The President Is Vulnerable, And The World’s Oldest Bigotry Will Seek To Exploit That

How could the new president start off so badly? A weblogger comments:

Obama seems to believe that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the mullahs of Iran are just like us, basically good at heart, and only need to hear the right combination of soothing apologies to lead them back to the path of righteousness. This is an infantile, dangerous approach to dealing with truly evil people, and it’s a lesson America is apparently going to need to learn again.

See also the Charles Krauthammer column that describes the problem in disturbing detail.

Perhaps the real question is, “What, exactly, do the Iranians think Obama was trying to say?” Conclusions must vary tremendously.

Overall, however, it seems likely that Obama’s letter informed the Iranians that the USA is weak, fearful, and no longer has faith in its ability to assert itself. Not good.

Extreme leftist icon Noam Chomsky evaluated Obama’s recent statements about the Gaza dispute on a radio broadcast.

The position that people who are interested in peace ought to take is very straightforward. I mean, a majority of the American population, considerable majority, already agree with the full Arab League peace plan, not the little sliver of it that Obama mentioned. The peace plan calls for a two-state settlement on the international border, maybe with minor modifications. That’s an overwhelming national consensus. The Hamas supports it. Iran has said, you know, they’ll go along with it.

That’s three amazing statements, all of which Chomsky expects his audience to accept as true. Questions arise:

First, does a majority of the US population even know what the “Arab League peace plan” is?

Second, is there really an “overwhelming national consensus,” or is this just an empty claim?

Third, isn’t Chomsky lying about the Islamic world? For example, is it true that Hamas, which is explicit in its demand for the destruction of Israel and demands that a two-state solution be ignored, supports this two-state solution? Has Iran said it will cooperate, cease its support of Hamas terror, and promote peace if the Arab League plan is implemented? Can either Hamas or Iran be trusted?

Continuing Chomsky’s comments:

Is divestment a proper tactic? Well, you know, if you look back at South Africa, divestment became a proper tactic after years, decades of education and organizing, to the point where Congress was legislating against trade, corporations were pulling out, and so on. That’s what’s missing: the education and organizing which makes it an understandable move. And, in fact, if we ever got to that point, you wouldn’t even need it, because the US could be brought in line with international opinion.

The parallel with South Africa is not apt. Making the case against apartheid was extraordinarily straightforward, compared to the challenge of quelling the age-old disputes and religious hatreds that inflame the Middle East.

Deceitful as they are, Chomsky’s scholarly-sounding pronouncements are instructive. They tell us elements in the “progressive” left wing of the US Democratic party are mobilizing to pressure Obama to constrain Israel. The fundamental assumption and claim of this effort will be that Israel is an expansionist bully that abuses the “Palestinians” in the West Bank region, and would never misbehave if the USA did not endorse Zionism’s evil goals.

Rather than try to convince the Israelis to change, extreme leftists like Chomsky will target the US. That’s where the “education” comes in; a campaign of propaganda and indoctrination is in the offing, and the major media will be involved (though to what degree remains to be seen).

Chomsky is not above lying, as his nemesis Oliver Kamm has repeatedly demonstrated (and as this newsletter’s questions above suggest), so the “education” Chomsky is talking about will not deserve the name.

Note the possibly overlooked obvious: why is this prolonged “education” necessary, since Chomsky claims (his words now) “an overwhelming national consensus” supports his views already? Chomsky’s express position is that everyone except official Washington is in step with the anti-Israel drumbeat.

That is prima facie proof that a Zionist cabal of conspirators controls the US government.

The implications are horrendous: the catastrophes of September 11, 2001 were crafted by the Mossad and executed by the US federal government, and the USA is manipulated from Jerusalem.

Quelle folie! That’s the way things go when you examine Chomsky’s views. The most superficial review of the man’s “analyses” plunges the critic into a nightmarish surreality. From Chomsky’s slippery, rapid-fire prevarications to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is but a small step.

Consider, then, the likely future. As the campaign to intimidate Obama into moving into the fell embrace of the “progressive” Jew-hating left gains momentum, expect to hear more about the “Israel lobby in Washington.” The public will be given gratuitous information on the heritage and religion of various officials. Genealogical research will expose previously unrecognized (clandestine, covert) Jews.

Conspiracist Jew-hatred has never died. Now it bids to return in the guise of a good “progressive’s” rational reaction to Zionism.

The result? A peculiarly twenty-first century Inquisition.

Its slogan will be “peace,” its hallmarks will be bigotry and untruth, and its unadmitted aim will be the death of a nation.

This Is Depressingly Common

Here is a slightly edited conversation posted on a website that is blocked to the PenPo; if you believe there is an error in the URL as reproduced here, send this newsletter an e-mail and ask for help.

…the following took place last week between 9 and 10 p.m. on a flight from Los Angeles to Denver.

I spoke for a few minutes to the 20-year-old woman seated across the aisle from me.

She: What brings you to Denver?

I: I am giving a speech.

She: What do you do?

I: I’m a radio talk show host.

She: Who did you vote for?

I: McCain

She: Why?

I: Smaller government and the war on terror.

She: Terror is the new communism.

I: Communism killed about a hundred million people. And who do you think attacked and killed 3,000 of us on Sept. 11?

She: The government.

For the record, as I believe this to be essential to understanding this young woman’s views, she is a student attending the University of California at Santa Barbara.

This conversation is related to the above item, “The President Is Vulnerable….” The intellectually crippled college student’s failure to grasp reality exemplifies a victory for the “progressive” segment of US politics. While conspiracist fantasies can be utterly idiosyncratic, it is a safe guess that the young woman’s thinking is anything but disorganized. She almost certainly knows Chomsky’s writings and believes them accurate. Her ignorant response to Prager’s question is typical of a highly ideological, propaganda-generated mindset — a way of looking at the world that is architectonic and therefore generally predictable.

It is stunning that the “progressive” cult in US politics has managed to convince a great many people that some preposterous lies are true: Islam is not the West’s enemy; the USA is a terrorist nation; capitalism exploits the poor; free trade causes poverty; globalization is capitalism’s way of conquering the world; communism was harmless; Israel controls the USA; socialism is practical. Doubtless there are other shameless untruths that could be added to this list….

How can this have happened? The quick answer is that it was made possible by unrecognized self-hatred.

The Federal Government Should Not Be Expected To Do The Local Government’s Job, Too

Wow, freezing weather in Kentucky, no power — misery and danger. Now Obama knows how Bush felt after Katrina hit, because victims are scolding the feds for not being Johnny-on-the-Spot (“leaving people to die” because they did not vote correctly, says one right-wing moron).

Well, Kentucky, get this: it’s not a federal problem! If you didn’t get the prompt help you needed with the emergency, it’s the municipal, county, and state agencies you need to take to the woodshed. Washington is not the first responder.

That’s the way it is supposed to be. Federal agencies are too remote from their constituencies to be on the scene within a few hours. Problems like this freeze and power outage must be handled at and below the state level, with the feds playing backup.

Unfortunately the dysfunctional response of people in trouble is to turn to Washington first. Nobody is being reasonable here, from the afflicted to all the local first and second responders who certainly should have been prepared to handle problems — but aren’t, because “It’s not my job, it’s Washington’s.” Federalism has broken down.

Here is wisdom: it’s your life and property, so get ready for disaster. Don’t depend on anybody’s ability to get to you quickly. Have supplies on hand so you can survive while you wait for help. Then, with all that covered, do what you can to prompt local and state government agencies to plan for emergencies.

No urban areas of the USA are more catastrophe-prone than California’s cities, and nobody has thought more about that than the Los Angeles Fire Department. Here’s a link to the LAFD’s advice. Note in particular how long the firefighters believe you will have to get by on your own before any agency can get to you.

Links Deft And Daft, Fair And Feral

This is one way to get people to pay their taxes!

“Well,” she said, “it’s not a matter of how big it is, it’s all in what you do with it.” WRONG.

This is not the first time the PenPo has compared Obama to Jimmy Carter; see Number 48.

ACORN gets…how much? And for what? How will that help the economy? Maybe the answers have something to do with those (triumphalist, rub-your-nose-in-it) words, “I won.”

First they saw your doors in half; then they put people in jail for expressing opinions. So the mayor of New York City told the rascalswhere to get off. Bravo, Mike.

Don Quixote is nothing if not principled.

One: rendition preserved. Two: sophistry and double standards at work. Three: hypocrisy, they name is human rights. Bush could never have pulled it off.

It does no good at all to fight genocidal terrorism, says the press. This despairing defeatism is a complication of the self-hatred from which the West suffers. Winners don’t understand it.

Have you been doing your part? Have you been feeding the dragon? — What?? You haven’t bought anything Chinese lately?? Good grief, what’s holding you back…the silly idea that a consumer product should last three times as long as its warranty? Or are you still teary-eyed over that fleabag mutt? Wise up, Pilgrim, and buy, buy, buy now, or things just may get out of control….

“I think we will work our way towards a position that says that having more than two children is irresponsible. It is the ghost at the table.” Huh? What do you mean, “ghost”? So first it’s our poor dog, and next our kids, is that it? Well, no Chinese food for them, and you better believe that!!

What’s that line from Blade Runner? It drips with menace, and it goes something like, “You are either big people, or you are little people.” Well, Obama’s people are not little people. Now how seriously are we supposed to take all that talk about “change” and “hope”?

If your interests lie in drug research and production, and this quote intrigues you — “I think that the fundamental issues of drug design are still so poorly understood that no amount of skill can compensate for them” — then check out this post. Right, the sentence should read, “The fundamental issues of drug design are still so poorly understood that we cannot compensate for our inadequacies in this area by relying on our existing skills.” But you get the idea.

This is genuinely funny.

Google just keeps growing.


Microsoft denies the existence of a security problem in its latest version of Windows. “It’s a feature, not a bug.” No, it’s a bug. As has been proved.

“You know things are really going bad for the left and for El Presidente when the NY Times comes out and says that his pick for HHS has got to go.” So says a Cuban-born, Castro-hating weblogger in Florida. People of all persuasions and backgrounds are lining up to tell Daschle to go away (which he just did). What will they have to say about the guy who picked this scoundrel for the job? Time will tell.

“…as an Arab Muslim living in this part of the world (Gaza)…I have to work for a Jewish newspaper or for the international media in order to be able to practice any kind of real journalism. Why? Because we don’t have any free media.” This very interesting post should be required reading for the striped-pants set in Foggy Bottom; suspend disbelief, Hillary, and assign it.

Here’s a reminder in the form of a quiz. How is the Arabic word “islam” correctly translated into English? — A. Peace; B. Liberation; C. Submission; D. The Word; E. Salvation; F. The Path


From The Archive

The following is taken from The Terrapin Gazette of November 7, 2005. The links to websites may no longer work.

No One Wants To Confront This. That’s Why There May Be No Hope

From the Belmont Club:

The events in France may turn out to have a greater strategic impact than September 11. French policies, however maddening, had the virtue of serving as the control case to the American experiment of attempting to reform the Islamic world. The latter acknowledged, however shyly, that it was facing an aggression which had to be met at the root; which had to be resolved by building viable societies in Islamic homelands. The former, and France in particular, maintained there was nothing that temporizing and appeasement, in one form or another, could not solve. What events in France have done is discredit the liberal recipe so badly that even those who are not prepared to admit that American policy may have been right must now root around for an alternative theory.

– – –

Speaking Of Rank Insanity, It’s Time For A Refresher And Update

You know that mad cow disease (BSE) and the way it is reported in the press is a favorite theme of The Terrapin Gazette. We return to it today, beginning with a…list of facts you already know but may have forgotten, and then with some new information.

1. BSE and its human equivalent, NVC-JD, are caused by chemicals, not organisms; these are deformed proteins called prions (PREE-ons). They attack the central nervous system.

2. NVC-JD is found in areas where cannibalism is practiced, and in populations that eat beef contaminated with prions. There is no treatment and no cure. No one knows how many humans are already intoxicated with prions (“infected” is the wrong word, as prions are not bacteria or viruses), and the period between intoxication and development of symptoms can be as long as two decades. There is trouble ahead, no matter what is done today.

3. BSE is transmitted when bovines (cows and steers and bulls, to those of you who live outside Flyover Country) eat other bovines, which is why cattle feed made of ground up cattle is a terrible idea (but cheap, and therefore attractive). BSE arises spontaneously in cattle, being much more common in older animals than in younger ones. Accordingly, it can never be eradicated, though its transmission within and between herds could theoretically be prevented.

Here’s new information, gleaned from an article by James Ironside, professor of medicine at the National Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease Surveillance Unit, School of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, University of Edinburgh (printed in The Nation, Bangkok newspaper, 24 September 2005, page 8A):

…several million BSE-infected cattle are likely to have entered the human food chain between 1980 and 1996. It is estimated that most of the UK population was exposed to BSE through diet at this time.

(There has been an) increasing number of NV-CJD cases in Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and the US.

…the results of studies of the transmission of BSE and NVC-JD in mice, (show that) in many cases (the prion) does not result in death from clinical disease, but instead can produce an asymptomatic “carrier state,” in which the disease has not yet manifested itself.

(Researchers) recently identified two cases of human-to-human transmission of NVC-JD infection (sic) through transfusions of particular types of red blood cells. …. These cases have major implications for blood safety everywhere, implying additional restriction on eligibility for blood donation and on the processing and handling of blood….

…the average age of the patients in the UK has not increased significantly over the past ten years. If the epidemic were in decline, it might be anticipated that the average age of patients would increase….

…the cases identified so far may be only the tip of the iceberg….

Secondary transmission by blood transfusion or surgical instruments might result in NVC-JD becoming endemic in the UK population. This would prove impossible to eradicate in the absence of improved means of cleaning and decontaminating surgical instruments and a specific test — preferably based on a blood assay — to screen asymptomatic carriers.

Note: standard sterilization of surgical instruments aims to kill organisms, not remove all traces of the chemicals on the instruments.