Anyone skimming over the news stories on the internet’s Drudge Report and quickly glancing at a weblog or two can be forgiven for thinking superannuated hippies have managed to dump a few million gallons of LSD into the world’s water supply.

A peculiar sort of insanity seems to have gripped humanity, and the news reports reflect it. Is it the weather, the jarring shift from Bush to Obama, the economic uncertainty, or…what?

Maybe Al Gore can prove it’s global warming that’s rotting people’s common sense. Perhaps the antics of a few corrupt and incompetent politicians have set an example for people everywhere. Or maybe Western civilization is falling apart? Whatever the cause, the world is demonstrably halfway ’round the bend.

Here’s a small sample of the parlor games at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Click on the links only if your rationality is dressed right, covered down, and strapped in place!

A scientist who should be able to sort fact from fictional hysteria says AGW is going to destroy California agriculture, and the West Coast cities won’t be able to survive; madcap San Francisco’s extremely entertaining Nancy Peolosi thinks 500 million “Americans” might lose their jobs every month — she could be right, if by “Americans” she means people who live in the New World, but that trend won’t last very long because the western hemisphere is not that big. Take your pills, Nan-Nan; they help.

It’s freezing everywhere in the USA, proving Al Gore correct (everything proves him correct); the Vatican is in trouble over, of all things,Nazi issues (we were supposed to have forgotten decades ago that Vatican officials spirited Nazi war criminals off to South America and out of the war crimes prosecutor’s grasp, but now we are reminded of that old scandal — bad show!); some pathetic female has made the news because she has deformed herself with the largest silicone implants on record.

Europe has taken Obama to the woodshed over the president’s mini Smoot-Hawley nonsense; a nutty comedian in Minnesota continues his struggle to remain in the federal Senate by trying to prevent tens of thousands of carelessly handled ballots from being counted (can’t allow simply everybody to exercise their franchise, now can we?); the federal 900 billion dollar “stimulus” giveaway to special interests, in spite of being anything but a genuine economic boost, remains on track. Oh, joy.

The CIA station chief in Algeria, a self-proclaimed convert to Islam, made a video tape of his rape of a local female — and is accused of drugging two women (some folks take Mohammed’s views on sex and the treatment of females very seriously) — and in the same report we read that “many Algerians live in France and move freely between the two countries, importing and exporting al-Qaeda as they move around,” and that Malaysia has released a jihadi biological warfare specialist (educated in California). Now that’s hard to top.

Then of course we have all the insanity that has been wracking Europe, Russia, Africa and the Asian and Oriental climes for some time. Most of humanity seems to have come unglued. The greatest and most recent breakdown of common sense has taken place in the USA — or so it appears. It’s probably just bold contrast making changes seem bigger than they actually are, but note that it’s now that Marshall Mathers III has returned to “music.” He’s very perceptive. He knows when the times are right.

Somehow the nation and the world have to get through this insanity break and return to reality, though, and this newsletter hopes forchange, soon. This is not what reasonable folks thought The One was talking about when he promised to make it all better. He can help by setting a better example.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, things are not whatchacall neat and nifty in Washington DC, now are they? Here’s a string of pearls for you….

Dodd: The original revelation. Events as of February 3, 2009.

The Obama administration: “This is pathetic.” Islam misunderstood. Racism. Deceit. Amateurism. Insanity. Disaster. Incompetence.


What??!! There’s more?? Yes. This comes from the PenPo’s horrible “Arbeit Macht Frei” file, and it should scare the living daylights out of you. (But it probably won’t, because the atmosphere is so toxic already.)

There’s a bill in Congress that looks as if it is the long-awaited and much-dreaded teeth in The Patriot Act….

The proposed bill, which has received little mainstream media attention, appears designed to create the type of detention center that those concerned about use of the military in domestic affairs fear could be used as concentration camps for political dissidents, such as occurred in Nazi Germany.

Guess the party affiliation of the sponsor. Is he (A) Republican, (B) GOP, (C) Right-wing nutcase Republican, (D) Neoconservative GOP?

Here’s a big hint: “Get this community organized!” (Music up: child’s soprano voice sings, “He’s gonna make it bet-err….”)

Give up? Find the answer, and more information on this fascist concentration camp plan, here.

(Heavy sigh.)

If you clicked on all those links above, you might be accused of hypermasochism. What’s a decent person to do, anyway? It seems we have lost control of the negative elements in society and don’t have the nerve to assert ourselves, doesn’t it?

In spite of stubborn gastric distress, The PenPo takes the optimistic view: mankind has gone bonkers before (remember the 1970s?? Sheesh…The Village People, polyester and Patty Hearst!).

The best way to get back on track is to realize where you are now, so the PenPo believes everybody should look around with open eyes and calm mind. If you want it all in one representative post, perhaps the clearest vision of the breakdown is to be found here.

Read, Seekers, and begin the healing journey. Eventually you can be a guide for someone who is presently lost.

From The Archive

In an attempt to provide some perspective, this newsletter reprints an item from the January 18, 2006 issue of The Terrapin Gazette. The URLs may no longer work.

The Insanity Of The Twenty-First Century

We have long been at pains to provide both of our regular readers with abundant evidence of deceit and incompetence in high places; now we turn our attention to lower levels of the populace, where news and entertainment mix. We refer specifically to the area where one can see what is understood to arrest the attention of the majority of people who use the internet. Here are some of the headlines we found on The Drudge Report website for the fourteenth of January, 2006:

We are informed that scientists are planning to cross a rabbit with a human; that a black woman has been banned from city council meetings somewhere because she dressed as Aunt Jemima; that a school in Ohio has canceled homework involving pornography; that a cancer researcher has been forced to admit that he faked some research results, and that China claims to have discovered the New World.

Well, that’s what news is: odd stuff. Because the insanity of the current century is not in short supply, newspapers can be pretty entertaining.

Fortunately for those among you who tear their hair at the thought of a continuation of the comedy, there is a solution.

When Islam swamps Western Civilization, all this will be swept away. Everything will be reported properly and according to the will of God. The multiculturalism that enables the Islamofascist conspiracy will be destroyed. Silence and repression will replace the din of free choice and true diversity.

Thanks, but NO. We prefer the free-wheeling, goofy, disappointing world in which individual choices proliferate.

Speaking of which, here are some URL’s for you collectors of trivia, dreams and useless information. Enjoy them before the UN takes over the internet and the mullahs ban them!

We begin with a video commercial that is sure to become a classic. By all means view it!

For humorous information that can be pretty interesting, we like this.

Then there’s a collection of strange news to be found here.

Here’s our next automobile. It’s just good basic transportation.

And finally, this website has just what everybody needs: a list of Latin phrases. Have a look, and memorize a few; they are terrific for getting girls to come home with you!