mistake. Skeptics will insist that the forgery is good enough to get past the typical, customary and very cursory examination State employs, and no better — but that a thorough scientific analysis reveals the fraud. They won’t give up.

They will have a point. A PenPo source claims it is extremely easy to create a fake birth certificate that passes muster with the authorities, so Annenberg’s criterion for authenticity — that it’s going to raise no eyebrows if used to get a US passport — is almost meaningless. No one puts those documents through any definitive examination, and “citizens” are created instantly by simple fakes. Getting a fake past State is probably a snap for anybody, and who in Foggy Bottom is going to risk his career by taking a senator’s proof of birth to a lab for expert examination??

Ideally, Annenberg’s staff should have dealt with each and every point raised against the certificate. Either that, or not get involved at all.

In any event, as far as the PenPo is concerned, Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is no longer under discussion. That puts the burden on those who want to document Obama’s African birth. They are going to have to come up with something that can pass all possible tests. There is no risk in saying that will simply not be possible.

So…by hook or crook, honestly or otherwise, Obama is in. Perhaps he should be in prison for masterminding a hoax designed to put him in the White House so he could commit treason — at this point, there is no way to know. We shall probably never know anything like the full truth. Win or lose, Obama will remain a focus of conspiracist thinking and a target of accusations that make one’s flesh crawl. That’s bad. It seems decades of conspiracist nonsense about the Kennedy assassinations have created a mindset that fosters suspicion, fantasy and hate.

Meanwhile…John McCain has been disputed regarding his account of events that took place when he was imprisoned in North Vietnam (see, for example, this rebuttal of an attempt to call him a liar). He’s even said to have been told what questions would be asked him in advance of what was billed as a spontaneous interview (which he handled magnificently).

Any plan to “swiftboat” the GOP candidate will collapse from sheer silliness. John Kerry shot his fool mouth off with abandon, and presented a huge target (“…seared, seared into my memory….”). McCain will not be nearly so easy to discredit.

Some conclusions are possible. Keep them in mind as the madness unfolds:

1. Yes, the past matters. Of course it matters. Its significance is always open to evaluation. The voters will decide where reason ends and insanity begins.

2. A lot of what you will see in weeks to come will be the direct result of Democrats’ residual fury over what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did to John Kerry. It’s payback time. So evaluate the charges against McCain in light of the possibility that they are just rancor, and nothing more. Then, if there is substance to the accusations, consider whether a person may change his outlook and ideology over time. Have you ever altered your views?

3. A lot of what you will see in weeks to come will be right-wing attempts to copy the Swifties’ attacks on Kerry. “If it worked then, it’s got to work against a fake like Obama.” Madcap blunder. An earlier PenPo suggested that everyone re-read Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic for insight into what happens when egotistical naifs dabble with trendy nonsense.

Continuing: now of course unless and until Obama opens all the records to view and provides solid answers to questions about his past, there will be no way to put this matter to rest. Nevertheless, Pilgrims, recall Occam’s razor, and go for the simplest and most likely interpretation of the indiscretions of Obama’s prolonged adolescence and delayed maturity.

Envision, therefore, the young politician on the make exchanging knowing smirks with some superannuated nutcases who eventually took the path of least resistance to middle-class comforts. Now the aging icons are in the Pantheon of Plastic Revolutionaries, woo-woo, “Look, Mom, I’m a Hero of the People!” Obama gets to trade neo-Marxist bons mots with genuine felons, and they get to bask in his puerile admiration. Sheesh. Disgusting, yes, but where’s the big deal? This is a little boy getting cheap thrills just from being in the company of the old-time Bad Guys. Vicarious naughtiness. Obama is a sap who likes being around outrageous people who say forbidden things (recall Wright the buffoon pastor); he then plays the sycophant’s role, dutifully reciting the cant: “bitter people who cling to guns and religion,” that kind of Dreck.

Then consider whether a person may change his outlook and ideology over time. Have you ever altered your views?

4. GOP and Democratic charges will not be reported equitably. Fact: the major news media are solidly — virtually unanimously — behind Obama. The nuts on the left will have their say, and the public may hear it, but the nuts on the right will be talking to themselves. (Very few voters know that all documents relating to Obama’s past…except that birth certificate…have been locked away, for example. And how much play has the “fake birth certificate” received in the mainstream press?) Huge advantage to Obama.

5. The PenPo reiterates its advice to Obama: pull the rug out from under the space cadets. Clear everything up. Order all relevant records released to the public and the press. Get the verifiable facts out in the open, now. Total candor is your best strategy; appearing fearfully secretive will hurt you.

General observations:

Guilt by association got Joe Namath in trouble when he had gangster pals, but overall it’s a very iffy concept. It means more to the parents of impressionable teenagers than it should, or will, to voters.

The electorate should base its decisions on solid grounds — such as experience, accomplishments, the candidates’ ethical principles as stated and expressed in deeds, the practicality of their proposals for reform, and so on.

The PenPo has pointed out that Obama is an empty suit, and that McCain is doubly unqualified to be president (constitutionally and ethically). Voters should begin with those claims and decide how to proceed.

Unfortunately the first and last question is whether there is any point at all in voting in this election.

Freud Called It Hysteria, But Then He Was A Cocaine Addict With Preposterous Delusions Of Grandeur

There’s a no-nonsense bit of commentary at Slate that ruminates on PUMAs and various female lunatics of fiction and history, ancient and very recent. The only flaws: the authoress omits Mad Mary Mapes, and says nothing about the diagnostic utterance, “….requires a willing suspension of disbelief.”

All who are interested in feminism and current US politics, as well as those who need their lethargy dispatched by a vigorous jolt, should read the post.