It’s Easy To Mix The Occasional Fundamental Error In With Speculative Projections When You Are Making Stuff Up To Support A Politically Correct Ideological Position; Or, You Call This Science?

Alarmist reports generated by computer modeling are all the rage, as noted in the previous number of the PenPo. They usually include assumptions, wild speculations, dramatic scenarios and the like, and once in a while they go beyond harebrained reasoning to simple statements of untruth — like this one (from this story):

Unlike water in a bathtub, water in the oceans does not spread out evenly. Sea level can vary by several feet from one region to another, depending on such factors as ocean circulation and the extent to which water at lower depths is compressed.

That sounds very plausible, doesn’t it? The text glides right over the fact that water is uncompressable. Oops.

This Article Announces A Fundamental Breakthrough In Climatology

A hat tip to JY for an admirably clear article that sweeps away a lot of the nonsense that has for so long beclouded an understanding of climate. Sample quotes:

Because they (most climatologists) are using mathematical equations that have been found to be incorrect, they cannot get repeatable results that can be applied systemically to the entire Earth’s climate that matches the data actually recorded. They can only get a probability.

…Earth’s atmosphere is a balanced system at equilibrium. This is demonstrated by the simple and unavoidable fact that we still have an atmosphere. If the system could not find an equilibrium, the air we breathe would have been long gone millions if not billions of years ago when CO2 and other greenhouse gasses were at levels far greater than they are today.

CO2 cannot cause global warming.

This important article contradicts nothing the PenPo has been telling you, and explains some things that will bring the full truth into sharper focus. Doubtless it will be rejected out of hand by the AGW cult, but in the long run, the truth is likely to prevail. Whether that will occur in time to stop the power grab about to be launched by the Obama administration and by the UN (under that old rascal, Kofi Annan; see Links below) remains to be seen.

Global warming, now relabeled “climate change,” is an excuse for politicians to implement authoritarian measures that will reduce prosperity and restrict individual Liberty. As long as some scientists and public figures promote this unethical undertaking, the public will be confused by bogus science that sounds a false alarm. This newsletter hopes its readers will do what they can to publicize the truth.

For The Edification Of The Student Of Political Evolution In The West

Oliver Kamm, a brilliant leftist apologist, posted this on his weblog:

I have an essay in the paper today under this title (How the Left Turned to the Right). I argue:

When you encountered someone of professed left-of-centre opinions, you used to be able to draw broad but important, and generally reliable, inferences about what these entailed.

They included, at a minimum, commitments to secularism, freedom of expression, individual liberty against collective authority, women’s rights, homosexual equality and the combating of xenophobia. Times have changed. Now these stances are unusual, even heterodox.

If you doubt me, consider how common is the notion that progressive politics requires respect for people’s deeply held religious convictions. That principle sits well with a conservative stress on the wisdom of tradition; it is ruinous for a culture of individual liberty, critical inquiry and freedom of expression.

Make Of This What You Will. What Matters Is What The People Concerned Will Make Of It

A PenPo subscriber who lives in Bangkok reports an eye-opening experience:

Bangkok’s taxicabs are protected by a proliferation of statuettes, medallions and photos on the dashboard, garlands and talismans hanging from the rear view mirror, and magical symbols daubed onto the head liner. Local Buddhists set great store in these supernatural defenses. When our subscriber got into one taxi, however, he noticed that all of these religious essentials were missing. No matter. In a few moments he was conversing with the driver, and as it happened, asked the man whether he knew of a Christian church on a certain street in town. The reply was immediate and confident; yes, the driver did indeed know of that house of worship and its community, and told his fare how many Christians were in that congregation. With slight encouragement he then went on to list a number of obscure, tiny Christian churches in the area, each time giving the number of people in the flock. The question was natural: “Oh, so you are a Christian, eh?” The response was hair-raising: “Oh, no, I’m a Muslim.”

Old Wine In Old Bottles

There is a hoary but relatively uncommon code word in the wild, and it’s doing real harm. Do you recall Lani Guinier, the goofy nominee for federal assistant attorney general backed by the Clintons — until the full scope of her racist writings was exposed? Slick Willy withdrew her nomination after he read some of her work. In response, she whined about how her published opinions were “nuanced,” and therefore did not mean what they clearly said.

Back in 1993, “nuanced” was the code word for “ideologically bigoted and irrational, but nevertheless a requisite part of the value system of ‘progressives.'” And here it comes again, as Guinier reacts to criticism of Sotomayor’s nomination by Obama:

Americans often see the issue in an either-or way — “you are race-conscious or race-neutral,” she said. “But the election of Barack Obama has served as an emancipatory moment, and people are ready to discuss and listen to more nuanced arguments.”

In 1993, Guinier explained how she came to write something that was totally misunderstood as radical racist nonsense by then President Clinton and his wife (both of them lawyers), and by the idiots at the Wall Street Journal:

…the challenge is to make an argument or to propose an idea and then in the process explore all the competing arguments [and] identify other scholars who have written in your area.

So you tend to write this very dense, very nuanced piece of scholarship that if somebody sits down to just get your argument or get your idea quickly, it’s impossible because that’s not what you wrote. You didn’t write it for someone who wants to read about the Voting Rights Act or my ideas about the political process in a five-minute sit-in.

It was written for someone who was going to take an hour, hour and a half to read the article and then possibly look at the footnotes — not just to support ideas that I may have made in the text, but then take the footnotes as potential references for their own work. It’s a very different kind of conversation. (Emphasis added)

She then explained that she re-wrote everything for the public, and used a different set of guidelines:

I use examples from conversations that I’ve had with my six-year-old son so I’m trying to make sure that I’m not speaking over anyone’s head. I don’t mean to insult people by saying that, but to concede that legal academics tend to talk primarily to each other and not to the outside world.

Fascinating. The elite employs nuance, while the rest of us, even lawyers and journalists, are too ignorant and stupid to understand what that is. The “outside world” is mostly made up of people who have the comprehension level of a six year-old. Well…The PenPo is not sure that is false; consider the recent election, in which neither party fielded a candidate qualified to be president.

That said, the staff of the PenPo has made its way through some legal scholarship without feeling the need for more intellectual capacity or even for more background; good legal writing is rational, even when it lacks grace. It can be distinguished from ideological claptrap by anyone with a halfway decent education.

Guinier was proposing modifications to the electoral system based on race. She tried to hide that behind convoluted, jargon-laced verbiage. She failed. Even the Clintons could not tolerate her unconstitutional daydreams.

What Guinier is saying today is that because The One is in office, the electorate can abandon ethics and reason for “progressive” cant. Latinas will be recognized as smarter, wiser and more judicious than the (non-existent) average white adult male, in other words. That’s nuance.

From the comments at this “progressive” website, where the concept of nuance in jurisprudential reasoning came up:

…what’s up with the fetishization of the word “nuance” in leftist circles? Nuance is appropriate for some issues, and expressly not appropriate for others, especially when you’re trying to to disambiguate and clarify the law. For example, I want my civil rights jurisprudence (civil rights as in Bill of Rights) as full-bodied, in-your-face, and uncompromising as possible. “Nuance” just opens the door to tyranny….

It Was A Disgrace Then, And It’s A Disgrace Now

Five years ago the press started lying about The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The campaign of deceit continues. From this post:

The Swift Vets intended to hold a single press conference and go home, thinking that Kerry would quickly be withdrawn as the nominee of his party. However, instead of reporting the veterans’ charges accurately, the Democrat-dominated media either ignored or disparaged their testimony. In response, the Swift Vets planned and executed a remarkably effective end run to bypass the DNC media, presenting their case with the book Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry, the website (which I managed), a devastating TV ad campaign, and thousands of individual interviews, mostly on talk radio. In early August 2004, the multipronged effort paid off. Unfit for Command topped the best-seller lists and millions of dollars in donations flooded into The TV ads, as reporter Bill Sammon would later write, were “transfixing” the country. Polls showed that the veterans were perceived as highly credible. Kerry’s support plummeted, especially among veterans, the families of veterans and independent voters.

The media assault on the Swifties, past and present, has never been accurate or ethical. It’s a prime example of partisan bias. Read the entire article.


Was it genuine torture? How far up the chain of command does the responsibility go? This video raises lots of questions, but answers few of them. Note especially the comments of the female general (demoted, and retired from the Army). This newsletter would like to be able to ask her a great many follow-up questions….

It’s in the Washington Times (which is a very anti-Obama Moonie paper, remember): Obama’s Justice Department has decided to drop charges in a case of alleged voter intimidation lodged against a number of black men who were outside a polling place in Philadelphia. This is claimed to be over the objections of career prosecutors at the DOJ. There is video, one clip here and another here, and a claim that one of the uniformed men said, “You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.” If the major media do not demand to know why prosecutions were halted, the propriety of the administration’s action will forever remain questionable, and a durable volatile issue will be created. Obama needs to intervene and proactively mandate full disclosure. — More here.

BUT. Will the press hound Obama to provide the facts and rationale behind the above-mentioned issue? Not likely. Read why that is the unfortunate truth here, and then expand your research into the problem by using some of the resources found on this webpage. Why bother? Because situations like this — seeming injustice and the press in thrall to a charismatic figure — are inimical to the common weal. They corrode the ethical foundations of decent governance.

The ultimate agent provocateur: a West German cop who shot an unarmed demonstrator, and changed the course of history. Well, drat.

He writes a novel and is tried for insulting Islam. Right: he lives in Europe. How much longer will it be before such things happen in the USA? Remember, very similar outrages have already happened in North America, just across the border in Canada.

This, which you saw on Drudge, may just be Obama’s smartest and best move yet: he’s, er, emasculated Hillary, which keeps her from doing much to harm the Republic. Working for Obama, she has become something of a figurehead who’s kept busy attending meetings and reading reports. Clever of The One. Sure, it’s not the total cure it could be, because Hillary can still go overseas and embarrass her nation with her ignorance and maladroit babble, but nothing is a hundred percent when it comes to this female.

And you saw this on Drudge, as well: Russia says the USA is adopting Marxism. Too true. But you knew that already, because you read this newsletter. What matters is that the rest of the world sees the truth more clearly and accurately than do most voters in Obama’s constituency.

A small town in flyover country has volunteered to help Obama relocate the Gitmo detainees. It’s a patriotic act, and a final solution to the problem.

He’s baaa-a-a-a-aaaack, and he’s up to his old tricks: lying and stealing. Yes, it’s the twenty-first century zombie, the Undead West African, the Trickster of Turtle Bay, Kofi Annan! And what is his newest scam? Why, climate change, of course, because that’s where the money is! And Kofi the master craftsman of scams is still his old self — deceitful, unprincipled and above criticism.

“Shakespeare elbowed aside by Maya Angelou?” Yes, that travesty, and more. If you have an interest in the quality of higher education, click on the link and prepare for a series of shocks.

The other day, Obama said to a crowd in California, “Los Angeles, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” One of the things that LA has not seen is an airliner or two under the control of Muslim fanatics crashing into big buildings in the city, as promised by a captured Al Qaeda operative — who, after being repeatedly waterboarded, gave interrogators the information they needed to allow the good guys to round up the bad guys and prevent disaster. But if Obama’s current policy had been in effect then, the plot would have almost certainly remained undetected.That’s the real “nothing” that Los Angeles has not seen. So what’s in store now that waterboarding is forbidden?

Related: Google for information on the above item, using the search terms “hambali waterboard los angeles” and see what you get. Note all the “wingnut” news outlets. They carried the story. Look for a link to the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or any of the media outlets maintained by the bicoastal elite. Surely the report was found in many of the mainstream papers, or on CBS, NBC, and CNN; this newsletter is not claiming it was “spiked,” which means boycotted or suppressed. But how to explain the Google results? Perhaps the story was given minimal coverage, and dropped as quickly as possible. It would make an interesting research project for a student in a school of journalism.

A bit of interesting trivia mixes with yet another false report published by the NY Times. The PenPo is delighted to provide you with this information.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the Baader-Meinhof gang? Well, this happened to them.

The LA Times has a list of all its reports on the problem of drug smuggling here. The coverage is not perfect, but it’s good, and will give you a chronological summary of the violence and corruption. By the way, if you think it’s only Mexican law enforcement officers and politicians who are corrupt, you are spectacularly naive. This absurd US “war on drugs” is harming both nations, though not equally. As it continues, there will be increasing pressure on US law enforcement and jurisprudence to collude with the smugglers.

Yet more computer modeling and prediction based on trends. This is lots of fun for scientists, many of whom seem to suffer from a “Gypsy envy” complex. (Perhaps it should be called “Ehrlich syndrome.”) It would indeed be nice to be able to predict events, eh? More on this pseudo-scientific conceit later.

The word from the White House: “Shut up. You don’t have freedom of speech.”

Yet more on the UN, that wonderful outfit that is defending your human rights with…with…er…how about, “gay abandon“?

For a nation that has always been vitally concerned about tides, how is it that Holland has paid no attention to the human tide that has made of the tidy little haven a Muslim enclave?

Waxman. Moron. Proof. That is all.

Follow-up on a story linked in this newsletter: the NYT spikes a story in order to benefit then-candidate Obama, and then…fizzle. Details, if you can call them that, here. Drat.

When it’s our turn in the barrel, we change the rules. Well, The One does. We don’t. But we elected him, eh? — That and a lot more deeper thoughts at the link.

Surely nobody would dare assemble this collection of quotes without checking them for authenticity!

A mild-mannered essayist says, “Is this onslaught of government ownership an attack on free-market capitalism? Yes it is.” And makes itplausible. If you like cars, click and read.

From The Archive

From The Terrapin Gazette of June 5, 2006, come these items:

This Is A Good Muslim

Acting on a tip, some two hundred fifty police and other government officials raided a house in England. A police sniper shot one suspect in the shoulder, and a hunt for a “chemical vest” is on. Officials fear the vest could be used in a crowded area by a terrorist who is eager to die for his faith.

Very interesting, and a bit alarming, but…the real story is here:

After the operation, friends of the wounded man staged a demonstration outside the hospital where he is being treated. They claimed that the police had made a mistake.

One said: “Going into someone’s house and shooting them in front of their mum, that’s not right is it? Just because they have got a beard doesn’t mean to say you can shoot them.”

Another friend said that after the September 11 attacks on America the older brother had started taking his religion more seriously, growing a beard and praying five times a day. “When we were younger he was no angel. But he changed, we all just grew up. He chose to go on the right path. He prayed five times a day, he went to the gym every day and other than that he stayed at home. Every time he spoke he would say peaceful things. He would give advice to everybody. Out of all our crew he was one of the good ones, working and looking after his family.”

This is a good Muslim: peaceful, helpful, and holding strong family values. He was inspired by the September 11, 2001 attacks on the USA.

Remember this. You will see this pattern again….


More Debunking From A Magazine That’s Doing A Great Job

Many years ago, we used to read Popular Science and Popular Mechanics for a view of what was coming. It was exciting stuff for a teenager, even though most of the new gadgets fell by the wayside and the future turned out to be unpredictable. But we loved the magazines anyway.

Today’s Popular Mechanics has evolved with the times (we lost track of what used to be our favorite, Popular Science). Not too long ago, an excellent article explained exactly why the World Trade Center towers collapsed, and proved conclusively that they were brought down not by bombs planted inside, but by the planes that hit them.

A recent issue takes a close look at the New Orleans levees and dikes, and explains in considerable detail that the Katrina disaster was not — brace yourselves — Bush’s fault. It seems the locals made a real mess of things. (We told you so.) Take a look.

Here’s more on New Orleans.

Next we have a Popular Mechanics article that does not belong in the “debunking” category, but that reports an unfolding medical mystery. Why are people claiming they have sores from which unknown objects and creatures emerge? Is a previously unknown parasite infesting the hundreds who say they are not getting the help they need?

No, no; go back and read the article. You are going to hear about Morgellons eventually, so this is your opportunity to get a head start on the controversy.

So, what should be next for Popular Mechanics? We’d like to see a really good article on the impact on the US economy and environment that would have resulted from the USA meeting the guidelines of the Kyoto Protocol. The truth, we are sure, would make Al Gore and a lot of other nutcases look really, really stupid. (You have not forgotten, surely, that global warming ended some years ago? We reported it here. Go back and check — you’ll find it in number 96.)

We Knew It All Along: It Even Explains Why Eve Was So Contrary

Today, the first of June, 2006, we have more proof that life is a recycled pattern — and that there is little hope for the future.

Past: California politician, angered by the John Birch Society’s constant hectoring, dismisses the organization as “just a bunch of little old ladies in tennis shoes.”

Present: Drudge headlines, “Old ladies killed homeless for cash,” and “Couple offered hit man $100 to kill grandkids.”

Quick comment: They’re back, and they’re meaner than hell! It’s Bush’s fault.

What is it with these females, anyway? If they aren’t cheerfully committing nasty felonies all on their own, they are scolding their husbands into joining them in heinous crime. Maybe there is a scientific explanation for this puzzle. Let’s see now…ah, here it is:

(In addition to other discoveries) Geneticists have also found that women are biologically closer to chimpanzees than men are. That is because the Y chromosome, which only men carry, has changed more than the X chromosome.

No, we did not make this up, and we aren’t kidding about the evolutionary status of human females. Here’s the documentation.