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Month: May 2009

Number 86

Number 86 24 May 2009 A Meditation On Investment The economy, alas. The outlook is gloomy, the present is a disaster (which is not as bad as a catastrophe), and the recent past provides multiple examples of recklessness,...

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Number 85

Basic Truths And Imaginary Concepts Here is a graph that gets a cute introduction as what one might call “econo-porn.” The play on words is sort of clever, but the overall concept is not. That’s because it is...

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Number 84

The Visionary Architects Of European Economic Recovery After The Second World War May Have Been At Apex Of The Nazi Schutzstaffel Germany recovered from WW II to become a pan-European economic success. Was it all a Nazi plot? A...

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Number 83

Number 83 13 May 2009 The Future Looks Like A Horror, And, Due To A Lack Of Sheer Intestinal Fortitude, There Seems To Be Nothing We Can Do About It The Penguin Post is not inclined to pessimism. The outlook here is generally...

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Number 82

The Anthropogenic Global Warming Cultists Shift Gears, Expecting That Will Fool A Public They Consider Stupid According to this article in the NYT, it’s time for the nuts in Al Gore’s cult to give up the term...

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