Here We Go

While we await the formation of the Obama-Jugend and the promised federal security force, we are getting — to begin to accustom us to the weight of our chains — our very own Internet-Kommando. Don Surber explains:

Didn’t the left call federal monitoring of Internet messages “warrantless searches” under President Bush?

Ordinarily, I support American (sic) efforts to defend itself. Billions for defense but not one cent tribute has been an American attitude for more than 200 years, although it has fallen out of favor for most Americans in the last 5 years.

And I know the Chinese and Russians are engaged in cyberwars. Boy, do I.

Still, this report from the Nation gave me pause: “On Wednesday [Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Olympia Snowe] introduced a bill to establish the Office of the National Cybersecurity Adviser — an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic to protect against threats to critical cyber infrastructure. That broad power is rattling some civil libertarians.”

More here: “Can Obama shut down the internet?”

It’s all for our own good. Of course!

Whether this legislation will benefit the public is not the question to ask — the answer is too easy. Instead one should ask, “Is this a step that will increase federal power over everybody’s private lives?”

The rest is up to you. Decide what you want, and act accordingly.

An intelligent comment posted on Surber’s weblog —

I’ve been following discussion of this on, the major nerd-news site (like but with fewer idiots). It has lots of lefties, or at least they post a lot, and they are screaming about it but in deep denial mode. There’s even a thread debating whether it’s actually a forged document put there to make Dems look bad, but mostly saying that their messiah will veto it, it’s bipartisan – Snowe (R-ME), Obama has nothing to do with it, etc. There’s also a LOT of gloating from the libertarian/Republican posters.

Having scanned the bill, I have to say it looks like the usual situation of incompetence rather than conspiracy (although I have no doubt that Dear Leader would be more than delighted with this power). It’s basically Rockefeller assuming he can sprinkle magical federal pixie dust on the problem and have it go away. Unfortunately it tramples all over civil liberties and private property rights, and even if this doesn’t pass in its present form, something else like it definitely will.

D. D. Eisenhower: “If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking…is freedom.”

Is Islam Just Another Religion?

A mainstay in the rhetorical resources of the proponents of a multiculturalist/moral equivalency view is the claim that Christianity is (or was) just as bad as Islam.

Sometimes the argument is made gently, without actually saying that the two faiths are equally reprehensible, as you will see if you read Sam Harris’s The End of Faith. Harris begins his book by dealing with contemporary Islam, and then describes the horrors of a Christianity that is, as far as this newsletter can discern, no longer in existence. True, it’s a bit dishonest; his point, however, is not that Christianity is bad, but that it’s irrational. Then in a subsequent book, Letter to a Christian Nation, he explains why Christianity is not nearly as good for everybody as its adherents claim.

Harris is not trying to defend Islam by smearing Christianity, and that’s an important point. He’s trying to say that faith is dangerous because it is insane. He asks us to look at what faith has done and is still doing today. He’s right — it’s a horror. And he’s on target when he says,

A future in which Islam and the West do not stand on the brink of mutual annihilation is a future in which most Muslims have learned to ignore most of their canon, just as most Christians have learned to do (emphasis added).

Yes; in fact Christianity and Judaism look the other way rather than at the express, unambiguous code of conduct set down by the deity in the Bible. Thank goodness those religions have made that little concession to reality! Sure, legalistic theologians damn it as heresy; pay no attention to their whining. The humane nature of the concession recommends it.

Now consider this proposition: one can set aside some of the rules from on high (the cruel and stupid ones first), but claiming that Islam is blameless because Christianity passed through a prolonged era of utter depravity is naughty. Those who call Islam “The religion of peace” are not only lying, they do often respond to a list of Islam’s outrages with a similar list for Christianity. Rubbish. Whether there might be (or have been) other equally noxious faiths is irrelevant.

Agreed? If so, consider an introductory quote from this article:

Especially after the terrorist strikes of 9/11, Islam has often been accused of being intrinsically violent. Many point to the Koran and other Islamic scriptures and texts as proof that violence and intolerance vis-a-vis (sic) non-Muslims is inherent to Islam. In response, a number of apologetics have been offered. The fundamental premise of almost all of these is that Islam’s purported violence — as found in Islamic scriptures and history — is no different than (sic) the violence committed by other religious groups throughout history and as recorded in their scriptures, such as (those of the–Ed.) Jews and Christians. The argument, in short, is that it is not Islam per se but rather human nature that is prone to violence.

The author goes on to demonstrate that Islam’s villainy proceeds from its scriptural mandates and prohibitions. This point is often lost on naive seekers who read parts of the Koran and hadith — the parts where obedient Muslims are dealing not with infidels and Jews, but only with each other, and in a world dominated by the universal caliphate.

Further, the reader will note the sharp distinction between, on the one hand, the divine mandates that set the Jews on their neighbors (specific commands, each relating to just one time/place) and, on the other hand, the procedural schema the deity of the Muslims lays down for all contact with whatever unbelievers. As much as you might disapprove of the former, you must admit the latter is far worse.

Did you miss it? There it is. Islam’s requirements are universal, eternal and categorical. Judaism has no comparable rules for the conduct of warfare against non-Jews. There is nowhere in the Old Testament a heavenly command to convert, enslave and murder until Jews rule the globe.

Islam — the word means submission — is implacable. The mere existence of non-Muslims is an automatic casus belli.

If you are an observant Muslim, you believe in the inerrancy of the Koran. That means you believe you must obey your supernatural creator. Nominal Muslims who do not believe in a puppet-master god must behave themselves in order to get by in an authoritarian society. Their loyalties lie with family and community, and certainly not with Enlightenment values. The fact that they are not totally convinced of the truthfulness of the Koran is of vanishingly little consequence to the West.

According to Will Durant, the Muslim conquest of India just might have been the bloodiest invasion in history.

Additional information is available here; it is extensive and authoritative, and will accordingly take some time to absorb. If there is any doubt in your mind about the full implications of Mohammed’s hoax, do read this reference carefully.

What the West has to fear from Islam is not that somehow jihadis will conquer all non-Muslim lands; they can’t defeat our armies, air power, and navies. That does not mean that huge chunks of the West will not be overwhelmed, for most of Europe will sink beneath the Muslim tide unless draconian measures are taken soon.

Then there is the consideration that the defense of our civilization will be so delusional (“We can talk with them, reason with them…diplomacy…multiculturalism…we must end racism…be sensitive to Muslim concerns”) that the enemy will be encouraged to persist. The scale and duration of violence could be unbearable. What the Iranian mullahs will do when they control atomic weapons can be discerned from the Koran and a study of The Twelvers.

The danger, then, is that our vainglorious leaders will not grasp the fact that Islam intends exactly what its holy books say. Western politicians may never understand that this is not a war for oil or trade or gold or slaves or honor or revenge or even conquest. It is not at all a war for; it is a war because. It is a war mandated by a chimerical creator deity.

Instead of recognizing facts, many of our smug wise men cling irrationally to some meta-analysis that “explains” things in terms of Marxist economic imperatives, or psychological-sounding fantasies about honor and shame, or the Islamic world’s pity for “Palestinians.” These fools are deceived by their own erudition and hubris.

Others take refuge in the idea that Al Qaeda is a “fringe” group within Islam. The facts are demonstrably otherwise.

First, the radical jihadis are a fringe group only in the sense that most adult male Muslims are not enlisted in one or another Al Qaeda-like group. But note that it is exactly the “fringe” mentality that animates the many (and varied) armies of Islam, whether they are in southern Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Africa, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Gaza — or in numerous other lands not listed here. Cells are in place in virtually all nations.

Indeed, the word “fringe” is a deceitful misnomer. The number of people who consitute this armed fanatical “fringe” is in the tens of millions.

Second, understand that all the men in the “fringe” take Islam’s core seriously. It is the heart of the faith that motivates these warriors, and their reading of their marching orders is correct. They understand what the book says, and they ignore none of it. They are the purest Muslims, for they are at the center, not on the fringes.

Read their book. In the Koran you will find the reason why we are at war; you will see that Christianity and all the other faiths of the world have absolutely nothing to do with it.

No matter your faith, no matter if you lack all faith — know this: the Koran is the greatest repository of aggressive evil in the history of man.

This Issue Has Not Gone Away, Nor Will It Until Someone Deals With It

The defeat of Senator John McCain in the presidential election does not mean that someone will now be managing immigration policy in a sane fashion.

There is an engrossing video on the internet that provides the facts in context. Watch it.

Curious about the guy who made that impressive presentation? Information here. More importantly, check out his organization. It’s a solid outfit.

Hat tip to JY for sending the PenPo a URL that deals with a local law enforcement problem related to immigration. That prompted the PenPo to revisit the subject. When the politicians start spouting politically correct slander and libel, as happened in this case, peopleshould get upset. Then naturally the discussion turns to national questions. It’s all of a piece. So look at the FIRE Coalition website, too.

An Interesting Notion

A new book rates this comment from a columnist:

(The author) understands that human love is the antithesis of the total control that the tyrants of the Left, and their newfound allies in the armies of militant Islam, strive to impose on the world. “The individual’s right to pursue happiness…interferes with the building of the perfect, unified social order; human joy and cheer are tacit endorsements of the present order that both leftist and Islamist utopians want to destroy.”

Somebody Looks Really Bad: Either It’s A Case Of “Pot, Meet Kettle,” Or Yahoo Is Misbehaving

A man kills people and then kills himself. From this article, this quote:

“He must have been a coward. We speculate when he heard the sirens he decided to end his own life,” said Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.

“Coward”? Well, by some people’s standards, yes. Meanwhile, is this Yahoo report (which appeared in the previous PenPo) true?

Police heard no gunfire after they arrived but waited for about an hour before entering the building to make sure it was safe for officers.

This just in: UH – oh!! Busted!

This Makes Little Sense And Raises Lots Of Questions

Blackwater, a security company now operating under a new name, was involved in a scandal in Iraq (employees may have sprayed bystanders with bullets, negligently killing as many as seventeen innocent people). Trying to determine who fired at whom, the FBI produced a forensic report….

Investigators recovered .30-caliber bullets from a survivor, a Blackwater truck and around Baghdad’s Nisoor Square. Scientists could not determine whether those bullets came from .30-caliber Blackwater machine guns.

The AK-47 rifles favored by many Iraqi insurgents also fire .30-caliber bullets.

If you know anything about firearms, this must puzzle you. See the comments after this post.

Here are a few facts that suggest how peculiar the above account of the FBI’s work is.

1. Not all “thirty caliber” (.30 cal for short) ammunition is the same. Many types of .30 cal rounds cannot be fired in commonly available .30 cal rifles.

2. While 7.62 mm ammunition is often referred to as .30 caliber, NATO 7.62 mm is actually .308 inch in diameter, while Soviet 7.62 mm is actually .311 inch diameter. The typical AK-47 rifle fires a shorter cartridge than the NATO cartridge, so the two rifles cannot use each other’s ammunition. At one point, some AK-47 rifles were made in Yugolsavia for the NATO round, but they are too few in number to be likely to appear in Iraq. If you identify the bullet, you know the rifle, in other words.

3. Bullet size and the composition of the metal(s) from which the bullet is made vary, and identification of the exact type of rifle involved can often be made by analysis of the bullet, even if it is badly deformed.

4. Bullets recovered from one body and one truck, along with others picked up in the area, do not constitute anywhere near enough evidence to provide some understanding of events. Given that paltry sample, no rational person could conclude much of anything.

It is tantalizingly odd that the FBI would fail to come up with firm conclusions, given the number of rounds fired in the battle, and given the sophistication of forensic technology. More spent bullets should have been collected at the scene (maybe that’s not the FBI’s fault?), and it’s a nasty surprise that the few bullets in the lab have proved so uninformative. Perhaps more credible reports on the FBI findings will be available soon.

The Left Coast Is Famous

Three police officers are shot dead by a nutcase, and the response of the local chief of police is,

We’ve seen this kind of violence happen in California. We never would think this kind of violence would happen in the city of Pittsburgh.

It would be interesting to interview the chief.


Hat tip to JH for this link — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is a self-appointed watchdog that gives every appearance of being on the side of the angels. There’s a lot of information here.

Oh, piffle. We know the New York Times, and we know Obama, and we know Acorn. So what’s to get excited about?….Well, maybeviolations of federal law are involved — how’s that?

You will be relieved to learn that you don’t have to worry about the Jews. You need to worry about the Israelis, and you can believe that, because the New York Times published the truth the other day! But whatever you do, don’t don’t don’t look at this….

Subversive ruminations on compassion — Part I and Part II.

Feed the dragon! Buy Chinese products to support the People’s Popular Democratic Republic of China! All Chinese bureaucrats are peace-loving tireless workers for the good of humanity!

Heresy…not to be repeated in polite company: the truth about biofuels.

Have you been wondering why those visits overseas seem to bring out the worst in Obama? No? Well, you should.

Here’s a video that tries to explain the theory of evolution. It ought to entertain everyone, because creationists will laugh at it and evolutionists will nod sagely and say it should be required viewing.

Obama speaks: “There is more involved here than you know. Hell, there’s more involved here than I ever dreamed, before I won that election. Now go away and let me do my damn job.”

You did not read about this in your paper — it’s an “impeachable offense,” it says here. The issue: “Since Sheriff Joe Arpaio has arrested thousands of illegal aliens as part of the 287(g) program, the radical left has been incensed and sought to shut down that program. And now they are successful.”

Buddhists don’t know what the Koran says about them, and what fate awaits them when Islam takes over (hint: why are there so few Buddhists in the geographical region where the teaching was founded?). Time for some history lessons.

From The Archive

Back before there was a Terrapin Gazette, there was a stream of messages in plaintext format delivered by e-mail. These snippets are taken from the message dispatched to one avid reader and two bored ones on the fourteenth of November, 2004. — The Nazi site linked below seems, if memory serves, to be somewhat different from what it was over four years ago.

Here It Is: The Funniest Parody I Have Seen In Years, And I’m Not Exaggerating

This is brilliant writing. It’s hilarious to the point of hysteria.

Yes, and (ahem) it will also cause anguish if it gets out to its intended targets…. Not that I’m suggesting anything, you understand. Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

Meanwhile The GOP Administration Takes Leaves From Books Written By The StasSi And Castro And Big Brother

Believe me, this is one dog that won’t hunt.

The Dept of Homeland Security is going to recruit a domestic network of informers. The result will be either (at best) a bureaucratic nightmare or (at worst) an open rebellion by the citizenry. This crazy idea is an absolute failure to understand what the USA is all about.

George W., save your stupid butt before it is sawn off and handed to you on a platter….

Nazis Reincarnated

Right. And they are not quite what you might think, except for their opinions regarding Jews. An interesting site — yet another adventureencountered as I pursue my hobby of turning over flat rocks.

Case Never Solved; The Fascination Continues

Here is the best internet resource for the world’s oldest serial murder mystery. The guilty party may yet be identified, for more is known today than when the murders were being committed.