A Nazi Is A Nazi, Whatever He Calls Himself Today

The equation of anti-Israel political opinion with genuine Jew-hatred is candidly expressed by a respected cartoonist in the very “progressive” Washington Post. This modern abomination is in every significant respect indistinguishable from the most vile Nazi propaganda of the 1930s and 1940s (do click on the links to see the proof). If this is your idea of progressive thought, may you rot in hell.

Bush As Eternal Villain

Strange as it may sound, a lot of folks really hate news items like this — especially when they appear in the major news media:

“MARKETS without bombs. Hummers without guns. Ice cream after dark. Busy streets without fear.” So began Terry McCarthy’s report from Iraq for ABC’s World News Sunday on March 15, one of a series the network aired last week as the war in Iraq reached its sixth anniversary.

The hard left will never forgive Bush for having come up with the winning strategy in a war that was supposed to be lost with humiliating consequences.

Old Wine In Leaky Bottles

There is no Utopian answer to the economic problems the nation and the world face. You can’t put everybody to work at good jobs for good wages by taxing them, deepening the public indebtedness, providing “free” health care for everybody, increasing educational benefits, keeping people in homes they can’t afford, bailing out companies that demonstrate no ability to adapt to the times, destroying the middle class by inflating the currency, increasing welfare benefits, providing pre-pre-Kindergarten child care, passing out more food stamps, organizing the homeless, censoring information, restricting firearms sales, and putting tens of thousands of people into a new domestic security force that is as powerful and well-funded as the standard military (is this it??).

Yet those “benefits” and programs are what Obama and/or his allies promise will make our lives better and get us through the crisis.

What we are witnessing is the clash of neo-Marxism with the realities of producing and distributing goods and services. Left-wing politics is fossilized nineteenth-century ideology that has been dug up and reprocessed into snake oil. See this for links to several sources of information, and read this declaration.


To some, this letter of resignation is a ringing statement of principle, while others will see it as the whine of a trapped weasel.

In drafting “reasonable” firearms legislation, Obama may have some trouble with the courts, as this development illustrates.

Afghanistan — an extremely important region. Information from Michael Yon, a favorite of the PenPo, suggests that Obama needs to do his homework and clear his mind. And there’s additional coverage here.

Playing fast and loose with the truth. Tsk, tsk.

Why, one might ask, are the peacenik and anti-military factions in the USA giving Obama a pass, instead of protesting increases in troop levels in Afghanistan? It turns out the reason is more cynical than humanitarian, which should surprise no one. These superannuated flower children are about as principled as Gandhi was. — Meanwhile: more news you won’t find in your paper from Iraq, in this report and thenhere.

A star is born. Would that there were one US senator or congressman who could say this to The One half as well as this Brit said it to the UK’s Obamaoid judas goat.

According to the BBC, there is a sub-tropical island in the Caribbean that is truly blessed. Ah, yes, the BBC…those cloned Oxbridge trend-followers toss stuff like this off all the time. Note before you pack your belongings for the relocation that there are a few serpents in paradise.

The warmers concede defeat and storm off, shouting, “You shall pay for this, you varlets! Pay, do you hear me? Pay!!” The winners, meanwhile, are headed for a vacation in The Maldives — and there’s no need to hurry.

It’s embarrassing. One would think she would get her facts straight before saying anything, but no. That accounts for the vapid trend-babble.

“…the Obama administration yesterday invited private-sector investors to become business partners with the capricious and increasingly anti-constitutional government.” This and a lot more from George Will. Well, he’s an admitted conservative, so nothing he says matters….

Reason applied to markets, finance, and governance — now there’s a dangerous concept, especially when it begins by asking, “How good are regulators at warning us that we are behaving stupidly?”

This report describes a solar phenomenon that could, if it occurs again, kill millions. Its probability should not be dismissed out of hand. Unfortunately the global warming cult has predisposed some folks to ignore each claim of impending disaster as just another hoax; that’s only one of the many problems created by Al Gore and Jim Hansen. We need to realize that not every cry of “Wolf!” is fraudulent. Accordingly, perhaps we should be doing something to protect our power grid from an unusual but precedented burst of solar activity such as the Carrington Event of 1859. Fortunately there is a great deal we could do to reduce the effects of another eruption of power from the sun. Read the article.

We got into this financial mess because we committed the primal error of believing that there was “a national problem of unaffordable housing.”

Maxine Waters demonstrates yet again that she is an ideologue with the intellectual capacity of a Chihuahua. Video for devotees of the absurd.

Hate as a basis for collectivist ideology. This is the fire that drives the culture war.

If you think Liberty is not at risk from politically correct politics, you just don’t understand the situation; look to Canada for an example of leftist fascism.

The top Democrats are resolutely anti-business, which means they oppose free markets and unregulated private investment. Productivity cannot increase when government hates its wellsprings. Being pro-business is not the same as being anti-worker; those who promote the culture war, however, will never admit that truth.

Background information on Obama’s chief of staff, from a Chicago newspaper. You may be surprised by the angle of the story.

This is the existing health care system that Obama promises to fix. The PenPo reported on this in Number 8: “Leaping Into Quicksand….”

Here’s yet more evidence that the anthropogenic global warming cult has lost its factual support. It is, however, still a good source of income for the whores of science.

This statistic will amaze you, and make you wonder how much further government can go in its search for tax revenues.

“…political reporters no longer get to decide what’s news. … Lefties have always relied on control, as much of information as of physical resources. Such control is no longer technically feasible.” And that’s very good news!

From The Archive

The following is from issue 95 of The Terrapin Gazette, which appeared on the 14th of March, 2006.

Our Gift To You: A Cartoon

We have attached to this issue one of the entries in a contest for the “best” cartoon expressing rabid Jew-hatred. The contest was open only to Jews. A lot of the entries are a bit simple-minded — mom and her little daughter are cooking with the blood of Christian babies, for example — but some are very witty. Go have a look at a Jewish way of dealing with hate at http://www.boomka.org/

Cripes, we love this stuff!! As long as they can produce humor like this, the Jews will survive everything Islam and the Western elites can throw at them. There is hope, after all!!

Addendum, 2009: boomka.org is not responding, so the next best we can do these days is this.