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Month: January 2009

Number 58

Number 58 31 January 2009 Winners Can’t Always Be Choosers; Like Everybody Else, They Have To Fit In Amateur hour in the White House: he tells the GOP not to listen to a particular radio show; reminds us, “I...

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Number 57

We Are Lucky This Idiot Was Not Named Secretary Of State There’s been a little buzz over what Secretary of Labor Robert Reich said the other day. His remarks sound racist, unless you put them into the context of...

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Number 56

There Is An Answer The current economic crisis has a beginning that we know — it is found in the misbehavior of Rep. Frank and Sen. Dodd. Their ideological preachments made them incompetent, and opened the door to the...

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Number 55

Number 55 17 January 2009 What Does This Man Actually Believe?? In chronological order: From a “wingnut” radio show that played a recording of an Obama quote in January, 2007: OBAMA: We cannot impose a military...

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Number 54

How We Know It’s A Tissue Of Lies The accomplishment of which the staff of The Penguin Post is most proud is the systematic debunking of the lies and hoaxes behind the concept of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). In a...

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