How We Know It’s A Tissue Of Lies

The accomplishment of which the staff of The Penguin Post is most proud is the systematic debunking of the lies and hoaxes behind the concept of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

In a serious attempt to guide the reader through a thicket of information and provide a clear vision of reality, this newsletter worked hard to assemble and elucidate the facts.

For a time, AGW was the subject of a dispute without rancor or charges of deceit. Back when the science was unable to provide a close look at the data, it appeared that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels might be the cause of temperature change. Eventually it became possible to look very closely at the evidence and determine that rises in CO2 always followed temperature increases by several hundred years.

The scale of observation, in other words, had changed. When the horizontal axis of the graph (which represented time) was imprecisely calibrated, thousands of years were compressed into a tiny linear space — and the temperature and CO2 squiggles on the graph overlapped. Then, due to advances in technology, it became possible to look very closely at that horizontal line, and divide it up into segments of less than a century. When that happened, the squiggles could be seen not to overlap. For the first time it was obvious that CO2 levels lagged temperature by hundreds of years. Presumed cause actually followed its presumed effect, which was exactly the opposite of what had been believed.

Then a very strange thing happened: the new information was totally ignored.

That’s right. Not a word out of Al Gore, who, in his film, had covered up the facts by saying that the relationship between CO2 levels and temperature was “complex” (or did he use the word “complicated”?). A genuinely inconvenient truth had, as the British would say, “gobsmacked” the one-time next president.

So the AGW cult soldiered on, insisting that we must limit CO2 production. They avoided the facts, refusing to include in their claims of AGW exactly how much CO2 was in the atmosphere, and how much of that was the product of all human activity.

As a result of this intellectual dishonesty, some of the “skeptics” of AGW asserted that the bad science was produced by a scramble for grants — no money was available to climatologists, in other words, unless they endorsed the AGW claims in advance of doing their research.

Today the accusations of deceit are not only numerous and widespread, they are well documented. The best example is the infamous “hockey stick graph” presented in Al Gore’s propaganda film. When this bogus evidence was exposed as not just a mistake but a hoax, the AGW case suffered a devastating defeat. The loss of credibility is, of course, never mentioned by those who continue to dispense alarmist fortune-telling. Scaring people is a convenient (that word again!) way of getting them to believe preposterous notions.

Yet the facts are clear: AGW has been propped up with fakery. So today, when those who deny the reality of AGW accuse the cultists of lying, the realists are speaking very literally and precisely. They are confident that their accusations can be proved.

Now you can understand why it is no exaggeration to say that you must read this article. As its title tells us, it clarifies the truth and demolishes deceit in its explanation of “How we know they are lying“.

Even if you have no opinion regarding AGW, even if you are bored with the subject, even if you do not want anything to do with it, you should read the article at the link. Whatever your station in life, wherever you live and whatever your concerns, you are about to be targeted by governments whose grip on sanity is fragile indeed. The liars have mounted a campaign of deceit that has corrupted the judgment of the world’s leaders, and we are all in danger.

The sheer insanity of the AGW claims is about to be translated into ignorant, authoritarian abuses of political power. It is all based on a hoax, or a mistake — call it what you will. It is a blunder of catastrophic proportions.

As this newsletter has already explained, anti-AGW measures are not just economic threats to us all, they are aimed squarely at our Liberty.

Inform yourself, and take action. When AGW is mentioned as a scientific truth, denounce it at once and see to it that information setting forth the truth is available to the hapless and ignorant. In that effort, this newsletter pledges to be your partner.

The Implications Of The Original Scandal Continue To Batter Us

It was the biggest financial scam in human history, and virtually nobody reported it to the public (except Claudia Rosett, this newsletter’s favorite journalist) because it involved the UN, that Sacred Institution that is above all law. The utterly corrupt Oil for Food program is still battering us. Have a look at the article from which this is taken:

This scandal involved not just negligence of the UN officials that set up and monitored the program (which immeasurably helped keep Saddam Hussein in power and, in a sense, helped create the conditions for the invasion of Iraq), but also involved corruption that reached the highest levels at the United Nations.

Coleman was dogged in his pursuit of the wrongdoers at the UN. The investigation tarnished the image of Mark Malloch Brown (UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s deputy and right-hand man at the UN) who was seen as spinning away any culpability of Annan and the UN itself in this travesty of a program. Coleman thereby clearly earned the wrath of George Soros, for the ties between Brown and Soros are tight and seemingly mutually beneficial.

What happened next, and is happening now, should outrage every decent person in the USA. But very few people will ever find out about it.

Read the entire article linked to above. It will help you understand what is going on now in the US Senate, and it will tell you why you should care.

Various And Sundry, Some Of It Important

Your assignment is to define politically correct hypocrisy and give one example. The perfect answer would be…

…the Ministry of Defence said last night: “This sort of language is not acceptable in a modern army.”

Additional needless details available here.

You’ll find interesting commentary here on how the US Army is getting its own unmanned air arm, and integrating it into ground warfare.

Oh, cripes, CNN yet again. This is the outfit that made a filthy deal with Saddam, the outfit whose news boss offhandedly remarked that everyone knows the US military had assassinated Western reporters in Iraq (for presumably telling the truth) and was continuing that policy, and the outfit that recently cooperated with “Palestinian” Hamas villains in the fabrication of another al-Durah-type hoax. Start here:an update on a weblog that has a lot more posts on the issue, and a brief post on another weblog. If you trust CNN for anything more than the latest soccer scores, you are not acting in your best interests — even if you are on the other side.


…am I the only person who experienced an unexpected surge of warm fellow-feeling for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when Hillary was named secretary of state? I wouldn’t wish dealing with her on my worst enemy, who’d be Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

That’s P. J. O’Rourke talking while eating cookies. Store-bought cookies. A fellow can’t be too careful.

Read this. Very occasionally a news item comes along that describes a problem the public can solve. Yes, you. Print out a copy of this article and show it to whatever civic group you belong to — such as your church, the PTA, a dance group, the chamber of commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Toastmasters, Blue Lodge, computer club or the guys who eat breakfast every day at a local restaurant. Then propose that the group send a delegation (two or more people) to the local hospitals and ask them to explain themselves, making corrections as necessary. Yes, it’s everybody’s business, and a very little citizen involvement will make things a lot better. This is a battle that will be incredibly easy to win — all you have to do is show up, and victory will be yours.

For specific suggestions as to how to proceed, e-mail The Eagle Wing Palace of The Queen Chinee.

Harry Reid, braying ass from Nevada, is playing fast and loose with the law. That’s great, because he’s jeopardizing his chances of being re-elected.

Harry Reid, U.S. Senate Majority Leader, needlessly has created a potential constitutional crisis over the seating of Roland Burris, the lawful appointee of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to Barack Obama’s open Senate seat. Reid, out of sheer ego, insists that he will refuse to seat Burris because Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White refuses to sign a certification, in a form recommended but not required by Senate Rule 2.

Press on regardless, Harry! Don’t give up! Fight to the bitter end, never surrender! (Sotto voce: ….heh, heh. Stupid bastard.)

The major media are studiously ignoring evidence of Hamas’s intent and growing capabilities. Note which nation is meeting the needs of the eager Middle Eastern consumers.

The connection between the left and Jew-hatred is growing tighter. That is to say, criticism of Israel for its invasion of Gaza is not coming from the right. Nor is the right buying the lies peddled by the allies of “Palestinians.” For the very atypical views of a leftist, go to Oliver Kamm’s weblog, and scroll down. Kamm is absolutely not part of the British left to which George Galloway belongs. Galloway is the quintessential, stereotypical leftist.

In the event you are curious about Kamm, you can find here a collection of his brief reviews of books. It can serve as a quick introduction to his mindset.

Regarding the above item, this newsletter notes a question in one of Kamm’s columns:

“Why, he asked, doesn’t Israel offer to give back the West Bank and Gaza? Why doesn’t it just let the Palestinians have a state there?”

The short answer is, “Because the Israelis know that the ‘Palestinians’ will never tolerate Israel as a neighbor. It’s the old saw about Islam’s bloody borders again. The Muslim view is that Israel must be destroyed, and darn few Muslims oppose that policy.”

From The Archive

The following is from The Terrapin Gazette Number 67, 6 November, 2005.

Terrapin Gazette Exclusive: From The White House In Washington DC

This report was sent to us by a government insider who tells us that the major media will receive it in two days. We are privileged to be able to tell you about it now.

The adventure is over. President Bush has declared the quagmire unendurable, and called for a complete withdrawal of all US forces from further conflict.

In his statement, the President says:

For too long, US forces have suffered and been wounded and died in what is now clearly a hopeless quest to impose sanity and security on a region that does not want either. Further, it is clear that our efforts have only provoked various indigenous elements to further violence. I am also saddened to report that in some cases, such as incidents publicized in the world press in past months, our people have committed atrocities that I can neither condone nor understand.

We have to face reality. Some tasks are simply too huge, some burdens too heavy, to be undertaken in the first place. We must regretfully abandon to Fate those regions that have no possibility of ever being peaceful and orderly. We cannot force people to be decent.

After today, no American mother will have to grieve over the loss of her son or daughter who perished in the hopeless, unending effort to pacify and protect those who hate the very things our country stands for.

I have requested that the governor of California, the mayor of Los Angeles and the supervisors of the county of Los Angeles declare a total end to all law enforcement in the city and county of Los Angeles at once. All government offices in the city and county should be closed; accordingly I have ordered all federal offices there to shut down at once. All federal law enforcement will be removed from the county within twenty-four hours, and the national government will no longer respond to calls for assistance from within the county. I urge Governor Schwarzenegger and all state and local officials below him to follow our lead.

There is no point in trying to impose tranquility and good government on an area that is only antagonized by every effort to civilize it. It will be federal policy, therefore, and it should be state and local policy as well, to let the barbarians do as they please within their fouled nest.

One final note: once law enforcement, fire and other emergency personnel are out of Los Angeles county, anyone trying to enter any other county from Los Angeles county will be apprehended and summarily executed on the spot by federal troops. We have no intention of letting the gangs get out of the hellhole they have created. We are convinced that all decent, responsible people have long since abandoned Los Angeles to the Crips and the Bloods and the other groups there that abhor civilization.

Let us all pray that California has an earthquake that swallows up the most stubbornly violent, lawless and rotten municipality in our country, and let us petition Heaven to make it happen soon.

To hell with the wicked and their willing victims. God bless the rest of us.