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Month: March 2009

Number 72

What In The World Is Wrong With Hillary? The reader must be cautioned, for the following item requires a willing suspension of disbelief. In fact it’s so incredible that you may question whether The Penguin Post is...

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Number 71

Number 71 28 March 2009 A Nazi Is A Nazi, Whatever He Calls Himself Today The equation of anti-Israel political opinion with genuine Jew-hatred is candidly expressed by a respected cartoonist in the very...

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Number 70

The One Knocks ‘Em Dead On TV Ha, ha. Funny as a rubber crutch. But really, now — why does this surprise anybody? He implied that Sarah Palin is a pig and gave Hillary the finger during a debate. He’s a vulgar,...

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Number 69

This Is Good Because It Is Good, And Because It Means We Still Have Some Control It was FUBAR from the first, and evidently a disciple of The One noticed that The Penguin Post had pointed that out. In an attempt to prove that...

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Number 68

Number 68 18 March 2009 A Sea Change The cult of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is demonstrably crumbling under the assault of science. Increasing numbers of people are questioning and rejecting alarmist hysteria. A few...

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