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Month: December 2008

Number 51

What? He Says A Thrill Went Up His Leg?? — Rover, Bad Dog!! Some of the millions of words spoken each year on TV and radio are unintentionally hilarious. Here are some of the most amusing utterances the talking heads...

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Number 50

A Reminder By T. Freeman Source The Ancient Greeks couldn’t understand us Jews. They asked us to describe our G-d. We said He could not be described. They asked us to explain how He created a world out of nothing. We said...

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Number 49

Number 49 20 December 2008 China Builds Nuclear Power Generating Stations On The Cheap. Is That Good? A Lot Depends On Cultural Factors, Which Can Operate In Surprising Ways Economies of…dictatorship? Is that what’s...

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Number 48

Grisly Stuff It’s all in two posts, each with lots of links — and implications. It has to do with intelligence, surveillance and constitutional rights, with a hefty dose of protecting the nation against another Word...

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Number 47

The West Must Not Defend Itself Against Islam By Waging A Holy War Has the West learned nothing from its history? The question arises because a relatively influential weblogger has delivered herself of some fourteenth-century...

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