This Is A Community Organizer Doing What A Community Organizer Does

Whatever plans President Obama has for the census, he’s not sharing them with the world. The census is a vital arbiter of the political power of groups in the USA. He who is able to craft how the census is taken and how it is reported can alter the composition of legislative assemblies at state and national levels. Congress is as it is because of the census. Most people never think of that…but Obama would. It’s the way people with his background look at political realities.

In the absence of White House candor, some folks are passing various scenarios around. Most of them focus on Judd Greg. No, this newsletter does not have the real story; that will probably never come out. So we have to turn to speculative news accounts. That’s too bad — but it’s no surprise, for no community organizer worth his salt would ever allow things to get out of control.

The US Justice System Has A Fell Parallel: An Injustice System That Operates Without Ethics Or Restraint

In the last issue of the PenPo, there was an item headlined, “The Damage Wrought By Hard-Core Feminism.” That damage is explained in abook by one Stephen Baskerville. Now a recent (audio only) interview of the author is available on line.

Baskerville takes the reader on a tour of a nightmarish world in which a governmental authority of a very special sort routinely ignores individual rights. Snared by this system, a parent will be treated far worse than a jihadi caught in the act of planting a bomb. Without benefit of legal counsel, without being charged with a crime, without having any recourse whatsoever, a parent can be deprived of “custody” of his children, stripped of his assets, and imprisoned. Like European witches three hundred years ago, he is condemned by the accusation. Disagreeing with his spouse as to how to rear the child(ren) or how the family should function is sufficient. He can never defend himself against the charges because, though he is called a “defendant,” he is never tried. He is in the hands of a tyrant’s delight — an irresistible machine that metes out ideologically-inspired retribution.

The problem is that virtually no one believes these outrages are taking place, or could take place. Baskerville:

It seems the very magnitude of the injustice may be the most formidable barrier to the acceptance that is taking place.

This Kafkaesque governmental construct is in total violation of the Bill of Rights and standard Western canons of juristic practice. It is the result of decades of agitation and intimidation practiced by a rabid minority — feminists led by such luminaries as Steinem, Yard and Abzug. Under unrelenting pressure from the activists, the governments of the various states have created a monster that mocks Liberty.

This is the price we are paying for having indulged our vindictive malcontents. Now we must reform the American star chamber; that begins with realizing that the horror is genuine. The audio interview and the book await you.

The Deteriorating Situation On The Southern Border Of The USA Is A Warning The Prudent Will Heed

Mexico on the brink: the USA had better make plans for the worst. The last thing The Penguin Post wants is to be able to say, “We told you morons in The District this might happen, but you did not listen; no doubt about it, this catastrophe is your fault, and you all should be fired if not prosecuted.” Now the Mexican government is denying that the nation is “a failed state.” That’s code for, “We are up to our navel in burro ca-ca.”

Given the blundering and dissembling in DC, US communities need to realize that they will be on their own if things break loose. Of all the border states, Texas probably has the best chance to cope reasonably well — if it starts preparing now for the future. New Mexico, not so much; ditto Arizona. California is hopeless. It won’t even be able to pay its National Guard if it has to call that force up (talk about a failed state!). If you live under Sacramento’s misrule, stock up now on food, water, medications, batteries, firearms (pump action shotguns are best, not pistols) and ammunition. If you don’t need them, no harm done; if you do need them but don’t have them….

Addendum: How did it come to this?? For decades, the USA has been tearing at its own flesh, sending pathetic victims to prison, wasting billions of dollars, endangering the citizenry, promoting the growth of ultra-violent criminal gangs and in general doing just about everything harmful and wrong. The “war on drugs” was an insane notion. Now the chickens are about to come home to roost, and they don’t speak English. Yes, it’s way too late to do what should have been done forty years ago. Legalization now would help, maybe, but we can’t predict. What seems likely is that if the law were reformed, the huge mob that currently supplies self-medicating losers would move to other sources of income, such as kidnapping, extortion, and large-scale robbery.

Appreciating The Great Humanitarians And Pacifists, Part I: The Tranquil Genius Of Gandhi, Paragon Of Enlightened Virtue

From page 202 of The End of Faith by Sam Harris:

We would do well to reflect on Gandhi’s remedy for the Holocaust: he believed that the Jews should have committed mass suicide, because this “would have aroused the world and the people of Germany to Hitler’s violence.” We might wonder what a world full of pacifists would have done once it had grown “aroused”–commit mass suicide as well?

James Q. Wilson On The Wellsprings Of Politics

Anyone who has ever tried to convert a rock-ribbed conservative to liberalism or explain to a “progressive” why his views are pernicious knows that the other fellow is often just a stubborn idiot. How, we might wonder, is it that lunatic notions survive in politics? Why do people commit to hopeless causes, and, on seeing them fail, continue to promote them? Could temperament have something to do with it — and if so, where does temperament come from, if not from the genes?

Wilson makes some provocative but sensible suggestions in an article that deserves attention; find it in City Journal. Here’s a teaser chosen to intrigue you:

Ever since 1950, when Theodor Adorno and his colleagues published The Authoritarian Personality, scholars have studied right-wing authoritarianism but neglected its counterpart on the left. … Yet if you ask who in this country has prevented people from speaking on college campuses, it is overwhelmingly leftists. If you ask who storms the streets and shatters the windows of Starbucks coffee shops to protest the World Trade Organization, it is overwhelmingly leftists. If you ask who produces campus codes that infringe on free speech, it is overwhelmingly leftists. If you ask who invaded the classroom of my late colleague Richard Herrnstein and tried to prevent him from teaching, it was overwhelmingly leftists.

As you can see, Wilson is unafraid to point to the plaster under the gilt. To many sociologists, the above paragraph is a lightning rod that tempts the gods. Adorno defined the enemies of society, and his words are holy writ. They are also a primer for the social engineer, and a rationalization for promoting solidarity through indoctrination masquerading as education. Like Marxism and psychoanalysis, sociology claims scientific status, but upon closer investigation reveals itself as predominantly normative.

Three That Deserve Attention

By now, some PenPo readers may have discerned that Pajamas Media is one of many resources for links published in this newsletter. (Promise to check that website daily, and the price of your subscription to the PenPo will be cut in half!)

Here are three recent posts at PJM that are unconditionally guaranteed to make the reader think.

The first is a snarling attack on President Obama. It’s all the more powerful because it is backed up with solid facts. Worship him or despise him, you can only benefit from learning what The One’s most judicious critics are and will be saying.

Then there is a compact, well-crafted essay on the impact of socialist thinking on US politics. It’s thoughtful and pragmatic, and there is not a speck of wild-eyed ideological nonsense in it.

Finally we have a sobering reminder of what is actually going on. This graceful article reminds us that those who use language imprecisely are easy marks for propagandists. Sloppy vocabularies predispose to sloppy thinking. So when we describe the Obama presidency, let’s use the correct terms — and understand what they suggest the future holds. (Hint: it’s grim. Fascism is not fun.)

Do a little reading. It’s a patriotic act that will benefit The Republic.

Links Here, Links There — Pick A Link And Think!

“We who serve…have never known defeat on the battlefield. When we have lost, we lost at home, and others declared defeat – not us.” The words of a US Marine general. He’s right; the Corps virtually exterminated the Viet Cong (see PenPo One), and then was pulled out because Uncle Walter at CBS claimed the victory was a loss.

Arctic ice. Now you don’t see it, then you do but you aren’t supposed to, then…cripes, can’t the eggheads just deal with hard facts? …Oh, that’s right…it’s all a matter of faith, not science.

Maybe all the fuss over an Iranian nuclear weapon is needless bother; the mullahs may be fooling us. There’s a review of the available evidence here. Be prepared to spend a few minutes.

How do we get the president of the nation to make good on his promises? Why should we have to consider that question at all? Is The One setting us up so we won’t ever hold him to his word, and won’t ever fret over his lies?

Everywhere they can, Muslims are working to destroy freedom of the press. Here’s an example from India.

So there are other beings in the universe, and they watched the USA land on the Moon. Fine, fine. But…”Over and out“?? Oops; that gives it away. The fun is found here.

How’s that?? You say the Brits are so busy trying to keep tabs on all those homicidal Pakistanis they let into their country, they can’t maintain an effective security apparatus? Good grief, what time’s the next massacre? — Oh, the CIA is helping out. That’s all right, then. …Hold it!! On second thought, what’s “right” about that??

Interesting military technology: dodging bullets, spotting snipers before they fire, telling bullets to change course after you fire them.

“The endless fallacy of state economic planning is that greed can somehow be eliminated from human nature. The virtue of capitalism is that it takes greed into account, and puts it to good use.” That’s Claudia Rosett writing, and because she’s the PenPo’s favorite investigative reporter, you need to read all of her latest effort to make common sense popular again.

A profane and shoot-from-the-lip Marxist looks at Iraq — after being in Iraq and talking to everybody he could find there who was not interested in killing him. Required reading for bicoastal elitist “progressive” US types who think they know wassup. The major media won’t want to be on the same continent with this report.

Legal but unethical campaign finance legerdemain has been concocted by California Congresshuman Grace Napolitano. Doubtless she ran against those greedy capitalists who have ruined the economy.

Freedom of expression gets a back rub: Reason magazine produces a video of a panel discussion. A number of topics relating to free speech and press are covered in an hour, and no, it’s not all “smut is good for you,” although it may seem that way at first.

Your medical records are not protected as private by federal legislation that pays to have them digitized. That seems odd. Don’t the people who pushed this “stimulus” monster through also approve of abortion on demand as an implication of the pregnant woman’s presumed constitutional right to privacy? Was privacy just convenient sophistry for the pro-choice crowd, or do they really believe in it?

Excited? You think Camille Paglia is excited?? No, no — she’s just warming to her topic. Before she’s through, she’ll alienate the bicoastal elite so badly that her latte license will be revoked; you just watch. — But for now, you listen. This is terrific stuff.

The law is, as has been pointed out, an ass. An example here.

From The Archive

Here are selected portions of the Terrapin Gazette’s Number 26, published March 6, 2005. Unfortunately links to the most interesting stories no longer work!

The Idea Is A Good One, But It Offends The Would-Be Monopolists

Texas is wondering what to do about people who want to make wireless access to the internet free for everyone in town, or at least available at very low cost. Imagine a world without AOL (what a relief that would be)!

You can’t get away with something that radical, not even in the USA, where the internet is not censored (yet; see below). Right; some legislation has been proposed to prevent municipalities from giving everyone who has a computer access to the new medium.

This was to be expected, of course. When Bill Gates decided that freely available information ought to be paid for, and that he should be the one to be paid, the computer revolution suffered its first big setback. This could be the second.

The Wages Of Sin

Not every story of media bias has an unhappy ending. Sometimes the rascals get caught and punished. Severely. That’s what a free market can do to you.

Mirror’s Iraq photo scandal has ‘permanently lost’ readers

By Aaron Patrick (Filed: 04/03/2005)

Trinity Mirror said the tens of thousands of Daily Mirror readers who deserted the paper after it published faked photographs of British soldiers abusing Iraqis have been permanently lost.

The company’s chief executive, Sly Bailey, yesterday said it was not financially viable to win back the readers through promotions or price cuts.

“Once you lose consumers or readers from any brand it is very hard to get them back,” she said. “We lost a minimum of 3pc of our circulation.”

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the Daily Mirror was selling 1,846,734 copies a day when the story broke in May. The figure suggests editor Piers Morgan’s decision to publish cost the paper 55,000 readers and 6 million pounds a year in circulation revenue. He also lost his job.

Science Invents A Crystal Ball…Or Is It A Time Machine?

Long ago, I taught the Novelle (actually a Maerchen) Geschichte vom Braven Kasperl und dem Schoenen Annerl, by the German Romantic Clemens Brentano. In the story, Annerl, a little girl, approaches a cabinet in which the village executioner’s sword is kept. There is a noise from the closed closet, and the executioner opens the door to find his sword swinging slightly. The girl’s proximity had caused it to react. Near the end of the Novelle, Annerl, now a young woman convicted of murdering her baby, is beheaded by the blade.

How to explain Brentano’s meaning? At the time, I felt it might be well to spend a moment or two on the supernatural event, so…I began by telling my class that we know that some events are so momentous, so significant, that they impact us all severely. But we believe only past events can evoke reactions. Suppose, I postulated, that an overwhelming incident radiates some sort of energy in waves that emanate as ripples from a pebble tossed into still water, namely, out in all directions from the impact. Perhaps the wave front of a tragedy moves through time in a similar fashion. Mystics insist that time is not a moving point, but like a line on a chalkboard: it exists, past, present and future, as a single simultaneous phenomenon. Of course we do not perceive it that way. But the consequences of an event move in all temporal directions, which means we may notice an effect that proceeds from an event that has not — for us — happened yet.

Well, that’s fine for a Romantic Novelle, but it’s hardly scientific. Or is it? Some scientists think that future events do in fact impact us, and they feel they have devised a machine that detects those impacts.

The machine is a random character generator that produces only two characters. It might be thought of as an electronic coin-tosser. As the random events are created, they are recorded and their distribution depicted graphically. A flat line on the graph means a 50 – 50 distribution. That is normal, and that is the result you will get if you let the machine run for a few minutes. Those very occasional heads-heads-heads-heads-heads series are rather quickly cancelled out because they are as improbable as an equal number of tails.

But on occasion, the machine goes haywire. The straight line curves, indicating that the distribution of characters is way, way off. The machine stays that way for an amazingly prolonged period; then the familiar 50 – 50 pattern slowly returns. The hypothesis dreamed up by some imaginative (I would say nutty) scientist was that the normal behavior had been perturbed by some catastrophic event. So the test was expanded to include numerous random character generators located all over the globe. Surely if one of the gizmos went crazy, the others would not.

But they do go crazy in unison. The synchronized lurches into near-impossible distributions are temporally linked to catastrophes. And it is clear that the machines are reacting to events that have not yet happened, because the disturbance often starts before the causative tragedy.

OK, it’s goofy, and you have no reason to believe it. Nor do I. So I spent some time checking facts, and what I found confirms that the story I first came across is accurate. A group of scientists (mostly physicists) is working on the project, and they are publishing their results on the internet as they go.

My opinion is that they are off base in one important regard: they note the coordinated perturbation, and then look through the newspapers, and sure enough, they find some event somewhere — often it’s something pretty trivial — they can link to the deviant lines on the graphs. That is not scientific, and it is totally unconvincing.

But we are stuck with the absolute, incontrovertible fact that those widely-separated random character generators are operating in unison. They should not do that. There must be some explanation for it….