The Biggest And Most Dangerous Enemy Of The USA


No, it’s not just a matter of the contaminated food that killed your beloved dog, nor of the toy that forced you to subject your toddler to a lengthy and expensive course of treatments to remove lead from his brain; it’s not about the adulterated milk products turned back at the border, nor is it a fuss over fake pharmaceuticals or those consumer goods that last only a few months after their warranties expire. As bad as those felonies, frauds and flim-flammery are, the threat to be limned here is far worse.

How do you define the word “threat”? However idiosyncratic your understanding of the word might be, China qualifies as a threat.

If, in spite of the best efforts of this newsletter, you still believe in anthropogenic global warming, you must consider the climate threat from China a huge problem. China is desperately hungry for fuel of all sorts, and its pollution controls are an international joke. Even if you understand the facts regarding the human impact on climate, you should know that manufacturing in China is literally out of control — and ravaging the environment.

If you agonize over human rights, you have to hate China for its totalitarian ways. The nation is blatantly unfree. Are you a pro-labor partisan, in love with unions? Chinese sweatshops are monstrous. They consume workers, ruining their health and numbing their minds with appallingly Dickensian labor.

Are you a Made In The USA believer? Chinese industry sells its products at infinitesimal markups to the West in order to destroy jobs in the USA and other free nations. This is not business in pursuit of profits. It is a systematic, long-term assault on the economies of rival nations. It is rotting their productive capacity by reducing the size of their skilled work forces, leaving them unable to meet their own needs. So far our addiction to cheap Chinese labor appears to benefit the consumer, but in a few years the loss of manufacturing facilities and know-how will become widespread and impossible to repair quickly. The flood of dollars into China will have strengthened a giant and generated US dependence on alien industry. This is not trade conducted to the benefit of all. It is economic warfare.

If the USA is to depend on China to produce its electronics, foodstuffs, furniture, toys, pharmaceuticals, bicycles, automobiles, textiles, chemicals, tools, clothing, cosmetics and virtually all other consumer products, then what will our nation produce so it can pay for all this? Computer software, web page design, and health care? Education in English and US literature? Tours of Carlsbad Caverns?

All right, software. The USA is in a bind here, for our enemies have targeted our creation of new programs, and are working hard to render our skills irrelevant. Hardware is also under attack; in a moment you will see one of the things the Chinese are doing to sabotage the use of computers in the USA.

The Chinese cyber-assault is gargantuan. In addition to massive distributed denial of service attacks mounted on US networks, attempts both successful and unsuccessful to crack into sensitive military and government computers, and multiple programs of industrial espionage, China duped and compromised the ultra-secret National Security Agency not long ago. See this report and this one as well for the astounding details. It was a major NSA blunder and a triumph for the Chinese spies, who learned a great deal about how much the USA has done and can do to read China’s mail.

Do you hate corruption? China is a gigantic thugocracy, a harvester and seller of body parts, and a nation in which you can get anything you want if you have money and connections. True, other nations compete for the title of most corrupt, but China is far bigger than Nigeria and all the other fiefdoms run by criminals.

Are you a believer in individual rights, especially reproductive freedom? China is the most massive offender of all, mandating one child per family. The resulting slaughter of baby girls is heartbreaking, and millions of young men will come of age with literally no prospect of finding brides — a social calamity driven by demographic distortion that took place once before in Chinese history, when it was one of the causes of the Boxer Rebellion.

Do you believe in freedom of speech and press? The Chinese don’t, and they don’t plan to allow you those freedoms, either — just as soon as they can use the corrupt UN to take control of ICANN and destroy the remaining liberty enjoyed by folks who use the internet. There is no bigger and more powerful censor of the internet than China.

This partial introduction to China’s hostile edacity should convince just about anyone that China is a genuine danger, but here’s a stunning report that is so pessimistic it has been censored to hide the depth and scope of the problem. Do click on the link.

Then there is this, which is definitely an anticlimax.

China is a threat our sloth and greed do not allow us to worry about. It’s easy to dismiss reality as an exaggeration; after all, look at all the cheap consumer products we get. Think Wal-Mart! That’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Toys for the boys, remote controls for everything….and at great prices!

We are living in a fool’s paradise.

Here’s Some Nostalgia To Follow On That Harsh Dose Of Reality

Don’t worry. Be happy. After all, you won’t live to see the full consequences. Say, how about listening to some old radio programs? It beats thinking about the world your children and grandchildren will live in. Right! Tune in!

Vietnam, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq…Things Have Been Going To Hell In A Handbasket As We Keep Invading Everybody. Thank Goodness Now We Can Get Organized!

Too right. As the Birkenstock Brigadiers point out, it’s all the USA’s fault. This capitalist hegemony has caused catastrophic loss of life in the last century, and now it’s coming to an end. The old order is collapsing, and The One is finally going to bring our warriors home and put them to work policing the rednecks and hedge fund plutocrats. Before long, we can dismantle every McDonald’s in the land, redistribute the wealth — starting with Joe the plumber’s — and put Sarah Palin to work as a nurse’s aide in a retirement home.

And we gotta do this, because things have just been getting worse and worse as the weapons get bigger and bigger. Today one bomb can kill millions, and if we don’t want The Third World to wipe us out for our sins, then we need to get organized and prove to everybody that we have given up attacking our peaceful neighbors like Cuba and so on.

Nonsense. Total rubbish. Insanity.

The world is a much safer place than it has ever been in human history. Don’t believe it? Spend a few minutes with the facts, then. Watch this video.

Now consider that the reason Al Qaeda attacked the USA was not simply because the fanatics wanted to die for Allah; it was because they believed Washington would never fight back effectively enough or long enough to beat them. Bush and Petraeus showed the world that Islamofascism had blundered.

What’s next? Al Qaeda will try again, hoping that The One will prove true to his word and shrink from bloodshed. Bin Laden very probably expects that Obama does not have Bush’s determination to win. If the president-elect does not use overwhelming force to crush Al Qaedaand its allies, the conflict will continue until either the administration in Washington changes again (and grows a spine), or the USA withdraws, abandoning Israel and the Muslim world to catastrophe.

Weakness always invites attack. The nation that wins all its wars can rely on its allies, and need seldom defend itself. Whether Obama understands that remains to be seen.

This Is What It’s Really All About. Change And Hope Have Nothing To Do With It

When ABC’s Charley Martin pointed out to Barack Obama that an increase in the capital gains tax always produces falling revenues, Obama was briefly at a loss and then retorted that the purpose of the tax was “fairness.” That says it all.

This is taxation as a weapon, a punishment of those who have prospered; its justification is that others are poorer. It is definitely not a redistribution of wealth — which always requires confiscation, otherwise known as theft — but a punitive measure directed against people who have found ways to supply the consumer with goods and services, all of which are either necessary or are perceived as more valuable than their price.

This is taxation in restraint of prosperity and as ethical retribution.

When you watch the video linked to above, note how Obama deftly distorts the facts, implying that by confiscating much of the wealth of hedge fund managers, he will fund universal health care. That’s impossible, but the ignorant and deluded will consider it a brilliant maneuver.

This blatant demagoguery reminds of George Wallace’s claims that he had discovered untapped and accessible wealth in tax-exempt foundations.

If this tax plan is enacted, hedge fund managers will be quick on their feet, and the government’s new source of funds will dry up almost instantly. Certainly Obama knows that, but facts are irrelevant to his rhetoric, which aims at reminding the voters that there are a few fabulously wealthy people out there somewhere — insatiably greedy, evil people — who have money that could be confiscated and redistributed. It’s a transparent incitement to class hatred, but give the devil his due: that simplistic fable has always been very effective propaganda.

In fact the core of The One’s ethic, learned and practiced when he was a community organizer, is class warfare. From Marx to Lenin to the Webbs and Shaw and Blair (“Orwell”) and thence to Debs and Alinsky and ACORN and finally to the president-elect is a tortuous path, but a path nonetheless. And that path is clearly perceived by the investment community. Obama fooled only the foolish.

What Does This Mean?

Why would an employer put an insignificant question on the form used by applicants for positions with the firm?

This must serve some purpose. It will probably separate the sheep from the goats — or more likely, the clod-hoppers from the glitterati. Answer it wrong, and bang, you’re dead.

Political Correctness In The Academy: The Undead Stalk The Halls Of Ivy

Political correctness, PC, is what it has always been — fascism. The authoritarian, conformist, punitive codes of speech and conduct ought to have worn out their welcome by now, but somehow they survive. They continue to stigmatize and persecute decent people who simply won’t cooperate with the Thought Police.

Is there no relief to be had? Will the zombie never be sealed in his coffin? It’s hard to tell, and especially so when a publication like the Los Angeles Times actually prints this narrative provided by a University of California professor.

Is this a hint of a coming sea change in ideology? Was the LAT editor who oversees pieces like this one home sick, allowing his replacement to do something intelligent, just this once? Or did several people blunder, allowing the story to slip through a crack in a temporarily broken system?

The world will never know. All we know is, mirabile dictu, the essay was published; end of report.

Well, the piece is yet another PC horror story, as stereotypical and predictable as any low-budget 1950’s zombie movie. The differences: it’s true, and not in the slightest entertaining.

Perhaps the prof will have a chance to take the university to court. Usually the administrators who are tasked with intimidating academics into compromising their dignity are too slick to let that happen, but you never know. If the officials involved here really believe in what they are doing, they may be as stupid as they appear.

In that event, one can hope for a judge who understands that people are, by virtue of human rights and common sense, to be protected against madness. As the author of this essay makes clear, his forced attendance at pre-emptive PC “training” sessions is based on the presumption of guilt — specifically, that he has committed a thought crime.

Sure, he hasn’t, like, pinched a coed’s fanny yet, or called anyone a “gal,” but he’s likely to, probably, any day now; like, just wait, ‘cuz anybody who won’t submit to the re-education program must be, like, thinking; I mean, d’uh, it proves he’s a pig and pervert, and, like, you know, right?

The presumption of a thought crime. That jurisprudential novelty should long ago have revealed PC as the illegal meddling it is. Some day the law will catch up with that fact; perhaps this newspaper essay will hasten that day.

Most Of The World Lives By These Rules

Long-time readers of this newsletter may recall “The T-Shirt Fallacy.” It refers to the fact that in a big city like Bangkok, one can see locals in shirts bearing slogans, logos and words in English. That, along with skyscrapers, people wearing Western clothes, and lots of automobiles leads to the mistaken (very mistaken!) impression that Thais think like Westerners.

For example, imagine the reaction in the USA if a US army general, on learning that a protest was planned in the capitol, said the following:

“I would like to say that anyone wanting to join the rally should reserve a temple for his or her own funeral,” Kattiya said. “Being united, you will be slain in group.”

Kattiya is one of Thaksin’s buddies. Former prime minister Thaksin is a fugitive from justice who was just denied entry to the United Kingdom; his crimes and corruption are legion, but his populist policies in the rural regions made him wildly popular. Wealthy as Croesus from his many depredations, he is the puppet-master of the current government of his country.

Until Thaksin and people like him are denied power, there is virtually no hope for Thailand. It’s worse than that: in fact most of the world is governed by people like Thaksin.

Westerners, though having to live with political charlatans, rascals and fascists who preach political correctness, simply do not realize how lucky they are. Their great good fortune is due entirely to the overwhelming acceptance by the body politic of Enlightenment values — which are either unknown to or not believed in by most of the world’s people.


Of Course All This Can Be Explained Away As Just Business As Usual

In a world in which membership in Skull and Bones and employment in the oil industry are looked upon as evidence of mendacity and parasitism, this news should arouse some interest — at the very least. Should.

But, given a press smitten blind, it won’t.

Is it bad news? Maybe. It is claimed that it “…suggests conflict of interest on a magnitude that has perhaps never before been seen in the history of the American presidency.”

That sign outside the sideshow tent is a real attention-grabber. Let’s go inside and check out the freak show.

Not all that impressive, eh? So what is it about this Bartelsmann outfit that’s so bad, anyhow?

Well, if you can read German, you might want to have a look at this lady’s take on things. Whether you can or you can’t translate her opinion piece, Bartelsmann says some interesting things here that might matter to you.

Now this newsletter is not inclined to put faith in conspiracy theories or connections that cannot be demonstrated to exert controlling influences over politicians. Use your common sense and decide what the evidence shows, if anything.

That is not to say that money does not talk. The signature on your paycheck is of considerable significance to you, is it not? And the obvious bias of Bartelsmann, as evidenced at the link, is of concern. That is a propaganda piece, after all (“A high level of religious tolerance”??Really?).

Shouldn’t the electorate have known about all this before the election? Isn’t it the job of the press to present all the facts to the voters, and leave the choice up to them? We learned a good deal more about Sarah Palin than we needed to know, but this…went unreported.

Can’t imagine why.