The United Nations Is Conspiring With China And The USA’s National Security Agency To Extend Tyranny — And You Are Targeted

Some very upsetting news is reported here. An excerpt:

A United Nations agency is quietly drafting technical standards, proposed by the Chinese government, to define methods of tracing the original source of Internet communications and potentially curbing the ability of users to remain anonymous.

The U.S. National Security Agency is also participating in the “IP Traceback” drafting group, named Q6/17, which is meeting next week in Geneva to work on the traceback proposal. Members of Q6/17 have declined to release key documents, and meetings are closed to the public.

This drives home two points: first, the Chinese are a serious problem for those who cherish Liberty, and second, the UN is the creature of the General Assembly, not the Security Council. The General Assembly has a majority of members that are neither free nor decent nations.

There is a third fact which many will consider even more distressing. An agency of the US federal government has sided with stereotypically unethical governments in an assault on individual privacy. While many charges leveled against the NSA are pure nonsense, this new development must be taken seriously. It calls for a stiff rebuke from the US electorate.

If this newsletter trusted the Obama administration to do the right thing, it would ask the White House to end the NSA’s connivance with the UN and China.

That is change for which scant hope exists. The PenPo does not believe the administration will oppose the forthcoming UN assault on privacy — unless there is a loud public outcry.

The PenPo therefore advises everyone to become familiar with the use of proxies on the internet. For starters, look at a proxy for use with Google and two other common search engines (you can also use it to send web-based e-mail without disclosing your IP address or geographic location), and an organization that provides proxies for surfing the internet. Then see what the folks at this organization have to say.

No, these proxies will not work if the UN/China/NSA cabal has its way. No matter. You should still use proxies, and encourage others to use them, as well.

Why use proxies that eventually won’t be effective? Because what is needed now is a groundswell of awareness of the fact of privacy on the internet, and nothing can do a better job of encouraging that than conducting our conversations and our information-gathering without being noted, observed, identified, tracked and recorded. (Yes, many websites do all that, including keeping histories of your activity on the internet.)

We either use our privacy and defend it against the tyrants, or we shall certainly lose it.

Become familiar with internet anonymity, therefore, and practice it simply because you can. Use your Liberty. Understand that it is your right.

It should be obvious that a government’s ability to discern the IP address of the source of some internet traffic is of much greater utility to dictators than it would ever be to decent regimes. It won’t advance the mis-named war on terror one bit. It will be of tremendous benefit to the thugs running China, Burma, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Iran and numerous other wretched patches of geography.

A lot of gentle but naive folks simply must stop thinking of the UN as a good organization. It is the creature of its membership, most of which fears Liberty.

Too, a lot of US patriots need to grasp this hard fact: the NSA is not necessarily good because it is an arm of the government.

Conspiracy Nuts, Here’s A Feast For You. But Should Rational, Ethical People Be Concerned, As Well? Yes

We have been waiting for word of Obama’s promised domestic national security force that will be as powerful and well-funded as the standard military. Could we now have the first inkling that it is on its way?

…legislation quietly making its way through Congress would give the White House power to categorize political opponents as hate groups and even send Americans to detention centers on abandoned military bases.

The PenPo staff looked into this and came up with some potentially bad news, but nothing that should surprise you — as long as you are already familiar with the passions and biases of left and right in US politics. Spend a few minutes on the following analysis of a rumor that will doubtless be making the rounds of “wingnut” groups, and you will be equipped to set everybody straight on this emerging hot topic.

Rumor And Fact

Here’s one rather alarming example of how the truth can be compressed into a falsehood (yes, by a character in the cartoon who is portrayed as a “moonbat” who approves of the legislation in question, though she has the facts scrambled).

The text of HR (House Resolution) 645 is available on this web page. It calls for six camps to be set up, and allows them to be used by the federal government for whatever purposes desired. Note that it includes no language whatsoever that defines the term “terrorist,” allows any government official to designate anyone as a terrorist, or deals explicitly with the incarceration of anyone. Could the six facilities be used to hold prisoners of conscience? Sure.

To try to connect the six proposed camps to citizens who defend firearms rights and/or oppose Obama’s administration for a variety of reasons, you have to go to an amendment to a budget bill introduced by the congressman who introduced HR 645. That fellow is Alcee Hastings. (Find out all about him on these websites: here, then at this unflattering website, next read something in a more objective vein, and finally take a look at this rather peculiar site. Something for everybody!)

His all-important amendment (to the budget legislation designated HR 2647) is discussed in the following web pages, beginning withHastings’s own, and then these four: One, then Two, and Three, then finally Four.

Begin your own inquiry into the facts with the text of Hastings’s amendment that allows the attorney general (AG) of the USA to designate individuals as undesirable for service in the military because of links to violent (terrorist-type) organizations (that’s arguably tantamount to the AG declaring a person a terrorist). It’s on Hastings’s website, and you can get to it if you use the search term “2647” in the search feature Hastings provides on his site, and then call up the document at the bottom of the page on which his two amendments to the military appropriations bill are explained. It’s the document titled “hastfl_045_xml_military_amendment_6.09.pdf.” Here is the relevant part of it:

A person associated or affiliated with a group associated with hate-related violence against groups or persons or the United States Government, as determined by the Attorney General, may not be recruited, enlisted or retained in the armed forces.

Among the groups Hastings targets are…

…those that espouse an intention or expectation of armed revolutionary activity against the United States Government….

If you read more of this proposed legislation, you will see how obvious it is that Hastings is far from the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Not only is his amendment badly written, it’s legally loopy. It seems Hastings simply wanted to give the AG carte blanche to label some folks undesirables, so he decided to toss words around and let the bureaucracy interpret them as it wished. He’s targeting those who expect that someone will be trying to overthrow the US government by violence, for example, and he intends to stigmatize them in a specific way. The target as defined includes millions of decent folks. That’s what imprecise language gets you — lousy law. (The PenPo wonders, by the way, how anyone can “espouse an expectation.”)

Not wacky enough for you? How’s this: an inebriated eighteen year-old gets a tattoo, and five years later is designated a terrorist by virtue of the words “Aryan Power” on his bicep. Who knows what the words mean to the lad (maybe he’s a Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain, and to him, “Aryan” means an ancient class of high-caste sages in what is now India and Nepal?), but Hastings seems to think the meaning is obvious — and can be only one (very bad) thing.

Furthermore, the congressman is clear on one concept: once a bad guy, always a bad guy! After all, there is no provision in the proposed law for a person to appeal the finding of the AG, or have it subjected to judicial review.

Further, how would anyone know he is being examined by the AG, and would he be entitled to attend a hearing regarding his status, confront witnesses against him, be represented by legal counsel, refuse to testify against himself, or exercise any of his customary rights? Would the finding of the AG be arrived at secretly? Could a succeeding AG revoke it?

One final example of Hastings’s sloppy thinking requires mention. The daffy congressman would stigmatize the young guy who went to a meeting, not knowing what it really was. If the naive fellow decided to stop spending time with the local racists, he could still be denied the privilege of enlisting in the armed forces. Old Joe McCarthy would love Alcee Hastings, whose concept of permanent pariah statusmakes the hoary “guilt by association” shtick look very low-voltage indeed.

Can the federal government deprive a person of some of his civil rights without convicting him of anything? Hastings is sure of it. Clearly, any jurist with a modicum of experience in constitutional law will see at once that Hastings’s amateur effort at drafting legislation can not meet the standard of substantive due process.

Hastings Is Clumsily Responding To A Threat From The Lunatic Right

The picture is complicated, however, by fear, and that takes some explaining. The motive behind Hastings’s proposed law is set forth in considerable detail on this hard-left website. Clearly, the neo-Nazi menace exists, and it must be opposed; the question is how to do that legally (constitutionally) and decently. Both sides, crackpot left and insane right, can be dangerous, as recent history proves. What is more dangerous is the excess to which a frightened government might go in defending itself or the public.

That raises a seldom-discussed problem. Hastings and many others on the left are sure that indictable, punishable thought crimes exist. The precedent is well established in the bad law creating special categories of violence called “hate crimes.” The presence of this totalitarian opinion indicates that civil liberties are at the greatest risk from bad laws generated by ideologues on the left.

The entire left, from dreamy intellectuals to raving lunatics, is much closer to the stereotypical brainwashing, indoctrinating, totalitarian dystopia than are the neo-Nazi loons. It’s from the left that bad laws are likely to proceed. Various investigative agencies generated by leftist policies are likely to pursue overzealous surveillance and interrogations of dissidents such as traditional conservatives and libertarians.

The danger is real. Canada, with its hypocritically-named Human Rights Commissions, has demonstrated the instinctive impulse of politically correct, leftist ideologues gifted with governmental power. Those folks honestly believe they can issue search warrants for the minds of the public (recall the words of Levant’s interrogator, “What were you thinking when you….”). As Hastings’s proposals show, an attempt to sanitize behavior by identifying and stigmatizing dissidents is based on overweening collectivist authoritarianism. Note well: the people Hastings is after include those who merely think violent thoughts.

But will the totalitarian mindset of zealous inquisitors and mind-probing bureaucrats necessarily express itself in the initiation of violence? It has in the past, and with appalling consequences. The raid and siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco began, don’t forget, not with a knock on the front door and a request to talk, but with ladders against the building and a literal invasion. No wonder violence resulted. But on numerous previous occasions, state and local officials had visited the compound, been invited inside, and discussed problems with Koresh.

The pattern is seen in the Ruby Ridge debacle, as well. What began with the entrapment of Randy Weaver finally ended with the government giving him and his family a huge settlement — to prevent a jury from handing him upwards of one hundred million dollars. The precedents set by the federal government in these tragedies should give every citizen pause.

Now look at the violent fanatics on both sides of the fence, beginning with the “White Power” maniacs. These nuts tend to be fascinated with symbols (Nazi regalia), fantasies of heroic combat, and a rigid military environment. They have a flair for dramatic rituals that call to mind crusading orders, secret brotherhoods, and cabals of assassins. It’s all based on the externalization and symbolic representation of spiritual commitment. And it’s scary as hell.

The neo-Nazis are getting all the publicity these days, partly because they are photogenic. Bizarre tattoos, uniforms, blood oaths taken in front of old Nazi banners — it makes for shocking images. Then there are the sporadic murders of individuals to lend credence to the juvenile drama. It’s not all appearances.

And what is their view of the future? The racists and their deranged ilk dream of a World War II type of combat in which FBI and ATF agents are mowed down by sniper fire. They stockpile ammunition and supplies, expecting they might somehow not just survive a federal siege, but actually win. What, kill enough of the G-men, and they will leave you alone? Insanity.

No, these nutcases will not spark a revolution or a race war. Their Quixotic fantasies are absurd. The lunatics are dangerous, certainly, and especially so to law enforcement agencies that probably will find themselves lured in and ambushed. The slaughter would stun the nation, and almost surely provoke a very unwise response. If Obama ever institutes his promised domestic security force, he will very probably promote it as a defense against neo-Nazi groups.

We are in trouble, Pilgrims; we have to find a way to deal with the neo-Nazis that does not cause tremendous iatrogenic damage.

The Violent Left

The anti-capitalist revolutionaries on the left have a style that is very different from that of their enemies on the right. The patterns, which have their origins in the ideologies of the two groups, are fascinating. While the dangerous right is inspired by fables explaining the genetic origin of culture, the dangerous left marches to the drum of revolution in support of a workers’ paradise. Marxism in all its forms animates the hyper-“progressive” crazies. Their cause is more ideological in the philosophical sense, more directed at bringing about a heaven on earth, and less concerned with sequestering the subhuman elements in society that have corrupted the mainstream tradition. This means the dangerous left feels it can justify its cause with scholarly analysis and theory, while the dangerous right leans more to traditions and sheer prejudice.

That is not to say that the left does not have its rituals and icons. The stereotype of the “liberation” irregulars (guerillas) like the militarily incompetent Che Guevara is powerful, and of course the movement has its associated garb, lingo and tastes. As models, it generally looks up to “Palestinian” thugs, and it copies the tactics of gangsters. Its pantheon includes academics like Chomsky, Adorno and Marcuse, and tyrants like Castro and Ortega; its myths include a belief in the good intentions of people like Chavez of Venezuela, Allende of Chile, Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, and “democratic” socialists and “freedom fighters” like the Shining Path in Peru, Sub-Commander Marcos in Mexico, and Pol Pot in Cambodia. It’s a homicidal fool’s fantasy.

Unlike the nutty right, the left’s warriors do not bend their knees to traditional religion, as they have adopted the secular faith founded by Marx. That allows them to propagandize widely, promoting a heaven on earth that either ignores religious and other cultural distinctions, or corrupts them. That’s a huge advantage that is often overlooked.

The left’s weapons begin with “agitprop,” include the arts, the perversion of education (Ayers and Dohrn are prime examples), and move on to demonstrations, tying up traffic and commerce, riots, destruction of property, raids on banks, assassinations, and bombings directed at law enforcement, business, and the public in general. Note that the neo-Nazis’ choices deviate markedly from this list of tactics.

Neo-Nazis march to be seen; Birkenstock Brigadiers take to the streets to burn and smash. The racists withdraw into rural enclaves and try to keep people out; the left tries infiltrate, to undermine “false consciousness” and to forge solidarity for a coming class war. Neo-Nazis don’t have a watered-down auxiliary on the political right — they are highly exclusionary, and hate those who do not commit totally to the cause. The left, however, has a wide spectrum of lukewarm believers who root for the militants, shelter them and preach a gospel of social evolution and anti-capitalism that trains up recruits for the dangerous work.

Of course each side, left and right, steals from other’s handbook. Birkenstock Brigadiers stage Nazi-style riots reminiscent of Kristallnacht, and Tim McVey made a huge bomb that was more in line with the tactics of the left than the right (ask Billy Ayers, who wishes he had pulled off something that grand).

Under considerable pressure from law enforcement, and frustrated by the refusal of the public to follow their lead into revolution, nympholepts on the violent left have subsided. This newsletter is waiting for another meeting of the World Bank or WTO to bring out the anti-capitalist, anti-globalization warriors. Those folks know how to stage a proper riot, while the USA’s home-grown Nazis have managed nothing remotely as spectacular.

An Attempt At Perspective

Those of a contemplative mien might recall the German civil war that raged after World War I. Communists (“Sparticists”) and fascists (Freikorps) fought a genuine war inside Germany. On winning a temporary victory in Bavaria, the left betrayed its Utopian insanity by mandating a single floor plan for all future construction of civilian housing in the state. The result of the bloodshed and lunacy was a tremendous yearning of the German people for peace; after all, WW I ended without a single enemy soldier on German soil, but now a horrible war was devastating the nation. The result was, you may recall, the eventual emergence of a very stable government in Germany. There is a lesson in that bit of thoroughly forgotten history. (See The Kings Depart, ISBN-10: 184212658X; ISBN-13: 978-1842126585.)

Finally, consider that the military is well aware of the problems it faces with racist warriors, and is definitely not sitting on its hands.

Hastings’s Relevance

Now…regarding that connection between the six camps to be set up on military reservations, and the people the AG designates as unfit for the military under Hastings’s law: there is none. Those folks are not automatically subject to arrest just because they may not enlist. Locking them up would have to be done under a totally separate law, one not yet proposed. The final piece of the putative conspiracy is not in place.

So: is this Obama’s security force, building its concentration camps? While the construction gets under way, will the feds start recruiting storm troopers to break heads at tea parties? Not that one can see. What we have here is a goofy, disgraced, lickspittle Obamaniac trying to curry favor with the “moonbats.” And of course he’s succeeding, as at least one of the links above shows.

Intelligent folks will laugh off Hastings and his drivel, but the facts remain: he has a following of hard-core leftists who are determined to give the “wingnuts” a whipping. They do fantasize about locking up folks who are dead set against Obama’s essential policies, and they feel that a leftist bureaucracy will be able to silence the Bad Guys (like Rush Limbaugh). They love the fairness doctrine, they are totally behind the censorious mainstream news media, they include in their ranks rabid Bush/Cheney haters and 9/11 Truthers, and they have no time for hicks who live in flyover country. For them Sarah Palin is all things reprehensible, Israel is the real cause of trouble in the Middle East, and “Palestinians” are decent, lovable, pitiable victims. Though some in the hard left are deranged, the various leftist blocs are made up of intelligent ideologues with a collectivist plan that overturns Enlightenment values. Don’t discount their determination. At heart, they fear and hate Liberty.

There is something to worry about whenever a segment of the political spectrum approves of ethical cretins like Hastings, in other words.

That touches on the core of the matter: is Hastings part of a conspiracy, or the unwitting tool of more intelligent conspirators? This newsletter does not think so. An Obama-directed effort to construct a gulag in the USA would have been set up much more cleverly, and with greater stealth. For example, it might be preceded by confiscatory, “no knock” firearms legislation designed to provoke a violent response. Then it could be sold to the electorate as a badly-needed security measure. First you burn the Reichstag, then you “save the Republic.”

That said, there is a potential threat from the lunatic right. It can be dealt with without resorting to the sort of legislation Hastings advises. There are peaceful ways to counter extremists, and constitutional means must always be employed (no ducking around posse comitatus, Barry!). Anything approaching the nature of a civil war is to be rejected out of hand, which is why Obama’s planned security force is of concern; with that talk of a new domestic-only law enforcement agency as powerful as the current military, he seems to have let slip that he buys into the neo-Nazi fantasy.

The crazy rightists are a police problem, and can be dealt with constitutionally. They won’t be able to stage a Battle of Kursk or invasion of Normandy (except in their overheated imaginations). Obama should forget about his domestic security force and depend on what works best. Meanwhile Hastings, with his obviously unconstitutional proposals, must be shoved to the sidelines. He’s too stupid to be consulted.

And the primary threat from the left? Bombs and riots are not in vogue, and the leftists are nothing if not trendy. That’s whistling past the graveyard, though; the world will change in a matter of days if something galvanizes the troops.

Meanwhile, this newsletter is concerned that Hastings’s absurd amendment might embolden the “moonbats” to come up with a genuinely dangerous law to erode our Liberty. Then, with Sotomayor joining the four other loony tunes supremes, that law might not be struck down. Remember Kelo!


All right, members of Congress, and especially you Democrats: weasel out of this. It names you as major causes of the national and international financial disaster. That’s right — it’s mostly your fault, which means if you had done the right thing, we would not be in this mess. So says a report just released by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. That’s yourcommittee nailing you. Now: how about resigning, the lot of you?

Photos from Afghanistan.

Is this hypocrisy, or common sense? Do the Obamaniacs care that in many respects, The One is G. W. Bush II? Maybe the Bush program gave citizens quite a bit of hope, and change was not all that necessary. Just asking….

Fairness foiled: fanatical feminists fabricate fake facts, forge fantasies; foes’ fix fails.

The Secret of Morpheus is now revealed. It works for the PenPo staff, so give it a try.

Freedom of speech and press are not to be extended to critics of labor unions. And how is that tyranny implemented? Via the unhappy fact that broadcasting is controlled by the government, which oversees the electromagnetic spectrum in the best interests of its actual owners, the people. Broadcasters are subject to intimidation by those who wish to choke off information; the villains claim they can manipulate the ultimate censor, which is in Washington DC. It’s a filthy game that would not be possible if Uncle Sam were not a player. It’s also a case of the owners of something being unable to exercise their rights of ownership — which should make you wonder whether they own anything, and why the scam was perpetrated. — Hmmm. Have you ever noticed that the greatest harm is often done by those who claim to be working selflessly and uniquely for the good of their victims?

How to get Sotomayor on the highest court, where she will be the deciding vote on all close issues? Discredit Frank Ricci. No one seems to care that Ricci the man is not the issue, while the way he was treated is. It’s instructive that the left can pull a stunt like this without shriveling in shame.

Those lunatic anthropogenic global warming cultists are starting to eat their young.

It’s foolishness that’s the problem! — Well, yes, everybody knows that; but the specifics are less well appreciated. Have a look, and learn that if The One had campaigned promising to do what he has done so far, he would have lost.

This commentary on Mitt Romney will make a lot of people uncomfortable.

What? China has Muslim problems? You bet it does! The government has been hammering the Muslims within its borders mercilessly for years, trying to extinguish the centrifugal sentiments of the minority. Human rights abuses? You would win that bet, too; it’s a no-holds-barred fight, dirty and draconian. And China has kept the world from learning much about it at all. Very clever, these Chinese. (And so is the NY Times, which, you will have noticed, calls the violence “ethnic.” Heh, heh.)

Science writers are highly skilled at peddling false hope, as this newsletter has pointed out before. Here’s more of that cruel practice. Read carefully, and note that the protocols reported on are nowhere near cures, as well as being years from standard practice. When they are available, they will prolong suffering. Scientists should carry on with the research — and acknowledge that the public does not need news like this, and is harmed by exposure to it.

There is a trenchant piece on the internet that deals with the conceits of the elite, and fails to mention only one: the idea that a lawyer is by training capable of doing just about any job. The commentary is thought-provoking. Don’t skip it.

The future of Iraq, as reported by Michael Totten. It’s in four parts, and the first three are available now. Part One, then Part Two, and here’s Part Three.

Hey, those big wheels in Washington sure are lucky to have ol’ Joe Biden as Veep, aren’t they? Shucks, Boys, he’s so much smarter than thatdingbat Sarah Palin! Let’s have another round, and raise our glasses to good ol’ Joe, who knows how to bend an elbow when the need arises. Here’s how!

Keeping score in Washington DC. It’s Evil 3, and Good 2. Drat.

Palin the power-broker? Cripes, who knew?

From The Archive

The following items appeared in The Terrapin Gazette on the sixteenth of January, 2005.

Here’s Something I Did Not Know…

…and I’ll bet you did not, either: the head scarf is a sign that the female is a Muslim. It’s required by her religion, right?

The headgear in question has nothing to do with Islam as a religion. It is not sanctioned anywhere in the Koran, the fundamental text of Islam, or the hadith (traditions) attributed to the Prophet.

This headgear was invented in the early 1970s by Mussa Sadr, an Iranian mullah who had won the leadership of the Lebanese Shiite community.

In an interview in 1975 in Beirut, Sadr told this writer that the hijab he had invented was inspired by the headgear of Lebanese Catholic nuns, itself inspired by that of Christian women in classical Western paintings. (A casual visit to the National Gallery in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, or the Louvres in Paris, would reveal the original of the neo-Islamist hijab in numerous paintings depicting Virgin Mary and other female figures from the Old and New Testament.)

Sadr’s idea was that, by wearing the headgear, Shiite women would be clearly marked out, and thus spared sexual harassment, and rape, by Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian gunmen who at the time controlled southern Lebanon.

This helpful revelation and more are to be found here.

Preparing For Your Debate

Everyone knows that Bush lied the USA into war, and that the folks who really understood the situation back then told the world that Saddam had no chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Certainly the bombs have not been found, which proves the point and also means that the current hostilities in Iraq are illegal, immoral and unjustified by any rational standard. Or so the standard deceitful propaganda goes.

If you want to refute this “common wisdom” and replace it with the truth, you may need a good source of information and commentary; fortunately Glenn Reynolds has provided it. Go to this post and take advantage of the links. This is a solid contribution to the effort to bring the facts to the public’s attention.

Bitter Words From Those Who Feel Betrayed

From Iraq: a soldier’s view of the news media. Go to this web page, and then to a weblog maintained by an Army photographer who routinely went on patrol with an elite unit in Iraq. Here’s a teaser:

…each soldier killed had a story. We tried to tell that story to the world. Rather than focusing on how they died, we described how the person lived, the difference they made to the world. Nobody ever saw these memorial stories but the families and the few small town newspapers who were interested.

We learned our lesson of spamming a memorial story to the larger outlets like AP. The editors deleted the story and used the photo of a crying soldier hugging the memorial display of an M-16 bayoneted into a box with the soldier’s helmet on the buttstock and dog tags on the hand grip. The photo cutline read: A soldier mourns the loss of a fellow comrade. Elsewhere in Iraq, 14 killed in a large explosion outside… you get the point. Just a single sentence. No name. No family. Just a sentence and then elsewhere in Iraq. That’s hardly justice for a soldier who gave that reporter the freedom of press.

It Can’t Be Done – It’s Impossible

Yet it works every darn time.