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Month: April 2009

Number 79

When You Have Questions About Pigs, Don’t Ask A Muslim So just how bad is swine flu? Are we all going to die while digging for truffles? The PenPo is pretty sure the disease is serious, but there are many others that are a...

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Number 80

Special Issue Introduction This number of The Terrapin Gazette is devoted exclusively to a report providing details of the engagement in which three pirates were killed, one captured, and the master of a US Merchant Marine...

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Number 78

Leftist Complaints About Obama’s Vaunted Change Continue, And Why This One Should Be A Partisan Issue Is Hard To Figure. The Omens Are Bad Because The Press Has Been Seduced And Suborned The Obama Department of Justice...

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Number 77

So You Want To Sink That Scum-Sucking Racist Zionist Neo-Con Spawn Of The Conniving Leo Strauss? Use Prolepsis! Here’s How If you are planning to debate someone who disagrees with your politics — whether formally, or...

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Number 76

Number 76 17 April 2009 They Were A Bit Slow To See It Because They Were Not Smart Enough To Understand That It Was Inevitable PenPo Number 70 mentioned a phenomenon that was not new: a few folks were starting to fret that Obama...

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