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Month: February 2009

Number 65

Press Bias, Press Freedom For years, the Terrapin Gazette and, to a lesser extent, The Penguin Post have stuck their knives into AP. The “news” organization is morally bankrupt. Recent evidence is provided by this...

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Number 64

What’s Your Idea Of Good Law? If you were to make a list, writing down the first things that occur to you if you answer that question, do you suppose you would include “Transparency, oversight, ways to control the...

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Number 63

This Is A Community Organizer Doing What A Community Organizer Does Whatever plans President Obama has for the census, he’s not sharing them with the world. The census is a vital arbiter of the political power of groups in...

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Number 62

It’s Convenient For Some Folks If We Call It A Recession, Because We Blame Recessions On “Cycles” or “Capitalism.” Instead, Let’s Recognize That It Is Not A Recession, And Then Blame It On The...

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Number 61

Imponderables We Must Nevertheless Think About Things are not going all that well. Would this be a good time for Al Qaeda to hit the USA again? Some of the many considerations behind that question are particularly excruciating:...

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