Introduction To The Twenty-Sixth Number

Sadly, this number of The Penguin Post is devoted exclusively to US domestic politics. It is also brief, partly because the situation is amenable to distillation, and partly because a short number may be more likely to be read in its entirety.

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Obama’s Past, Ayers, Annenberg, And… What Cover-Up?

There are two interesting things about this article: first, it does not mention Obama’s disputed birth certificate. The loony conspiracist nature of the fuss over his place of birth explains that. After all, nobody wants to play Br’er Rabbit to a tar baby, and there’s no tar baby as sticky as a conspiracist wacko.

Second, the article linked to above contains information and questions that will never reach the vast majority of undecided voters. Why? Because the news media are overwhelmingly for Obama. An embargo is in effect, and it will probably not be lifted for the duration. Yes, that’s censorship, which is a propaganda tactic. It’s not just the lies you tell, but also the truths you don’t report.

Obama Sticks To His…. Er, That Is…Obama Is Consistent

He’s lost the shooting sports enthusiasts anyway. So Obama hit the, unh, bullseye when he picked Biden, who’s a straight, ergh, shooter….

Joe Biden As Counterweight

Oliver Kamm provides interesting commentary on the Obama campaign.

Denver Should Be A Real Hoot. The Aftermath, However, Does Not Look Entertaining

If things turn out as it appears they will, the world will be bemused and even stunned by the show. The Democrats are threatening to turn their back-room wrangling into a knock-down-and-drag-out public brawl that may even produce a new political party. “Bitter” is not a strong enough word to describe the Hillary Horde (pronounce that carefully, please), and it is particularly interesting that the distaff die-hards are so angry at the media oligopoly. As Democrats, Hillary’s partisans are accustomed to benefitting from the bias of the journalistic establishment. The explosion of press enthusiasm for The Obamessiah has been a shock.

If the press coverage had been objective, Hillary could well have won the nomination. But then again, if the press coverage had been objective, her baggage — that intolerable but tolerated Slick Willy, plus a long history of shady deals, lies and goofy machinations — would have been reviewed scrupulously by the news media. That would have weighed her down in the general election.

The Hillary Horde’s video assault on Obama, indirectly linked to above (here’s a direct link), is a howl of outrage at injustice. That is a superficial view of the obvious, however. The perceptive will realize that the film is a damning indictment of the Democratic party and a motive for secession from it.

That said, viewing the film is an excruciating experience. The presentation both bores and hammers its audience. It is an inarticulate effort, jumbled, shrill, sagging under the weight of irrelevancies, lacking pace and flow. Its hectoring style is hugely irritating, making its message easy to dismiss. The film reaches out to no one because it panders to Hillary’s True Believers. As effective political propaganda, it is a failure, and will be lauded only by the sort of people who made it.

Yes, the viewer does grasp the fact that some intense people are accusing Democratic party functionaries of massive fraud and improper practices.

Shades of Hillary’s plaint that her political opponents comprised a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Now her ambitions have been crushed by a vast left-wing conspiracy. And this conspiracy is not just everyday left-wing — it’s left of Stalin.

The film therefore raises this question: “If your charges are correct, then your party has been corrupted, root and branch, by a legion of apparatchiks who despise democracy. How, therefore, can the party qualify to govern, no matter who its nominee may be?”

That is a schismatic question.

It is abundantly clear that the Republicans do not have these problems. The GOP appears not only to advocate democracy, but actually to practice it.

Democrats may be blind to the implications of Hillary’s Horde. Only some of them realize that journalistic bias harms everyone, even those it favors for the moment. Many will be reluctant to understand that a party that subverts the electoral process so widely and profoundly can only be abandoned by principled individuals.

Predictions and possibilities: reform of the Democratic party cannot occur fast enough to redirect the course of events. Obama should still be able to defeat McCain, in spite of whatever Hillary’s Howling Horde manages to pull off in Denver.

But…if Obama can’t control the convention and convince the PUMAs to vote against Bush III by voting for the Democrat, Hillary’s monumentally egotistical populism could (a) hand the White House to the GOP for the next twelve years, and (b) fail to set the Democratic party right.

Remember: Hillary did not enter the race in order to champion democracy or reform her party. She lusts after personal power. Assume that democracy was in fact quashed in order to defeat her; she sees that not in terms of principle, but expediency. It simply gives her a debating point and allows her to cloak herself in superficial ethics.

At heart, she, like so many others in both parties, is just another politician in the worst sense of the word.

And what of the welfare of the nation? We are in trouble. Not only is one of our two parties damaged and delusional, we have a rotten choice of presidential candidates. Our blood enemies are rooting for the guy who is likely to win (because they perceive him as weak and largely uninfected by standard US-infidel values), and the constitution will take a beating if he does not win (because McCain does not qualify, and has virtually no grasp of the first amendment).

If Obama wins, expect Islamofascism to see that as an invitation to strike imaginatively and viciously, and not just at the USA. Bin Laden and the Iranian mullahs probably believe that Obama actually will talk rather than fight.

If McCain wins, expect your Liberty to be further eroded and your nation to be weakened by an unenlightened authoritarian regime. The federal government is likely to be on the wrong side of issues that should have been set right long ago — abortion, censorship of political propaganda, immigration, education, and federalism itself.

There is no champion of Liberty to whom we can entrust our future.