This Is Good Because It Is Good, And Because It Means We Still Have Some Control

It was FUBAR from the first, and evidently a disciple of The One noticed that The Penguin Post had pointed that out. In an attempt to prove that his administration does indeed have a level of moral sensibility measurably above that achieved by pond scum, His Superillustriousness has decreed an end to what had to be one of the most insensitive, inhumane and just plain stupid plans ever. Details here.

Is the PenPo disappointed to see this explosive issue removed from the debate? Not at all. Let all rejoice at the restoration of free care for our wounded heroes.

It is also a relief to see that in this ethics-deprived administration, raw, primal fear can still be experienced. The amoralists do know when they are about to be butchered.

When they no longer fear us, we shall have scant hope.

Oh, So That’s What He Had In Mind

This newsletter has told you about the change Obama made in the US Census Bureau, and you are probably aware of the role ACORN played in the president’s training, experience and career. The two have come together. Information here. Yes, that is an implication that voter fraud is extremely likely, and that the White House will be a party to it. Recall Biden’s lie about the eight hundred thousand dollar payment to ACORN by the Obama campaign (PenPo 37, or here).

Sore Points

It seems as if the financial crisis simply cannot be managed. Efforts to do the right thing appear to be increasing discontent, distrust and pessimism. Here is a roundup of just a portion of the misery:

A CNN commentator nearly loses control as he spells out the facts.

The Chris Dodd story goes from pathetic to bizarre to virtually criminal

Dodd, after denying it, now admits he and the administration cooked up the language which afforded AIG some protection (until the firestorm hit) to grant the bonuses. Geithner has been claiming a fair amount of ignorance — and certainly did not come clean on this.

— More on Dodd here, with brief additional comments here and final thoughts in this short post. What are we to do with this horrid man and his ilk…? How did we come to be governed by such moral midgets?

Then there is Murtha, a bitter, twisted mockery of a leader who long ago revealed his vile nature. “…critics call him the king of earmarks who wastes a lot of taxpayer money. Now, the FBI is taking a close look at some of those projects….” according to this, from CBS of all people.

Meanwhile, back at the raunch,

Fannie Mae plans to pay retention bonuses of at least $1 million to four key executives as part of a plan to keep hundreds of employees from leaving the government-controlled company.

Rival mortgage finance company Freddie Mac is planning similar awards, but has not yet reported on which executives will benefit.

Then there’s AIG, the stinking cesspool of corruption and insatiable greed. Can’t something be done? No, for the culture of the maelstrom issucking everyone down.

Democrats and the Obama administration are backpedaling furiously on an issue easily understood by financially strapped taxpayers: $165 million in bonuses paid out at bailed-out AIG.

AIG is pure recidivism in action:

AIG employees kept doling out donations to politicians, including presidential candidate Barack Obama, after getting bailed out with federal funds last year….

As a result, the rascals are beginning to savage each other.

…listen for his anger at the Obama administration’s insistence that it knew nothing about the bonuses until last week. Kanjorski says that people knew about the bonuses for months….

So who is clean, and when will the horrors all be exposed? The questions are vital, and answering them will be harder than trying to find out what happened to Judge Crater. Those called in to try to fix things are finding themselves smeared along with the incompetent and insatiable pirates; “Why,” Tigerhawk asks, “is Ed Liddy taking all this grief?”

The government has seldom been this misguided, corrupt and incapable of discerning propriety. The leadership of the nation has failed, and the primary blame falls squarely on Congress. Now it appears that with the change of administrations and the cementing of Democratic control of the legislature, there is a literal increase in stupidity and cupidity. The fox is in charge of the henhouse.

And the electorate? That seems the great hope, the solid reserve of probity and common sense. For a look at the slow stirring that threatens to wake many voters from their Obama-stupor, read this encouraging post.

If the nation is to shrug off its parasitical, ideologically demented overlords, it will be because the average citizens — and yes, that includes many in the despised hinterlands such as Alaska — decree an end to the tyranny of Congress.

The masters of our land stand obscenely revealed. Now let us dispense with them.

The nation should welcome the rise of modern committees of correspondence. Why not call them committees of respondents? Think of them as citizens responding spontaneously to the abuse imposed by the ruling elite.

Let the third American Revolution begin.

What Is This?

A hat tip to JH for a news report that is difficult to put into context, complex and slippery — and describes a situation that defies comprehension.

As you read, do not judge hastily. The facts are in the story, but…they require some excavation before they begin to make sense. Remember that there is a distinction between incarceration and voluntary submission to detention. And accept the fact that a bureaucracy always makes mistakes, causes misery, loses vital paperwork and fails in its mission.

If there is a lesson here, it is probably that it is almost never a good idea to create a new bureaucracy and task it with solving complex issues. Things should be done as simply as possible, and all rules and regulations should be crystal clear. Policies should be straightforward, and permutations discouraged. Finally, oversight must be maintained, as it is clear that no bureaucracy will steer a straight course.

We can solve problems, but we must adapt to difficulties. Bureaucracies tend to fail as problem-solvers and succeed as crafters of difficulties.

Those are facts we should recall before we embark on the socialization of health care. If you think the ICE is a mess, just wait until you have to cope with the monster Obama has in mind for the delivery of critical services. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

The White House Organizes A Solution To The Problem Of Women. ….WHAT??

In a time of uncertainty, the administration is correct to focus on Hope and Change. The One wants to help, and it is true that many women can use a helping hand. The president has examined the precedents (Bush, whose attitude toward females is undefined, unexamined and unclear; Clinton, who…unh, never mind), and decided to Change things with a splash of Hope. He has mandated a White House Council on Women and Girls, and no, Slick is not invited as an observer. Drat.

Well, keeping King Leer from trolling for toothsome conference attendees is no guarantee that controversy can be avoided. Says a columnist in the (Moonie-owned, don’t forget) Washington Times:

If Mr. Obama wanted to actually do something significant for American’s women and girls, he would have created instead a White House Council on Men and Boys.

Just imagine the estrogen-induced response to something so sexist as a council chartered to address the concerns of one gender over another. Oh, wait. That’s what this is.

A distaff weblogger disagrees:

…(if a woman) wonders why men have no interest in a “stable marriage,” or commitment, she need only look as far as her own dripping disdain for men and her lack of insight into a culture that holds men responsible, portrays women as victims, and then sets up a “council” to correct a problem that women spend (sic) over 30 years in the making. A council on women is about expanding their opportunities. A council on men is about controlling them.

The Penguin Post, having called your attention to the issue, backs hurriedly out of the room and closes the door firmly.

The Root Of All Evil And Politics

In covering the Obama administration’s sins, the PenPo has avoided a comprehensive critique of tax and financial issues. This was probably a mistake, for money matters matter. As California legislator Jess “Big Daddy” Unruh infamously said, “Money is the mother’s milk of politics,” and no one knows that better than a community organizer. Remember that Obama’s long-term goal, the restructuring of US society into an egalitarian Utopia, depends on tax policy and the control of business. Visit this web page, explore the links found in the margins (“Obama’s taxes ‘cap on the American Dream'” is especially relevant), and inform yourself.

From The Archive

This brief note probably dates to the first quarter of 2004, before The Terrapin Gazette was born. The website referred to,, still exists.

It Brings Back Memories….

Back when I was a conservative, I was much impressed by the zeal and style of a representative from the Midwest, one John Ashbrook. His attempt to run for president had my support. I still recall his clever logo and slogan, “No Left Turn.” I thought it was great! We traditionalists had a chance to dump Nixon and put someone with principles into the White House.

I believe the website I suggest above may be in memory of the late John Ashbrook. He was a good man.

Well, eventually I realized that much of the patriotism of the conservatives I met while doing volunteer work for the United Republicans of California was pretty narrow-minded and superficial. These folks were vitally interested in the symbols of nationhood and belief; I was teaching school at the time, and I knew that standing and saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning was a total waste of time, and probably counterproductive to boot. When I said so, my fellow political activists looked at me as if I were about to give them all a fatal disease.

“Don’t get me wrong,” I said. “I know what goes on in the classrooms, and I can tell you that the teachers are undermining everything we believe in. I still say, drop the daily Pledge. Then once a month, each school ought to have an assembly where a clever orator delivers a good, intelligent short talk on what it means to be a citizen, or the history of our nation, and so on — you know, solid stuff for the kids to think about. Then, when the speaker is done, let’s bring in Old Glory and the marching band and have the girls come out in their short short skirts and really whoop it up. First we put facts in their heads, and then we give the little bastards a pep rally for America that would get their drug-polluted blood pumping.”

That was my idea of a good way to teach patriotism, since I knew there was no way to stop the Webbian Utopian Socialists in the classrooms from indoctrinating the kids. Facts, crystal-clear philosophy, sex and loud music. Damn, what a great idea!

Needless to say, I was about as popular with my fellow conservatives as…. You fill in the blank.