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Month: September 2008

Number 34

Is This, Well, Er, Logical? From a discussion of the Palin candidacy: At the same time the…(opponents of Palin) were declaring themselves affronted beyond all endurance, and declaring that women were far too independent,...

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Number 33

It’s Not Politically Correct To Talk About This. Think For Yourself Anyway History will be the ultimate judge, of course, and one cannot predict its findings. Yet there do seem to be some conclusions it can only validate....

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Number 32

Afghanistan: News That Is Nowhere To Be Found In The Legacy Media And it’s news you should have. Begin here, and go on to Part II. From Part I: “The Taliban’s eagerness to embrace ignorance will doom them...

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Number 31

That Tears It. That Absolutely Tears It Once And For All All of the damned things should be outlawed, now!! If The Geniuses At CERN Can’t Fend Off A Bunch Of Hobbyists, What Internet-Linked Computer Is Safe? Greeks —...

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Number 29

The Penguin Post Issues A Retraction When you get it wrong, say so. And make it the first item on the agenda; don’t bury it on a back page under an ad for high colonics. Don’t, in other words, ape the major...

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