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Month: July 2009

Number 98

What Is Happening Can Be Understood We are struggling through the consequences of the elite’s failed rule. As central and eastern Europe were transformed by the fall of the great monarchies, the USA is beginning a...

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Number 97

The Willful Ignorance Of The Nominee Heralds Prolonged Battle Over The Second Amendment Sotomayor’s testimony in pursuit of a seat on the highest US court invites endless partisan analysis. If you are interested, begin...

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Number 96

The United Nations Is Conspiring With China And The USA’s National Security Agency To Extend Tyranny — And You Are Targeted Some very upsetting news is reported here. An excerpt: A United Nations agency is quietly...

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Number 95

From Governor To Martyr-Saint? Governor Palin may be guilty of corruption committed when she was a mayor — local government is where most of the USA’s corruption is found — and if she is another crooked...

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Number 94

The Real Point Of The Mess In Honduras The story changes daily, and it is not as straightforward as first appeared. “Wingnut” news and commentary outlets on the internet arefussing (with good reason?) over...

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