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Month: September 2008

Number 30

The World’s Easiest Prediction: There Will Be An Ugly Reaction To This This event will provoke the bottom-feeders to cynical scorn and ridicule. Photos here. Parenthetical comment: when referring to the GOP team, a growing...

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Number 28

It’s A New Race, And It Could Be A Horror Beyond Imagining The PenPo has stated that Obama will win the presidential election because McCain alienated the core of his party long ago. Sarah Palin is McCain’s way of...

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Number 26

Introduction To The Twenty-Sixth Number Sadly, this number of The Penguin Post is devoted exclusively to US domestic politics. It is also brief, partly because the situation is amenable to distillation, and partly because a...

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Number 27

This Huge Event Slipped Right Past Most Folks. Gee, Why Is That? Yes, it was reported. Sort of. Other stories, much less newsworthy, were hammered into the public consciousness, however. It’s no fun to be proved wrong....

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