Letterman Has Provided A Valuable Service

He explains and makes everything all better now:

I had, honestly, no idea that the 14-year-old girl, I had no idea that anybody was at the ball game except the governor, and I was told at the time she was there with Rudy Giuliani. It’s not your fault that it was misunderstood, it’s my fault. … So I would like to apologize, especially to the two daughters involved, Bristol and Willow, and also to the governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke.

Baloney. He’s lying again. How does the PenPo know? The truth is always the easiest answer, because you don’t have to think it over. The truth can be stated at once, and would have been blurted out spontaneously. But:

I’ve been thinking about this situation with Governor Palin and her family now for about a week.

The original word from this vulgarian was that he was “joking” about Sarah Palin’s 18 year-old daughter. Even if that were true, it is still not somehow all right to slander the (very) young woman.

Realize that it’s not just Letterman reading the papers to see what’s happening in town. He has a team of researchers and writers scanning the news outlets and feeding him items for comment, yet he expects the world to believe that he literally did not know mother and 14 year-old daughter were at the ball game? Why, if he literally did not know where either daughter was, did he specifically mention that a baseball player, a man playing in that game on that day, was impregnating one of them?

And no, the “joke” was not misunderstood by anybody. Its crystal clear meaning can be grasped by a moron.

That’s the final slur. Sexual references, a favorite tool of entertainers popular with the chattering class, have been replaced by a statement that the Palins and all who objected to Letterman’s filthy slander are hopelessly stupid.

The contempt with which the elite regards the governor and her ilk seeps out, no matter how the words are crafted. Even if the Alaskans’ daughters do not rape easily — remember, their mother looks like a slutty airline flight attendant — well, then, at least we can see that the whole clan is mentally retarded. (Well, hardly.)

Letterman is not trying to placate the “wingnuts” or the Palin family; he knows his babble is transparent nonsense. He’s playing to the “progressives” who applaud the vilification of the evil icon from the frozen north. That’s why insult follows on insult, all delivered with the phony appearance of contrition and baffled hurt that he was “misunderstood.”

Whether Letterman the deceitful snob survives the storm of protest is immaterial, because he has served his function: he has told those who will listen a great deal about the culture war.

This Is Exploding And May Even Make The Papers

What happens to a guy running a government program who discovers waste and probable corruption, and tries to put a stop to it? He is fired, and the man who fires him refuses to say why. That implies that the waste works to the advantage of…someone, but whom? You connect the dots.

The PenPo predicts fearlessly that this will never be officially investigated. It’s part of the new Chicago-style federal spoils system that takes ACORN as its model.

More information here. Some day someone will write a book about this and similar abuses of power.

A bit later….My, my, the fuss is growing! See the “wingnuts” throw fits! And The Washington Times, a Moonie paper that is not part of the mainstream media, is frothing at the mouth, as well. It’s a festival of ferocious and feisty firebrands fearlessly fighting foolishness. Fantastic! Eventually the story may even get into the “real” news media. Meanwhile, as Obama said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”


The triumph of feminism. Why does this have to be a zero-sum game?

Once again, The Penguin Post fearlessly and faultlessly predicts the future! Based on an intensive study of all the factors and trends currently playing roles in the Iranian electoral crisis, this newsletter can say (on the 15th of June) with absolute certainty that Ahmadinejad and the mullahs will crush dissent and retain power. No doubt about it. — Translation: guessing wildly, this newsletter thinks that the CIA has failed to do its job, which was to expedite regime change in Iran. The Israelis are going to have to bomb the nuclear facilities. And what will Obama do? Well, er, that is, it seems as if, unh — that’s impossible to say. Can he even find Iran on an unmarked map?

Next we examine a clear example of how junk science is translated into junk governance. First the United Nations gets its dirty hands on a concept, and then shoves it down the throats of the world’s people — in spite of the fact that there is no scientific or rational basis for theinternational agreement. Note, by the way, that the words “global warming” occur only once in the newspaper report, and “carbon dioxide” is not present at all. The newspeak is designed to fool everyone into thinking that what these shameless rascals are up to is somehow good for humanity.

African wildlife — good photos and a famous video.

Love your ATM card? This is just one reason why nobody at The Penguin Post has one. It’s clear that in the next few years, the cyber-criminals will become more effective. By definition they are always ahead of the bankers, who can do nothing more than react to the latest successful robbery. There is no defense against a totally unknown threat.

It was proved a long time ago that higher and higher minimum wages do not cause unemployment. Some folks say the proof was an error.

Everybody puts a lot of faith in the results of opinion polls — everybody but The Penguin Post. Be assured that if questioned by a poll-taker, the staff of this newsletter would never, never tell the truth. Polls frustrate democracy. That said, here are the results of a poll on Obama’s popularity. Trust it if you wish. Then here’s an article that cites polls on federal health care proposals (“socialized medicine”); it’s interesting because it is written by a fellow who tried to help Hillary develop her proposal for government medicine back when Slick was getting settled into the White House.

How to get by in a tricky political climate? “Just make stuff up,” says Victor Hanson. He’s got a point, as you will see. Pure, unadulterated fabrications are useful. They can inspire hope and instigate change….

Maybe we should just stand back and let the economy recover on its own, rather than try to “stimulate” it. This guy says so, and he has some data to back up his opinion.

“…the point to remember is that the only way to ‘control costs’ in health care is to have less of it.” That slice of truth comes from Mark Steyn. Read his entire commentary; you will need background on this issue as it heats up in weeks to come. — There’s more on health carehere, and still more over here. And as a clear indicator of what to expect from US government health care, consider the example of the Native Americans. They get their doctoring from Washington DC. That can teach us all a great deal. If you honestly expect to be treated better than Uncle Sam treats the Crow, you are an ideological nutcase. First to go: your ability to choose, than which there is no more fundamental component of Liberty.

How did it become Amateur Hour at the Department of State? This newsletter’s repeated complaints about ignorant, unseemly diplomacy and goofy foreign policy have been swept away by the gale of domestic fanaticism.

Don’t you, like, just hate it when The One drags his feet on the road to, like, real progressive unity? Oh, yeah, it’s like he was voted into office to do all this neat stuff, you know, like give us free medical, and shut down the, like, coal companies, and lock up that whore running Alaska, and, he’s, like, not doing it yet! I mean, you know!

Science lurches on: AGW madness and a suggestion for a new understanding of the mechanism behind warming. It’s impossible for this newsletter to pass judgment on all this, but the one overwhelming fact that does emerge clearly is that Al Gore and Jim Hansen are nuts.

Canada in the spotlight again: when it comes to censorship and fascism, the Human Rights Commissions there just don’t give up. Amazing. The USA should tell Canada to get the heck out of North America and go live in Singapore or China.

Factually ignorant, scientifically untutored, ethically presumptuous, politically authoritarian, and socially intolerant, this guy is a quintessential leftist journalist. His proposal: newspapers deserve to survive on the dole, which means they become state organs ideologically committed to the death of free enterprise. What makes him different is that he’s so dumb he thinks being candid is going to help his cause.


From The Archive

The following meditation on Jews, Cuba and Jew-haters was published on May 30, 2006, in the next to last issue of The Terrapin Gazette.

How Odd That Marx, A Jew, Is A Hero To Many Who Hate Jews

Some people claim that Karl Marx was not a Jew. He was, it is said, born to a family of Christians, or he was himself an atheist. We cannot be bothered to look the history up because it is irrelevant. Marx was a Jew, and when we say that, we apply the same standards that the state of Israel uses when determining a person’s heritage.

While there is no reason to believe Marx’s Jewishness had anything to do with his attempt at a scientific analysis of cultural evolution, some folks make a fuss over it. In the 1920’s men like Henry Ford were most impressed by the “international Jewish conspiracy” and “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Back then, this sort of nonsense was common in “conservative” or “right wing” political circles.

Today Jew-hatred has a new address. For some time, we have been telling you that if you want to see where the tsunami of hatred and ignorance is coming from, look to your left.

And so it is. See this.

Once again we remind you that the “Protocols” hoax is extremely popular in the Muslim world, where it is considered history rather than a vile, simple-minded confabulation. In the West, Jew-hatred is not confined to ignorant, gullible believers, however. Many who are well enough educated to know better cling to the hoary bigotry, even as they cling to Marxism’s obsolete Utopian nonsense.

Seek, and you shall find: the internet contains quite a bit of information on the peculiar adoption of Jew-hatred by neo-Marxists and their allies. Connections between various anti-capitalist, revolutionary groups abound; thus a leading figure in Britain’s most lunatic political party visits Castro, and a love-fest ensues. That is to say, a pro-Islamist Jew-hater and a Neanderthaloid Marxist murdering tyrant get on very well.

Respect, George Galloway’s fascist organization, is a Jew-hating outfit. Naturally. But it’s also profoundly neo-Marxist, because the global reach of capitalism has brought with it such seditious ideas as freedom of speech and press.

Here’s Oliver Kamm on what he calls the meeting of left and right, and on Respect.

The developments we report here are highly significant, and have only been dimly perceived by the news media. Consider this and similar pieces in The Terrapin Gazette flat predictions of worse to come.

Truly, the threat to Western Civilization is not Islam alone; it is primarily and shamefully the misbehavior of many of the leaders of the West. That group of parasites includes the media gatekeepers, those smug, officious censors who restrict the public’s view of important events.

All right; so Galloway loves Fidel, and Fidel appreciates the homage paid him by a nutcase. So…what?

It’s a propaganda victory for Castro, that’s what. The fabulously wealthy monster would love to attract the support of people who could not care less about all his self-caused troubles, but hate Liberty in all its forms. Galloway is a kind of recruiter for a tyrant who knows that when he goes, Cuba might cast off its chains.

Because Castro’s brand of socialism is an unmitigated catastrophic failure, Fidel has been trying to get the best possible press. His propaganda machine is desperate to exploit every positive aspect of Cuba’s story. Here’s an example of what we mean:

Everyone knows that Cuba has worked a miracle in the effectiveness of its health care delivery system. The life expectancy of the average Cuban has shot up, thanks to El Lider. And that’s a fact.

The statistics are misleading. Use your imagination for a few moments — pretend that you have been given legal authority and the mandate to care for the welfare of a poor rural population that has no grasp of basic sanitation and minimal medical care. You are the public health official whose responsibility it is to clean up the mess.

You will find yourself looking after people whose babies often do not celebrate their sixth birthday. That death rate among the very young skews the statistics: once a person manages to live to twelve, his chances of making it to eighty are not all that bad.

So what do you do to benefit your charges? You deal with infant and child mortality first, of course. And most of what you do is simple. No X-ray machines, no heart-lung transplants. You teach people how to wash, how to build good sewers, how to treat infant diarrhea, and you round them up and vaccinate them, whether they like the idea or not. You send zealous young people out into the countryside to inspect and report back to you. You make instruction in basic health practices mandatory in the schools.

In a few years, there’s your statistical miracle. Having focused on the young, you appear to have benefitted everybody. Never mind that heart disease and strokes remain just as deadly as ever, and that you have not improved the life expectancy of anyone over thirty by one single month. You are a miracle worker.

If you are Castro, you tell the world what wonders socialism has performed. The gullible believe it; capitalism, after all, makes you pay for health care. Cuban Socialism pays the bills, but offers you no alternative to repression and penury (“Socialism or death” is the Cuban motto, so take your pick — Castro can arrange either for you). That’s a small price to pay for better doctors and hospitals.

But…the hospitals for Cubans are positively medieval, and, thanks to the fact that Castro’s Marxism has devastated the Cuban economy, drugs are scarce. There is no money to buy all the necessary pharmaceuticals, or to manufacture them.

Doctors, on the other hand, are cheap. Cuba turns them out like cigars. And Castro uses them as ambassadors of good will, proving yet again that socialism is good for you.

Oh? See this.

What does it all mean?

First, it means that Cuba’s miracle is a conjurer’s trick. The good done in that nation-prison is the result of common sense, not socialism.

Second, it means that the substance behind the charade is evil. Galloway’s visit means more than do misleading statistics about life expectancy; it’s a glimpse of things to come. Sure, predicting what Castro will do next is not always easy, but we believe we shall see more signs of a Cuban resentment of Jews in months to come. Not that they will be reported in most of the news media, of course. So far, Cuba’s bombastic pronouncements of solidarity with the “Palestinians” have gone virtually unremarked in the US press. People don’t know about the link because the gatekeepers don’t think they need to know, or should know.

If Cuba is doing poorly — and it certainly is — one might well ask why. After all, a lot of people are genuinely suffering in the decaying prison that could be a lot richer and happier.

The USA is the villain, we are told. Certainly Uncle Sam gets roasted regularly by Cuba’s press and in Castro’s interminable speeches. That infamous embargo is blamed for a zillion problems it has nothing to do with; people forget that Cuba is free to trade with Mexico, Canada, virtually all of Europe, South America, as well as Asia and the Orient. People forget that Cuba is welcome to buy food from the USA (the embargo was modified to encourage that). People forget that the cheapest way to move large, heavy things is by sea. People forget that NAFTA makes it absurdly simple for a Cuban company to place an order for US merchandise with a Mexican company, and take delivery days later in Havana.

The embargo is a sham. It is just the USA’s way of pandering to some bizarrely emotional Cuban-Americans who vote in the USA. It has never hurt Castro, and it never will. Castro’s island is poor because it is neo-Marxist, not because it can’t trade.

It is one of the oddities of history that when people sink to a pathetic level, either economically or culturally, they usually refuse to take credit for their plight. The “Palestinians” are a prime example. The neo-Marxist Cubans are a second.

And the ultimate outcome of all these absurdities? It’s always the Jews who get blamed for every damned thing.