It Was Just A Matter Of Time, Given The Depravity Of The “Progressive” Mindset

Playboy magazine, which is said to be teetering on the edge of the financial abyss, put a piece up on the internet that is a bit hard to describe. It jokingly promotes sexual intercourse with hateful women who happen to be alluring. They deserve to be discounted as human beings because of their political and religious views, in other words — so they are to be the objects of what the magazine calls a “hate fuck.” (No, this is not an exaggeration of what the Playboy article said.) Is that something like the use of rape as a weapon of war? It seems so to this newsletter, though the author of the piece concludes his advocacy with, “Let the healing begin.” That reference baffles the PenPo utterly.

Well, as soon as this egregious material was available to one and all, it came under fire (Example here). In a matter of hours the magazine pulled it. But a weblogger is said to have made screenshots of the entire post, and was claimed to be making them available at this URL. The server was swamped and perhaps lawyers for Playboy have threatened the weblogger into closing down.

The “progressive” response to criticism of Playboy‘s calculated transgression will of course be to mention the recent murder of the abortionist. That is not on target. As far as is known, the murder was the act of an individual, a crazed repeat offender. His lawyer may even plead that the man is insane.

The Playboy article and the concept of the “hate fuck” are the work of a committee expressing group values that have been thought out, vetted, refined, joined to photographs, formatted and distributed for public consumption — all with studied, considered deliberateness. At every step of the process hate and obscenity dictated the decisions of the group, which was doubtless gleeful about its clever twist on pornography. The result was not an individual’s insane act of violence, but a malicious expression of partisanship and sexual perversion. Its purpose was to mock, humiliate and denigrate people whose gender makes them vulnerable. It was not criminal, nor was it intended to prevent the targeted females from carrying on with their activities. It was a propaganda barrage fired at culturally obnoxious foes whose politics make them less than human.

Relatively trivial as it is, Playboy‘s ugly effort has implications that the murder does not. While the foes of abortion are transfixed with horror at the setback this murder has dealt their cause, the Playboy article plays a very different role on its side of the cultural divide. This newsletter insists that in the “progressive” ranks, many will endorse the boldness and propriety of the magazine’s sadistic, pre-pubescent masturbatory fantasy. It is also very unlikely that feminists will rise up en masse to denounce Playboy‘s decisions. The article is after all merely an extension of the sentiments of a political-cultural stratum of society that is ethically deprived and depraved. These are the Steinem Stormtroopers who gave Slick Willy a pass while crucifying Packwood. Playboy‘s descent into vengeful smut is the “progressive” response to Sarah Palin writ large.

Thus has the Playboy crew become the poster boys for the elite’s class hatred of the residents of flyover country. The porn publishers will be admired by a great many smirking, snickering brats whose arrested development will lead them to see Playboy as a plain-speaking champion of the “progressive” cause.

Addendum:it is now claimed that one can view screenshots and cached pages of the offending piece here and here.

Israel And The Arabs, Yet Again

The prospects for a lasting peace in the Middle East have probably never been worse. Consider the threats that Israel perceives, and to which it must respond if it wishes to survive:

1. Iran, which is hurrying toward nuclear weapons and missiles capable of detonating them in Israel. Two or three medium-sized bombs would destroy the Jewish state, and the determination of the current regime in Iran is absolute: Israel must die.

2. The demographic threat posed by “Palestinians” within and immediately next to Israel — see PenPo Number 83 on this.

3. The intransigent belligerence of “Palestinians” who insist on making war on Israel, no matter what the consequences.

4. Increasing pressure from the USA to accept a “Palestinian” state, end the expansion of settlements within the “West Bank” (the disputed territory along the eastern border with Jordan), and remove impediments to the free movement of “Palestinians” from Gaza into Israel as well as within Israel.

(Caution: the following link may not work properly, due to changes at the website. You may call up the search feature of the website and use this as your search terms: “the two state solution is 87 years old”.) The basic facts must not be forgotten:

Perhaps the Secretary of State prefers to remain oblivious to the stark fact that the Arabs, whom she embraces and who today call themselves Palestinians, are as committed as their parents and grandparents before them to destroy the Jewish state; whatever size or shape its borders. The fact is that this is not a dispute over borders; this is a religious war and the Arabs, so long as the overwhelming majority remain Muslim, will never accept the existence of a non-Muslim state in territory previously conquered in the name of Allah – whatever the size or shape of its borders.

Against this, we have the Utopian daydreaming of the Obama administration, best exemplified and explained in this Obama-friendly article. Quotes:

…the Obama administration has made clear in public and private meetings with Israeli officials that it intends to hold a firm line on Obama’s call to stop Israeli settlements. … the basis of the Obama White House’s resolve is the conviction that it is in the United States’ as well as Israel’s interest to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Netanyahu) has very clearly received a message: “I meant what I said on settlements. No natural growth. No elasticity. There will be a clear settlement freeze.” “Over the past 15 years, settlements have gone from being seen in Washington as an irritant, to the dominant issue,” says Georgetown University Middle East expert Daniel Byman. … key pro-Israel allies in Congress have been largely reinforcing the Obama team’s message to Netanyahu.

The problem: the USA’s demands are unrealistic. The pressure is all on Israel, with none on the “Palestinians,” who are literally beyond the reach of the USA (meaning Obama has no way to pressure them to agree to anything, and then keep them honest). In both the short and long term, “Palestinians” can not be induced to cease their violent assaults on Israel, while Israel remains subject to US blandishments and threats. The situation is anything but even-handed. Obama is telling Israel that it must accept and live with “Palestinian” talking points, even though the world knows by now that talk from “Palestinians” is worthless.

There is literally no equivalence in credibility, ethics, political sophistication, national purpose, humanitarian impulse, cultural evolution or respect for the rule of law between the Israeli and Arab communities. To expect them to be partners in any stable political settlement is absurd. Any two-state solution cannot be enforced, and will go off the rails in short order.

The current bizarre circumstances are revealed as even more irrational as one considers that the USA is proceeding along lines dictated by Arab/Muslim propaganda, rather than according to wise policy. Because Arabs in the region howl about Israeli attempts to keep the Jewish state alive, and because nothing has managed to quell the sporadic violence over the decades, the USA has decided that Arab hatred of Jews must be accommodated. There is no evidence whatsoever that giving in on any issue will end the dispute. One can only expect that as Arab interests prevail on some issues, Arab demands will expand. Victory in matters small or large will only encourage Israel’s blood enemies to set new goals and strive for them with renewed intransigence.

Additional sources of fact and opinion may be helpful. The typically reflexively leftist New Republic‘s top man has a thoughtful piece on the “peace process” (there’s a misnomer!) that provides additional perspective. Then there is this analysis and critique, and these commentsfrom a US politician who is not dazzled by Obama’s diplomacy.

Sooner or later, someone will note, and impress on the rest of the world, that the “Palestinians” are failed refugees. Genuine refugees leave; they go elsewhere, are taken in, and resettle. Thus has it been since mankind began moving about, conquering, occupying, losing and being driven out. But the Arab world has steadfastly refused to accept the refugees from the Jewish conquest of the imprecisely-defined geographical region (which has never been a sovereign nation) called Palestine. Had the Arabs fleeing Jewish political control been assimilated into Muslim lands, the dispute would have cooled long ago.

That suggests that an opportunity lost cannot be regained. Why the chance for peace slipped away is clear: Arabs hate Jews on religious grounds, and they used the Muslim refugees as cat’s paws in a vendetta against the new Jewish state. This has to rank as one of the most cynical, hypocritical, inhumane and bitter acts of religious hatred since the Nazis were defeated. The deliberate abuse and sacrifice of their co-religionists illustrates the Muslims’ depravity, an ethical failing that is related to the concepts of jihad and suicidal sacrifice. Recall that Iran’s Twelvers actually welcome the incineration of millions of Iranians as heralding the advent of the unimaginable slaughter that will put Islam in control of the world.

Dealing with the present Arab-Israeli imbroglio on the assumption that it is not a sanguinary religious issue is wildly impractical. The USA is not in a position to recognize the truth and act on it, and may never be. Yet the Obama administration is determined to pretend that politics and promises will carry the day. The delusion is a virtual guarantee that current US policy will fail disastrously. This is suggested by Netanyahu’s exasperated question, “What the hell do they want from me?” He cannot comprehend the depth of US ignorance and stubbornness.

The solution to the distress in the region — the relocation of the “Palestinians” or the Jews — is not available. The outlook is, therefore, dismal. One can only proceed on the basis of policy that first answers the question of whether it is desirable that Israel survive; if the answer is yes, then some things must happen, and few of them will be peaceful or productive of amity.

The roots of the horror are to be found at the Battle of The Great Ditch, when Mohammed the charlatan prophet achieved the surrender of a Jewish community, and then proceeded to murder all the men and sell the women and children into slavery. That set the tone for relations between Muslims and Jews, and progress away from that paradigm has been occasional, seldom persistent, and fragile over the one thousand four hundred years since those hundreds of Jews were systematically beheaded. Islam charted its course in blood then, and we are fools if we believe that seminal event was meaningless and therefore unique. History will not be mocked.

So This Is “The Man Who Sold The War,” Eh?

This author is going to have to do a lot better than this, if he expects to be taken seriously:

The road to war in Iraq led through many unlikely places. One of them was a chic hotel nestled among the strip bars and brothels that cater to foreigners in the town of Pattaya, on the Gulf of Thailand.

On December 17th, 2001, in a small room within the sound of the crashing tide, a CIA officer attached metal electrodes to the ring and index fingers of a man sitting pensively in a padded chair.

All right. If you are going to prove that you know what you are writing about, you do not begin your (prize-winning) article with a total invention. Pattaya does not have a “crashing tide.” Not unless the town is being literally torn apart by a freak hurricane, that is, and if that were to happen, nobody would be sitting pensively anywhere near the place.

And “brothels,” in Pattaya? Maybe there are some, somewhere in town, but they are not nestled in with the “chic” hotels (of which there are virtually none, indeed) and strip bars.

Carry on with this revelation of the skullduggery behind W’s manufacture of politically significant facts if you wish, but this newsletter has been a visitor at Rolling Stone before, and is not about to trust the superannuated hipsters there.

You may not recall how hard FDR had to push to sell WWII. It was a lot harder than selling regime change in Iraq. So what’s the conclusion? That W was smarter than FDR, and got an expert on the job? Or that FDR was eventually proved right, while W was proved wrong? Well, the judgment may be in for WWII, but it’s too early to talk about Iraq, because people are still saying that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and that Saddam had no links to Al Qaeda, and that the consequences of uprooting a genuine Bad Guy were worse than living with him. When the fog clears, maybe the judgments will be judicious. Until then, read the article linked above — but watch your step! The author has a very active imagination, and will be filling in the gaps with pretty flimsy fabrications. Anything to make a good story.


The second amendment under attack: a federal court says it does not apply to the states. There’s a decent discussion of the issue on this weblog, as well. The recent decision says, in effect, that the fourteenth amendment does not mean what it says, and that some but not all rights spelled out in the federal constitution can be abridged. If that is the case, how are we to decide which of the rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights can be ignored by the states? Aren’t all of the few, essential rights specified by the federal constitution equal? Or is there a hierarchy of rights, in which some, rather like the characters in Blair’s Animal Farm, are more equal than others? Can that hierarchy be shown to have existed in the intentions of the legislators who created the second and fourteenth amendments?

What? You haven’t heard? Why, it’s all over the news: carbon dioxide cannot cause global warming. Really!

He said it: “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance. We see it in the history of Andalusia and Cordoba during the Inquisition.” That’s Obama talking to Muslims about the history of the Iberian peninsula. He’s entitled to his own opinions, but not to his own facts: the Inquisition lasted from 1478 to 1834, while Cordoba was in Muslim hands from 711 to 1236, thereafter remaining Christian. — Cripes, when will this blundering when touring overseas stop? First Hillary insulted Mexico (“Who painted it?”), and now Obama babbles ignorantly about Muslim “tolerance” in Christian-controlled Spain (Cordoba is in Andalusia, and was the capital under Muslim rule beginning in 715; in 818, three hundred Christian nobles were crucified there after a failed Christian revolt). The USA is not well served by this amateurish diplomacy, for which the Department of State must take most of the blame. It’s as if Foggy Bottom were trying to stab the president and secretary in their backs.

Boy, this really stinks. GM is selling its “Hummer” subsidiary to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company Ltd. in China. The deal not only reeks, it makes little sense. Well, what in the political-economic-business spheres does make sense these days?

This could be a wooden shoe in the machinery that is grinding out the Chrysler deal. Good.

How rational is it to hate Muslims? Not rational at all. How rational is it to fear them? That’s another story…and it is also another question entirely when we ask how rational it is to hate some Westerners, non-Muslims, who cannot endorse Enlightenment values. For an example that helps to sort the sheep from the goats, read this article. It’s the story of a Dutch journalist who embarked on a mission to interview some Taliban. Meanwhile, remember that the suffix “-phobia” does not mean “hatred,” but “fear.”

Next up: the loss of Air France 447 over the Atlantic is a conspiracy hatched by George W. Bush and carried out by Halliburton, or…or…ah, yes, the CIA did it! Well, that’s the way the Europeans and the faculty of Columbia University see it.

Here’s a guy who should know saying that the North Korean A-bomb was a fizzle. The alien running the place probably has not been told.

For those who think about the big questions (and aren’t afraid of the cold, hard answers they may get): is life pre-programmed into the laws of physics/chemistry?

Cheap shots, snide remarks, elitist shibboleths, nasty innuendo, snotty condescension, and other undignified bits of faux wisdom — all lexical bullets in the continuing culture war. The snobbish lust to be better than is a vice, and unbecoming.

From the weblog of one of the hated females Playboy targeted for their politics and looks, we have a two-part post on ACORN, the Obama campaign, and what appear to be illegal activities. Will the DOJ investigate? Hah! Part one begins the tale, which concludes — for now —here.

Who wrote Obama’s autobiographical Dreams From My Father? If you believe Obama did, you are almost certainly wrong. The real author is very probably Billy the Bomber, which raises lots of questions about all that Obama has said in an effort to downplay the relationship between the two men. The evidence is strong, and because a lot more is involved than just a ghost-written book, the press should have grilled Obama intensively. This press, however, is more a propaganda organ for Obama than a true journalistic entity.

Keeping up with the daft Brits as they go cheerfully over the edge. It’s downright pathetic. Don’t they realize what they are doing, based onexperience? How many horrible examples will it take?

Canada the model? Healthcare is the subject, the future is the concern. Caution: standard Moonie alert.

Climate change, mega-deaths predicted…it’s a Carnival of Claptrap, a Parade of Prevarications, a Fool’s Fair… and in the middle of all thenonsense stands the Sultan of Scam, Kofi Annan! What more could any connoisseur of hoaxes and frauds want? — Aside: it’s amazing that this item got past the censors and was posted on a BBC website.

Paul Krugman. Has a Nobel for his work in economics. Knows everything. Explains the error of our ways to us, and guides us…where? We need to have a look at the map the fellow is using.

The Obama dream: socialized medicine that we don’t call “socialized medicine,” which will bankrupt us in a hurry. How does he expect to get his way? By using magic! And quickly, before the voters understand what is happening.

Another datum on which to base your evaluation of Sarah Palin, or maybe you will ignore it as inconsequential. Footnote on the story here.

California. That is all.

Is abortion murder? Sometimes. — What?

Progress in the development of medicines is a Good Thing, as the staff of this newsletter can attest. When a heart attack recently laid a PenPo drudge low, he was given drugs that did not even exist a decade or two ago. Those medications seem very helpful. What will the pharmacologists come up with next? Well, nothing much, if the insane drive to provide everything for everybody works its way out. Read this report before you damn the drug companies for profit-hungry parasites. A free pharmaceutical market — meaning free of price controls on drugs — is the only way to assure that we shall continue to have ever-better medications.

The US government supposedly blundered, allowing a list of all its nuclear sites to appear on a website available to anyone. Oops. Then it was taken down. Evidently this information will be used by anti-nuke environmentalists. You can download the document here. This newsletter is not so sure things are as claimed. Governments have been known to mislead their enemies by pretending to make mistakes like this.

OK, call what follows nasty and impolite, but…on browsing old photos showing US street scenes from eight and more decades ago, this newsletter’s staff noticed a few things. Yes, the buildings often look shabby and dismal, but eventually the discerning eye notices flat, level sidewalks that are safe to walk without the exercise of extreme attention and caution; rain gutters on the eaves of roofs and downspouts that do not inconsiderately dump water onto people walking by, and other details that make city life civilized. And the comparison? Downtown metropolitan Bangkok, which is a pedestrian’s nightmare. Thais should be ashamed of the dangerous chaos — will you just look at those rat’s nest tangles of telephone and power lines, and the leg-breaking holes in the sidewalks? — but if you pointed out the obvious to them, they would be offended and angry rather than embarrassed. One of the things the visitor to The Land of Smiles is often told is that Siam/Thailand was never colonized by a Western power (though a portion of the nation was handed to France by the then king of Siam, a concession to European greed that the Thais are unlikely to volunteer). Perhaps Thailand missed an opportunity to learn a few basic things a century or so ago.

From The Archive

The following items are dated April 26, 2004, and predate the first Issue of The Terrapin Gazette.

The Scandal That Should Sweep Kofi Out, But Probably Won’t

The story could hardly be bigger, but it manages to avoid detection by many news outlets. The UN, it now transpires, was running on Saddam’s money for a long, long time. And it was to this corrupt organization that the USA turned in a vain effort to get the major Western powers to act on principle.

Not only did the TotalFinaElf involvement with Saddam bias the French against the USA, but the very idea that Saddam might be removed from power threatened the UN as well.

Let’s be clear: Saddam had corrupted the UN. Kofi Annan knew this; he was an architect of the corruption, and he continued to play a directing role in it as long as it lasted. When it ended, he tried to prevent the world from finding out about it.

His efforts have been depressingly successful. We are finding that some accounting should have been done, but never was; many records turn out to be inaccurate or incomplete; people who demanded to see the books were stonewalled for months. It’s worked well. The world will never know the full truth.

What facts we have are dribbling out to a world that still refuses to accept their importance. Many news organizations continue to ignore and/or downplay the story. At best, this refusal to report the truth exposes a disgraceful collapse of journalistic principles, professionalism and ethics. At worst, it illustrates the “One-World” bias of the news media.

This bias, which is by no means universal in journalism, rejects all criticism of the UN. The reason: the UN’s embarrassments frustrate utopian “world federalists” and others who hope for the eventual destruction of the sovereignty of individual nations. These folks want the UN to run the world. Fortunately, they are today a bit thinner on the ground than they used to be.

Here’s a brief commentary from a fellow who may have encountered a clutch of See-No-Evil “One-Worlders.”

– – –

The Quote Of The Day

This is from one Benny Morris, writing in The New Republic, 21 April 2003:

…a perpetual Palestinian whining … that, I fear, is the apt term … to the outside world to save them from what is usually their own folly. And the whining, more often than not, has been accompanied by mendacity. Thus it was in September and October 1936, half a year into the Arab Revolt, when they secretly appealed to the monarchs of the Arab states to save them from British suppression by issuing a call to the Palestinians to “graciously” halt their rebellion. Thus it was in April and May 1948, when they pleaded for the Arab states to invade Palestine and save them from the Jews (whom they had attacked between November 1947 and March 1948). Thus it was in September 1970, when they called upon the Arab world to save them from the Hashemite regime in Jordan, which they had just assailed and tried to subvert. And thus it is today, when Arafat and his minions, having unleashed terror on Israel’s cities, desperately appeal to the West and to the Arab states to save them from Israel’s wrath.

Palestinian tactics: make a total mess of things, cause infinite problems for themselves, and then blame the people whom they have assaulted.

Is there any group of people on the face of the earth who LESS deserve their own sovereign nation? Is there any more incompetent, more corrupt, more dangerously unstable and less principled group anywhere?

I think there might be. Those people are currently on the run, hiding from US special forces in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan.