The Lessons Of Mumbai

What have we learned?

We know that one does not overthrow a nation or a culture by sniping; it takes more than that. So we have learned that our blood enemies intend simply to make life miserable for us. In the expectation of what, exactly? They believe that we shall change things, and those changes will help to bring down what we have built.

From bin Laden to the little boys memorizing the Koran in shabby “schools” in Indonesia, there prevails a faith that knows no doubt. The values of the submissive believers are god-given verities, and life has meaning because it is sacrificed in service to the death cult.

Our lives, however, are often suffused with doubt. We can be uncertain, and we are impatient, restless, and eager to do the right thing — by which we mean first figure out what is right, and then experiment with it. For us, change is good, and too often that means discarding the values we have inherited from the Enlightenment.

Muslims understand that because we are not in submission to their creator-god, eventually we shall make the changes necessary to bring our civilization to collapse. Our enemies need simply prod, poke, and pester.

This is why our news media are of such vital importance: they define our reality for us, and they often press on us values that contradict our heritage. This newsletter has pointed out that most journalists do not believe in the freedom of the press; they believe in the licensing of the press. In time, the confusion and impatience they sow will help to destroy our civilization. Unless, of course, we can see what is happening, and explain events to others….

This, then, is the challenge: begin to see.

How? Read this.

This Was Unplanned, But It’s A Boon To Personkind Nonetheless

FemiNazis rejoice, for the goal is being achieved! The personifesto of The Movement is being fulfilled by the folly of science and industry: “…a host of common chemicals is feminising males of every class of vertebrate animals, from fish to mammals, including people.”

Here we see proof positive of the prophetic nature of the Diktat issued some years ago: “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately ten percent of the human race.”

This is The Triumph of the Will! — Hail Victory! Hail Victory!

“Prod, Poke And Pester” Could Involve Genuinely Catastrophic Events

The president-elect has a lot on his plate, and this newsletter has already told him in no uncertain terms to do something effective regarding domestic airline safety. There is more.

1. The harbors are vulnerable. Container ships are a concern that was mentioned years ago, but it is not clear that all the necessary measures have been taken to prevent bombs of all sorts from being accepted and clasped to the nation’s bosom. Too much emphasis has been placed on the inspection of cargo in the port of origin: because the USA does not have absolute control of those facilities, locals can penetrate the inspection teams and compromise their work. (If you are complacent or skeptical, read Frederick Forsyth’s The Afghan.) The public need not know all the measures that are in place, but there must be some assurance that they are adequate. Obama should require a survey of present circumstances.

2. There are “schools,” enclaves, organizations (scroll down, looking for “Jamaat ul-Fuqra” in the left margin, and click on the links) and mosques in the USA that are working to destroy Western Civilization. Rural Islamist complexes are closed off and patrolled by armed guards. These groups, some of them with private militias, are part of international networks fostering mass murder. Money is raised by front organizations to support Hamas. The Muslim community in the USA is complex, and some of its activities should be shut down. That would make the rest of it easier to watch. There is good reason not to trust Muslims in general, as the entire Islamic community — “moderate” or otherwise — is notoriously protective of its jihadis and uncritical of their crimes. But how can the US government obtain search warrants and close many of these institutions, without violating the constitution? The new administration must examine law, precedent and the ethics of self-defense to formulate an effective policy. It won’t be easy; look at the fuss over The Patriot Act, which was mild compared to the measures that must be taken.

Yes, we must do what we can. We have living among us hundreds of thousands of people whose loyalties are not just divided, but inimical to our civilization; the Islamic faithful of all sects and stripes would rejoice at our downfall, and prosecute our subjugation to Islam. These people, many of whom appear tolerant and indisposed to violence, are not our good neighbors. Their religion is an utterly uncompromising death cult, a fact Muslims are encouraged to deny with lies (“taqiyya”).

3. The infrastructure of the USA must be better protected. There is a relatively small number of bridges that, if destroyed, would halt most commerce in the USA. The new administration needs to create a civilian volunteer organization to observe and report activity near vital facilities of all sorts — airports, harbors, highway interchanges, tunnels, depots, power plants, refineries, chemical plants.

4. Particularly vulnerable institutions should be prepared for emergencies. Jewish schools and hospitals are at the top of the list, followed by all universities, large businesses, hospitals, large hotels and factories. There is a widespread need to implement basic security measures, and in high-risk cases, sophisticated protective networks should be put into place.

5. The public should know how to recognize activities that can be dangerous. Mobile phones can be fitted with radiation detectors that automatically report to a central location (this is a practical reality, reported in PenPo Number One; unfortunately the link to the source has expired); people should be informed to note and report behavior that could be the “casing” of a target, and simple alertness should be encouraged.

6. Concealed carry laws should be extended. The federal government could institute a program of civilian volunteers to serve as volunteer adjunct marshals, trained in target recognition and marksmanship. The problem: large numbers of Muslims would want to sign up. Obviously there would have to be some legal way of preventing them from sabotaging the program. Otherwise this concept would be easy to implement, and would be a powerful deterrent.

7. The United States Congress should formally declare war on the nation’s enemies. The knee-jerk response to that common sense will be, “You can’t do that, there is no nation to fight!”

A good idea can be mocked by inane remarks, but rational folks know it cannot be refuted by sloganeering or puerile babble. View the proposal in the light of precedent:

If the USA were to declare war on, say, Ecuador, it would be free to deal with anyone aiding Ecuador, wherever located (if Ecuador had a naval base on the Thames, the USA would be justified in bombing it). That might mean killing citizens of many nations — all of which would be quite proper as long as the targets are unambiguous. It would also mean killing people who are not wearing uniforms.

Clearly, “the enemy” in traditional war is more broadly defined than by nationality.

Congress could, if it so decided, declare that the USA is at war with all groups committing acts of conspiracy and aggression against the USA, and at war with their allies and supporters.

Next the protocols the USA intends to follow in its self-defense should be drawn up, so the world knows how the USA intends to fight. For example, since the combatants attacking us are not precisely state actors (because their nations are not at war with us), they should not be considered prisoners of war. That might lead Congress to declare that “a state of hostilities” exists, rather than a state of war, and define the difference.

That’s an example of the original thinking (sometimes called a workaround) that Congress has so far avoided. It involves the creation of a legal fiction and the drafting of rules governing its employment. Don’t fret, for there is nothing radically new or improper about creating legal fictions. It’s a precedented way of making life easier. The concepts of the corporation and the trust are legal fictions, and the latter was invented by ancient Romans.

The challenge to establish a new legal framework for military action can be met. Up to now, the USA has been puzzled by the novelty of fighting a force that has no nation. The result has been, among other confusions, Guantanamo, a (too-often temporary) retreat for villains that makes all prisons in the USA look like Andersonville. Press distortion and legal tomfoolery have led to ethical and factual confusions, weakening the ability of the USA to defend itself. The system is nonresponsive, unimaginative and slipshod. It’s time to adapt to realities.

If we would defend the West, we must first face the truth: we are under attack. Call it war or call it something else, it is just as serious and deadly as the worst people in the world can make it. Remember: they really do want to find a way to kill lots of us, and making their victims die horribly would be a bonus.

We are all threatened, wherever we are, and the threat is both new and old. The fact that the Bush administration has prevented another World Trade Center-Pentagon-United 93 catastrophe is proof that countermeasures work (it’s a shame that the public does not know how many really nasty plots have been aborted). Our enemy is adapting, and we must remain ahead of him, anticipating his attacks and making them difficult to execute.

Those who oppose innovative protective measures as civil rights violations should present their ideas for effective security. Meanwhile the public needs to be better informed — much better than the mainstream media have managed to accomplish — and given a voice in the planning of its self-defense. There are ways to avoid constitutional breaches and still improve the nation’s safety, so let us develop them. We owe our grandchildren nothing less than a sincere effort.

Filthy Lucre Is Filthy Only Because Some Who Handle It Are Filthy. We Should Respond Appropriately

From the Samizdata weblog comes comes this quote:

No doubt some bankers were corrupt. Indeed on the board of Citigroup sat (indeed still sits) the disgusting Robert Rubin – one of the very people who was paid to help Enron cover up its debts, and who was listened to because of his high place in the Clinton Administration. Mr Rubin advised Citigroup to “invest” in securities based, credit bubble pyramid style, on home loans granted to people of whom Citigroup knew nothing – and by this advice and other advice Mr Rubin has helped Citigroup build up two trillion Dollars of “toxic assets”.

Mr Rubin has now secured Citigroup a vast government bailout which will support politically connected shareholders and managers and which has so far allowed Citigroup to go on doing things like paying about half a billion Dollars to name the Mets new baseball field “Citifield” and to pay ten billion Dollars (as of Monday) to buy a road building company in Spain – a country where the construction boom went bust some time ago.

One could then talk about the corruption in the (Democrat dominated) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their political cooperation with people in Congress (such as Senator Chris Countrywide Dodd and Congressman Barney I-was-just-helping-the-young-boys-out Frank) and the work on the ground of such organizations as ACORN (an alliance of groups specializing in extortion and election fraud, whose most powerful section appears to be in Chicago) and how it used the Communities Reinvestment Act to get banks and other such to make loans to people who could not pay them back – when these people really existed at all.

The search for causes of the depression that began in the late 1920s and lasted until the USA entered WWII has proved frustrating and controversial. Today’s economic distress, however, is different: it was caused by a few powerful ideologues. We know who those rascals are (hint: their names appear above), and we should act on that information.

Click on the link and read the rest of the post.

Heller: Prologue And Aftermath

The second amendment to the US constitution means what it says, and says what it means. Getting the jurisprudential system to see that has been slow work, but then that should come as no surprise: look how long it took, and how hard it was, to get a formal recognition of the rights of black folks.

Reason magazine has an interesting article on the making of the Heller case, and how the winning strategy was devised. Note in particular the role played by the NRA. Quotes to make you want to read it all:

In retrospect, D.C. v. Heller seems almost inevitable, because of shifting public and academic attitudes toward gun rights. But victory came only after a protracted struggle, with many pitfalls along the way. It was pulled off by a small gang of philosophically dedicated lawyers — not “gun nuts” in any stereotypical sense, but thoughtful libertarians who believe Second Amendment liberties are a vital part of our free republic. Together they consciously crafted a solid, clean civil rights case to overturn the most onerous and restrictive set of gun regulations in the country. In the process, they set the stage for further legal challenges to other firearms restrictions from coast to coast.

…the case was vitally important to American public policy. One, it normalized within constitutional law the notion that self-defense is a right. Guns can kill, to be sure. But the principle that Heller vindicated was one at the core of Western liberalism, that of self-defense, which is for life. Those who believe in a strong activist government generally do so because they fear the potential savagery of human social life. They just don’t seem to want, with gun control, to allow the individual to do anything about it.

Here is the entire article.

The Terrorism Nobody Seems To Notice

We never deal with all the problems we have…we only deal with those of our problems that we perceive.

This newsletter did not support John McCain, in part because his positions on immigration policy were inadequate and suggested that his administration would be unwilling to take necessary measures.

The issue is absolutely not just a matter of some twelve million persons whose presence in the USA is illegal. A great deal more is at stake. By all means read this post in its entirety.

Links Worth Exploring

Here’s a good reason to question the sanity of the British. Authors, be careful!

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<ahref=”http:”” wp-content=”” uploads=”” 2008=”” 10=”” bill-ayers-worked-with-cuba-says-fbi-report.doc”=””>Who knew? And would it have made any difference? Answers: certainly not you (because of the media bias), and no.

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A thoughtful and provocative read for a rainy day.

Great idea, wonderful prospects. This guy should get a Nobel!

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit…. The question here is which crime the cops committed, not whether they broke the law.

Michael Yon in Afghanistan.

You surely heard about this. Question: would a man who shoots his mouth off in this fashion — in spite of good advice not to bring the subject up yet again — have the judgment required of a wise national leader?


Number forty-four of the PenPo stated that “Palestinian” terrorists murdered Israelis at the Olympic Games in Athens. Wrong; it was Munich. Thanks to GB for alerting this newsletter to its error.

Closing (Nasty) Thoughts

Economic suffering is spreading, and The One has told us we have just set foot on an economic trail of tears. Yet it seems He is planning an inauguration that will dazzle even the jaded Chicago gangst-, er, politicos. Is this rank elitism, hypocrisy, or just arrogance? …Oops, thought crime!…. Maybe it’s noblesse oblige, giving the yokels in flyover country something to goggle at. (Tip to the incoming team: the hicks won’t goggle, they’ll gag and retch.)

Hmmm…questions…will an Obama-Jugendchor be there? Will the tots be singing the praises of The One? If that’s on the program, will anybody from the local social services agency be monitoring the event? Will Oprah have a child psychologist on her show, discussing the Nazi, Chinese and North Korean performing children who serve(d) their political masters by being cute adorable sweet darling chirpy precious and musical?? Might said psychologist try to tell the world how The One’s vocalizing moppets are somehow different from those disgustingly inhumane puppet shows? Does anybody have a suggestion for medication that will banish recurring headaches and nausea?

Some days it’s all too much….