This Is Bizarre

Background: in Number Thirty, the PenPo pointed out that either (a) Obama was referring to Sarah Palin when he made a wisecrack about a pig, or (b) he was an idiot (because only an idiot would have failed to see how his words would be understood). There was no third option.

Now the world learns that a San Francisco newspaper conducted a long interview of Obama, and that in that interview, the candidate stated bluntly that he planned to bankrupt the US coal industry. Amazingly, the newspaper ignored that statement, and reported absolutely nothing on it.

Selected quotes from this source:

If the news industry wasn’t a collective Victorian Gentleman, then Obama’s quotes on coal would be screamed in 48-point Times Roman Type on every newspaper’s front page–if only because it’s an incredible story, no matter what your thoughts on the environment.

…the Chronicle uploaded the video of their interview with Obama to their Website under the narcoleptic headline of “Obama’s straight-ahead style”–meaning they couldn’t stumble over anything the senator said that they want to highlight in their headline. Which means either the writers at the Chronicle don’t know a killer story when they see one–or they’re willing to bury such a story if it helps their man get into office.

Will this move any voters from the undecided category to the McCain camp? In some states, possibly. But that’s not the really interesting aspect of the story. What fascinates here is how a major newspaper goes about its work, and how a politician thinks.

The man is going to shut down an industry, period. That’s a hint of the grandness, the scope and the audacity, to come.

It tells us to expect Big Things. Obama does indeed plan to change the world.

And why not? He has the press licking the dust off his shoes. What is there for his juggernaut to fear?

All of the above is mere prologue, unfortunately.

Obama speaks:

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

See and hear it here.

What is this??

Why must this intra-national national security force be as well funded as the regular military? Why must it be federal? Is this constitutional? What will the domestic military’s mission be? Will it be some sort of “Super-SWAT” outfit? Who is to be targeted — who is the enemy to be vanquished with the help of the billions of dollars that will be poured into this force? Why are the nation’s internal enemies considered just as dangerous as all those jihadis beyond our borders? Will this mighty governmental arm (which it seems must be very like the conventional military in important ways) be staffed by volunteers, or by draftees? To whom will it be accountable? If they rough you up, whom do you call?

Note well: what Obama proposes begins with a reduction of fifty percent in the funding of the military. That assumes, of course, that he does not propose to spend more on the domestic security force and the military than is currently spent on the military alone.

In view of his statements about reductions in military spending, that seems a reasonable assumption. It raises serious questions.

Will the US armed forces be able to do the weapons research they require, and carry out their mission? Does Obama plan to prevent the military from operating overseas under nearly all foreseeable circumstances? Could the USA meet its commitments to NATO, Israel or Taiwan under an Obama administration? Would the severe budget restrictions on the US Navy and Air Force figure in the plans of nations like China, North Korea, Venezuela, Burma, Cuba, Somalia, Yemen, and Iran?

This is an astounding proposal. It should have provoked a firestorm of controversy and questions. Yet, due to the complicity of the major media, virtually no questions are being asked.

In his most autocratic and high-handed abuse of his office, even F. D. Roosevelt never tried anything like this. He imprisoned thousands unconstitutionally, tried to pack the federal supreme court, thought he could deal with Stalin, and imposed a goofy economic ideology on the nation’s monetary policy that made the Great Depression longer and worse, but the patrician egotist would surely have hesitated to create a purely domestic military force to oversee the USA.

This is a fantastic vision, a nightmare worthy of a 1960s-style lotus eater drifting on clouds of LSD vapor. It smacks of fascism — no, it positively reeks of Falangist tyranny. (Recall the Obama-Jugend in PenPo 36.) That it has been proposed at all raises serious doubts about Obama’s sanity.

And…that it has been greeted with unquestioning equanimity tells this newsletter that the news media and the citizenry are indeed ready for Obama.

What that means remains to be seen. Yet only the ignorant and foolish will view this lunatic proposal of Obama’s with anything other than alarm. The Penguin Post has documented Obama’s vengeful, repressive, censorious instincts, as well as his duplicity. He’s not been elected yet, and he’s told the nation he plans to equip himself with a domestic military force that will allow him to surpass the outrages allegedly perpetrated by the hated Bushitler.

If he makes good on his promises, this man may actually manage to touch off a race war — and virtually insure hostilities with a nation or nations that would never have dared to fight a USA of today’s strength.

This Is Not Just A Local Incident In A Land The West Hardly Knows

For some years now, there has been a desperate chorus of assent to the proposition that Islamofascist violence in the south of Thailand is local only, not funded or assisted from overseas, and has no links to jihadis who do not speak Yawi or Thai. Not a bit of that cant is true.

The careful readers of this newsletter will note that a (leaked?) report of Mossad activities included the claim that Israel managed to abort a terrorist plot in Thailand. The Thais are not talking, of course.

We do know that a new general in the south has managed to make some progress against the Islamist terrorists there. The violence continues, of course, but perhaps there is hope it can be slowed and stopped. Meanwhile this newsletter and its predecessor have many times predicted bombings in the Thai capital; whether that prediction was accurate is under dispute. But one can say that at least the situation could be a lot worse than it is, and that the PenPo expected it would be devastating. Sometimes it’s great to be wrong.

None of the above means that Islamofascism in Thailand has changed, given up its goals, or backed down. It advances when it can, and withdraws when it must. Wherever the jihadis are active, and whatever language they speak, they are soldiers in a 1,400 year war, and they will fight until they win.

In Thailand, the problem of terrorism is complicated by the passive and active complicity of the Islamic population. Generally speaking, those people hate the Buddhists, and want to drive them all out. Recall that the Koran explicitly denounces “idolatry,” which includes Buddhism, as “worse than carnage.” Simply being a Buddhist is a capital offense.

This newsletter reproduces with sadness an item placed on the internet by The Nation, a Bangkok English-language “newspaper:”

Narathiwat – The last Buddhist family in a village of this southern border province was attacked by Muslim insurgents Sunday, killing the mother and severely injuring the daughter.

The attack against the family in Moo 7 village of Tambon Laloh of Ruesoh district happened at 1:20 pm.

Police said the mother Ladda Sutthani, 72, owner of a clothes shop, was fatally shot and her daughter, Darunee Duangkaew, 39, was severely injured and sent to the provincial hospital.

Ladda, who was shot at her head and neck, died before she was sent to the hospital.

Police said the two were sitting inside the shop with two other relatives and the insurgents arrived on two motorcycles. They initially pretended to buy clothes but opened fire at the mother and daughter while the two relatives managed to flee.

The shop was attacked with a bomb two years ago, injuring Ladda. Darunee’s husband was killed about a year ago.

Ladda and Darunee’s family is the last Buddhist family in the village.

Crimes of this sort are not solely the acts of the assassins who pull the trigger. The teachings of the Koran, the incitements to violence preached by Muslim religious leaders, and the tacit complicity of the villagers in terrorism are all responsible.

Thailand is struggling with a population that may eventually lapse into peaceful acceptance of Bangkok’s rule. That will certainly be temporary. The war occasionally slows and then seems to fade out. In fact it will cease only when all stubborn Buddhists are dead, and all non-Muslims have either converted to Islam or are living in dhimmitude.

And moderate Muslims, both real and potential, know that. They know that if they opposed the violence and treated their Buddhist neighbors humanely, they would be in great danger. Islamofascism is exquisitely sensitive to dissent and lukewarm support within its demographic base.

That is why when the Thai police try to rescue hostages, they find themselves confronted by an entire village — with women and children in the front ranks, offering to die rather than let the police pass.

That’s solidarity. Solidarity means a resolute population acting in support of the leader.

And solidarity is what many mostly Muslim villages in the south of Thailand have. Because there are enforcers, murderers who will target those who would live in peace with Buddhists.

If you want a compliant population that at the very least keeps its head down, protects your secrets and does not denounce your activities, then…you need a local force that will use whatever violence is necessary to impose your will. You need thugs, or hit men, or…

…perhaps you need a domestic military force that is as well funded as the military that defends the nation against its foreign enemies.