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Month: October 2008

Number 37

The Warmonger Has Once Again Attacked Innocent Civilians, Slaughtering Babes In Arms And Harmless Pensioners Of course he has. And all decent people everywhere will rise up in solidarity against the imperialist capitalist...

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Number 36

Feminism, Diagnosis Of: Sclerotic. Treatment Modality: Study Paglia. Prognosis: Guarded You may recall that this newsletter has advised you to read a bit of Camille Paglia’s work — and that you gave it a pass. What...

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Number 35

On The Transition And Its Consequences Introductory note: as this is published, polls vary, with McCain in position to stage a surprise, come-from-not-too-far-behind win — maybe. In the event that Obama does not defeat his...

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