It’s Convenient For Some Folks If We Call It A Recession, Because We Blame Recessions On “Cycles” or “Capitalism.” Instead, Let’s Recognize That It Is Not A Recession, And Then Blame It On The Ideologues Who Caused It

Consider this fundamentally optimistic viewpoint that exposes the cynicism of the “stimulus:”

Be very, very afraid. That’s the selling-point of the shit sandwich of a ten-year backlog of Lefty projects and political payoffs which constitute the “Stimulus.” (See $300 million for golf carts).

It’s a recession. We have them regularly. But, given the timing, it’s been a golden opportunity to advance every Dem Congressman’s pet notion. The tactic wouldn’t work, though, unless you scare people into a state of brain paralysis.

We have often observed how Leftist plans are advanced by manufacturing a sense of crisis and urgency, with a government “solution” ready in their back pocket.

This newsletter disagrees. The current crisis is not so much a recession as it is a financial collapse that was caused by a few individuals. Its foundation is madcap egalitarian economic democracy — the notion that everybody, regardless of endowments and level of determination, is capable of owning a home.

The imposition of ideology on finance resulted in irresponsible regulation; that rendered massive investments worthless — investments that had been pronounced “risk-free” by incompetent and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Attempts to regulate the big lenders were then sabotaged by rascals, some of whom enriched themselves unconscionably. The crisis exploded when those now-worthless investments were revealed as just handouts, actually bribes, to unqualified borrowers. Politicians were buying votes, in other words, and a few parasites like Gorelick were sucking the blood of the electorate. The corruption caused a cascade of effects that has dried up funds for investment in higher productivity, stalling the economy and putting people out of work.

That’s not just a recession as Greenspan “understands” one — it’s a fraud/disaster perpetrated by people whose names we know, people who should be prosecuted.

Instead of doing that — or at least scolding the villains bitterly — The One is threatening us all with “catastrophe” if we don’t approve his plan to give away billions of dollars that do not even exist yet. Those giveaways are very, very carefully targeted, of course. And they won’t come near solving the problem.

We would be better off to tell the president and Congress that we’ll take the threatened “catastrophe,” and skip the corrupt payoffs to the connected scoundrels.

Jaime Gorelick should be our poster girl.

It’s Not Right, But He Will Just Do It, And That Will Be That

What Obama is about to do is almost certainly unconstitutional, but…the way the system “works,” you have to have what is called “standing” before you can ask a court to prevent the president from doing something illegal. “Standing” means you have to prove that you will be injured personally and privately by the unconstitutional act about to be committed. The upshot: as long as no one can show “standing,” the courts won’t enforce the constitution. Read the full story and see what Obama is up to. (Hint: No Good.) Meanwhile, this “standing” business needs to be discarded as a jurisprudential principle.

The Damage Wrought By Hard-Core Feminism

Feminism has many varieties, some of the them noxious and some laudable. A recent post on the internet sheds light on “…the dystopian tradition of surveillance and unfreedom” that haunts the ideology. Selected quotes designed to get you to read the post follow; the full article, which is breathtaking, is here.

…politicizing sex and sexual relations potentially penetrates far deeper into the human psyche, unleashes energies and emotions, and disrupts relationships and institutions far more fundamental than those attacked by radical ideologies of the past.

…the excesses of organized feminism’s formal agenda no longer command serious respect. … The danger is not the absurdities of its extremists, whom few now regard, but the steady erosion of social cohesion, civic freedom, and above all privacy, as well as the politicization of personal life by a sexual ideology that has so mesmerized us all that we are largely immune from realizing it. Perhaps the greatest danger is the absence of coherent opposition. For more than any other political movement, feminism neuters, literally emasculates its opposition.

Indeed…emasculates, and dehumanizes/demonizes by neutering, as well. Recall the quote reported in the last issue of the PenPo: “(Sarah Palin’s) greatest hypocrisy is her pretense that she is a woman.” (U. of Chicago prof Wendy Doniger.)

This Was Utterly Predictable

From the Long War Journal, here’s some news you did not get in your newspaper. It comes complete with a map and video.

Al Qaeda has reorganized its notorious paramilitary formations that were devastated during the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and 2002. Al Qaeda has reestablished the predominantly Arab and Asian paramilitary formation that was formerly known as Brigade 055 into a larger, more effective fighting unit known as the Lashkar al Zil, or Shadow Army….

Islam’s warriors have been at this, off and on, for well over a thousand years. Doubtless a thousand years from now, they will still be planning their takeover of the world. After all, they know they only have to win once. And they can afford to lose a million times.

More On Krugman, Economics, The Meltdown, And The New Administration

The tension between the “art of the possible” and “the dismal science” is palpable. We are all desperate to cope, and the president is telling us that, though the misery will last for many months no matter what we do, we must act now (without time to consider the wisdom of our choice?). It’s a critical emergency, in other words, that is actually chronic. What could be worse?

Well, bad advice could be worse. Here comes Krugman again….

How Is It You Guys Seem To Have A Near-Monopoly On Corruption?

“Corruption? What corruption? — Oh, that?? Heck, that’s not corruption!! That’s, well, er, that’s…hope and change! Yeah, that’s it…hope, and, er, unh, change…. Hey, how many names you got on that list, anyhow?? Sheesh, only three Republicans in with all those Democrats, and two of the GOP guys are Alaskans that Palin’s reform movement ran off. Oh, boy. It’s a good thing that no other papers around the country will pick this story up. If we didn’t have the press in our pocket, we’d be looking for jobs raking leaves….”

Need Some Topics For Conversation That Will Make You Look Smart At Tomorrow’s Power Lunch?

Camille Paglia is back to tell us all about matters economic, political and cultural. No, she’s not right about everything. Yes, on occasion she needs to be instructed, and some of her chatter is irritatingly irrelevant; just skip ahead, alert for gems, and you will be rewarded. She’s great.

Links, Bits Of The Chain That Leads Us Out Of The Maze

These computers are hooked up to the telephone lines. Why??? Consider the result of that blunder.

Oh. So this is what’s next. In a few months, everyone will have heard of Nicola Tesla…again.

This mathematical breakthrough is the USA’s response to Europe’s Large Hadron Collider. Prof. Maxine Tyrebyter of Columbia University proclaims it “Bigger, and as we all know, bigger is…bigger! Uh-huh, and oh, Baby — that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!”

All right, so all journalists love Obama. What’s wrong with that? Well, the smitten wordsmiths don’t give the lie to his nonsense, that’s what’s wrong with it. The public deserves the truth, but the major media are delivering propaganda. — Whoa, there’s a shock….

The second installment of an article dissecting the BBC’s dim view of the USA is up.

Here’s the beginning of a series on the Vietnam war; it aims to correct our misconceptions.

Concealed carry is the proposal that terrifies both criminals and the politically correct bicoastal elite (how great is that?). See what sheriffs in Illinois have to say about it.

Money for schools! How can that be a mistake??

Demand, supply, and how the government restricts our options are all explained in this fine article. The essay will irritate the daylights out of the autocratic collectivists, who won’t read past the third paragraph. The refusal to explore uncomfortable truths is self-censorship that sustains the practitioner’s irrational mindset.

Prediction: the underground popularity of this short essay will lead Pelosi and Schumer to expand the Fairness Doctrine to cover print media. — Ha, ha, just kidding. Neither Pelosi nor Schumer is aware of this piece, and neither would consider reading it (it’s too long and has too many foreign words like “astute” and “belie”). But…its “underground popularity” is a fact. You may see this post suggested elsewhere, as a lot of folks are linking to it. It is evading the media gatekeepers and finding an audience that is literally beyond (current) control.

From The Archive

Here is a Reuters news item from the past. It will remind you why “French fries” were once known as “Freedom fries” in the USA.

Polish Troops Find New French Missiles in Iraq

Fri October 3, 2003 03:54 PM ET

By Pawel Kozlowski

WARSAW (Reuters) – Polish troops in Iraq have found four French-built advanced anti-aircraft missiles which were built this year, a Polish Defense Ministry spokesman told Reuters Friday.

France strongly denied having sold any such missiles to Iraq for nearly two decades, and said it was impossible that its newest missiles should turn up in Iraq.

“Polish troops discovered an ammunition depot on Sept. 29 near the region of Hilla and there were four French-made Roland-type missiles,” Defense Ministry spokesman Eugeniusz Mleczak said. “It is not the first time Polish troops found ammunition in Iraq but to our surprise these missiles were produced in 2003.”

The Roland anti-aircraft system is a short-range air defense missile in service with at least 10 countries, including France and Germany. They are fired from a mobile launcher vehicle and defense experts say the missiles are highly effective against aircraft attacking at low and medium altitude.

Under a strict trade embargo imposed by the United Nations, Iraq was barred from importing arms after its invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Among others, Russia, Britain and France all sold arms to Iraq in the 1970s and 1980s. In Iraq’s arsenal were Soviet-built Scud missiles, British Chieftain tanks and French Mirage fighters.

But Iraq managed to circumvent the arms trade ban in the 1990s through shadowy deals with various arms traders and kept its military equipment functioning.


“Since July 1990, France has not authorized a single shipment of military equipment to Iraq,” a French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told Reuters. Similar accusations surfaced in the U.S. media in April, she said. In 1980-81, 13 Roland-1 missile systems were shipped to Iraq and from 1983 to 1986, 100 Roland-2 missile systems. The Roland-3 has never been exported to Iraq, she said. “It is not credible to say that the Roland missiles found a few days ago were produced in 2003 and delivered just before the Anglo-American intervention,” the spokeswoman said. “Let’s be absolutely clear about this: no military exports to Iraq were licensed after July 1990.”

It was unlikely that the missiles could be used 17-18 years after their delivery, she added. Mleczak said Polish troops were notified about the missiles by a local Iraqi, who received a reward for the information. “The ammunition depot was neutralized,” said Mleczak.

Polish television pictures showed missiles placed in a shallow trench and a huge explosion when the Poles blew up munitions at the site. Since early September, Poland, a staunch supporter of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, has led a multinational force in one of four so-called stabilization zones, in central Iraq. In the run-up to the outbreak of the 2003 Iraq war, American and British combat pilots struck Iraqi anti-aircraft batteries repeatedly as they patrolled no-fly zones in the north and south of the country. (Additional reporting by Jon Boyle in Paris)

– – –

Addendum, February, 2009: Lest we forget…who gave the Brits an Enigma machine, enabling Turing and the other geniuses at Bletchley Park to crack the Nazi cyphers? Who maintained the most Western, avant-garde cultural climate behind the iron curtain, defying and mocking USSR repression? Who devised the 6 PM stroll, a massive demonstration of contempt for the communist TV news? Who drove the Soviets to distraction with a labor union that insisted on a relaxation of communist tyranny?

The Poles. Of all the enslaved nations, none surpassed Poland for courage, determination and aesthetic sensibility. Irrepressible Poland is a forgotten hero of Eastern Europe.


And the French…ah, yes, the unique, unforgettable French…no other nation in World War II responded to the Nazis as did France! — Yes, we must never forget…and we must never let France forget Vichy, either.