The Willful Ignorance Of The Nominee Heralds Prolonged Battle Over The Second Amendment

Sotomayor’s testimony in pursuit of a seat on the highest US court invites endless partisan analysis. If you are interested, begin with a few link-rich webpages: leftist concerns; the nominee’s repeated comments; the Ricci case and Sotomayor’s original take on international law, and then a report from, of all people, AP. That will get you started — assuming you want to go wandering in the swamp.

What’s most interesting to this newsletter is not the way Sotomayor is lying, reversing herself and babbling incoherently, but that she has resorted to fantasy. Her erroneous ruminations on the second amendment express the “progressive” dream that it does not apply to the states. That mistake is fundamental (do click on this link!), and shows that she bases judicial practice on ideological goals that hark back to the nineteenth century. The original purpose of firearms legislation was to disarm newly-freed black folks who were defending themselves against night riders and KKK thugs. Courts decided challenges to those laws by honoring overarching racist values.

If the extreme left is ever to disarm the USA, it must ignore modern judicial doctrine and overturn precedent. “Wise Latina” Sotomayor has told the senators she is equal to the task. There is no way her critics can prevent her from being confirmed, so her appointment to the highest court will assure them that the firearms-banners’ recidivist dream lives on. They hope to free the states to ignore one part of the Bill of Rights. Whether the fourteenth amendment prohibits that is being debated now, and Sotomayor has come down strongly but ignorantly on the side of the firearms control lobby.

If in the next seven years Obama can appoint one justice to replace one of the five who voted for Heller, the second amendment could be effectively reduced to a nullity. That might occur after The One is out of office. (Interesting firearms-related post here.)

Well, enough dark thoughts. Now let your imagination wander freely for a moment; indulge yourself in a bit of the silliness strict consistency (that hobgoblin of small minds) can evoke. Think of the high court’s potential misadventures this way: if the nation is to drop back to Sotomayor’s nineteenth century understandings of the federal constitution, a line will have to be drawn somewhere. If it is not…in for a penny, in for a pound…slavery might be re-instituted. Or perhaps the 1898 “separate but equal” rule of law will return, and we can have those great old Jim Crow laws again. If the states can ignore one amendment to the constitution — which is a part of the Bill of Rights, no less — why should they have to obey that other amendment mandating Liberty for all non-felons?

Ah, nostalgia…it just isn’t what it used to be, now is it?

There’s a Right Way, And It Begins With Self-Respect

If you want bombastic dictators to take you seriously, you have to respond bluntly to their insults. If you tell the world that you will go anywhere and talk about any issue as if your core principles were subject to debate and the approval of rascals, bullies will regard you asweak and contemptible. They will say things like this.

Well, bullies are a universal type, and coping with them requires that above all else, you honestly cherish your rights. You cannot accept what bullies say and do as somehow appropriate, as if their outrages were valid expressions of personal opinion. Whether you make that mistake is a diagnostic attribute of your ethics.

It appears that Obama learned nothing decent or constructive from his experiences on the playground when he was a child…. Who would want such an ally?

Sanger, The Planned Parenthood “Negro Project,” And Obama

Look at this video, then follow the PenPo’s peek into a controversial subject — the possible imposition of race-based genocide in the USA.

Are the claims in the video true? Is Planned Parenthood still interested in reducing the number of black folks? Did it ever have that aim?

It’s true that Margaret Sanger did deliver herself of some statements that raise eyebrows, but the full truth, in so far as it can be known today, offers no evidence to support the claims and tone of this video. Here is what the PenPo learned from a review of the history.

A critical article dealing with Sanger’s programs appeared in the Wall Street Journal in 1997, and it’s available here. It exposes her racist attitude toward the Chinese, about which she was quite outspoken. She seems to have had unidentified aesthetic objections to Orientals, and to have absorbed the common bigotry of her time that understood Chinese as a horde of identical pests extending beyond the horizon, threatening the USA with their heathen ways and amazing fecundity.

Maggie was, in other words, not always an original thinker, and not terribly open-minded. Her positive qualities lay in other areas, as you will see.

Sanger was taken in by the popular eugenics movement (links: Wikipedia, then there’s a comprehensive archive, and finally the nutcasesexplain themselves) that was something like the anthropogenic global warming cult of its day. Scientific-sounding assumptions and assertions were assembled to prove the need and effectiveness of breeding people as cattle are bred, improving the species by continuously filtering the gene pool. Sanger, reported here:

The mass of Negroes, particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from the portion of the population least intelligent and fit, and least able to rear children properly.

The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

Does she mean she does not want the truth to get out, or that she does? There is just enough ambiguity here to find Sanger Not Guilty of genocidal intentions.

It is known that Sanger was unequivocally against abortion. As far as the PenPo could determine, she never tried to make a detailed case for her position, but stated simply that one should not take life. When, however, she also wrote

…the most merciful thing that the large family does to one its infant members is to kill it….

…all our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class.

she gave today’s critics some damning raw material.

The contexts for these (two distinct) incendiary outbursts are missing, and corroborating evidence of homicidal fantasies does not exist. Concluding that Sanger advocated infanticide is utterly irrational. She may well have been pointing out the horror, as she conceived it, of growing up hopelessly poor, ignorant, without adequate health care, and beginning a life of misery. To a privileged Northeastern lady, that would indeed be a fate worse than death.

Everything about Sanger’s life testifies to her impatient, focused practicality. She was eager to tell women how to prevent conception, and not at all interested in undertaking profound analyses of ethics. She was an activist with an agenda, not a philosopher. Her ability to evaluate circumstances was no more insightful or enlightened than absolutely necessary; she saw a problem, she asked how it could be solved, and once she knew that, she set to work passing the information on to those who needed it most. The subtleties and extended ramifications did not concern her, once she had achieved her superficial understanding of things.

As such people will often do, Sanger assumed (without saying as much) that if the world would take her simple, practical advice, things would be ever so much better and most other problems would consequently fade. She was a variety of Utopian, and accordingly naive, but lacking the lust for control and/or power that drives pure Utopians. She simply knew a better way, a way that was obvious if you would think about it for just a minute, and she knew that she could help. End of report…as far as she was concerned.

Today the nuances and tone of Sanger’s rather simple-minded zeal make her controversial in ways she would never have understood. At the time, these peccadilloes were overshadowed by Sanger’s problems with the law. Her careless words and Jim Crow assumptions did not matter almost a century ago. Then times changed, birth control lost almost all its implications for virtually everyone, and Sanger became a different figure with new meanings — some of them distressing.

It’s not hard to see why this happened. In her work, she focused on the immediate…and often oversimplified it, relying on the trendy pseudoscience of her time (eugenics) to give her all the backing she needed to continue her Miss Fix-It crusade. In a way, she was a kind of Martha Stewart figure: give practical advice freely, use ordinary language, be candid, and when asked to explain yourself, just say what comes naturally. That can lead to eventual trouble.

This newsletter is not impressed with attempts to portray Planned Parenthood as an anti-black genocidal conspiracy, and Sanger as a premature Nazi. Linking those fantasies to Obama’s admittedly wretched proposals is silly. The One is not out to destroy the USA and wipe out any racial, ethnic or gender-defined group; he is a huge problem, but neither he nor Margaret Sanger’s venerable organization are intent on reducing the black population. Race has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood, though of course it does matter to the Obama crew, who have attacked The One’s critics as bigots.

Some of the “wingnuts” need to calm down and conduct a thorough reality check. The video noted at the beginning of this item is off the rails, and that’s a shame.


From PenPo Nr. 41, the nineteenth of November, 2008: “…Hillary at State. The striped-pants set will put a leash on her, or so The One thinks. Perhaps they will. Either way, Big Mistake. He’s just made it that much harder to put his stamp on his administration.” Which is whythis and this are taking place now.

An EMP is related to a Carrington Event, about which PenPo Number 71 informed you, and neither the EMP nor the CE are to be welcomed. The EMP is worse, because it’s deliberate and hostile. Inform yourself at this web page.

The overwrought title of this long article does not do the contents justice: “Sara ‘Barracuda’ Palin and the Piranhas of the Press” is a lot more than you are led to expect. It’s brilliant — a mix of cogent, fair-minded commentary and hard facts — and should be required reading in every newsroom in the USA. Whatever your political sentiments, don’t miss it.

Depressing commentary: Mark Steyn looks at Japan, Canada, Europe, and then the USA. Oh, good grief.

Storm troopers, real SA-copycats? Looks like it, except the uniforms are black, not brown. Government interest in intimidation of voters? None. Something here stinks, and how!

Que viva El Che, que viva Zelaya! Y mas aqui. Arriba y adelante!

A harbinger? “Obama has mistaken his personal popularity for a national predilection toward emergency-driven central planning.” Wow. Imagine: that appeared in the Washington Post! Well, then there is this politically correct bigoted crap, the sort of thing folks have come to expect from the WaPo. So who knows what’s going on at the legacy propaganda organ, anyway? — Related news: this, which did not appear in the WaPo.

Biden as insider news source. It’s off target, but what the heck, this newsletter will drink to it anyway! Good ol’ Joe, and good ol’ Old No. 7…!

Pelosi and the learning curve. It made her blink, which for her is a major undertaking.

A media “moonbat” waxes obnoxious, gets fired; the “wingnuts” do a dance on her (figurative) grave. This newsletter suspects her outburstat tea party participants was unrelated to her dismissal. Nastiness all around, says the PenPo. The real media villains are safely behind the scenes, editing and directing, and the victims of censorship are celebrating a non-victory.

Oh, good. This will help reduce conspiracist madness in the USA, you betcha. Cripes! Thanks, NASA; first you give Jim Hansen a job and a pulpit, and now you inspire truly lunar lunacy.

Moaning, groaning and whining from a critic of the Obamacare “health” legislation: will all this negativism never stop? No, and if you think it’s bad now, wait until a couple of years after the damned program is put into effect.

Obama, hypocrisy, and corruption. This is a story that won’t get much coverage in the major media — if it gets any.

California again. Oh, boy. That is all.

The lady says candidly, “When I became Home Secretary (of the UK) I’d never run a major organisation. I hope I did a good job but if I did it was more by luck than by any kind of development of skills.” (If the link does not work for you, try this one.) Not to worry, Madam; the USA’s president is similarly disadvantaged, and making your performance look sterling by comparison.

OMG. Wha…. And then.

North Korea readies a multi-part film in praise of its leader. The phenomenon is just bizarre enough to be included in the PenPo’s next excursion into fetid nether regions, there to overturn flat rocks and marvel at the nauseating life forms exposed to the killing, cleansing rays of the sun. Everybody needs a hobby….

Sometimes it all just gets to be too, too much, and you lurch off the rails. Survivalists started doing it years ago. Stand back, everybody, and give him a little time to clean out his desk…. The Free Republic founder, eh? Fret not, Pilgrims. There but for reason, principle, maturity and a lifestyle free of all psychotropic substances goes the PenPo!

A police official, whose jurisdiction earned in four years some one billion US dollars from fines made possible by video surveillance,bemoans the fact that “with the Internet and all the new technology, it’s almost impossible to stop the flow of information.” People are using mobile phones and GPS software to disclose the locations of the cameras. A cash cow is headed for the knacker’s yard. (For valuable context, see two additional posts: first, and then next.)

Those whose philosophical nature leads them to the contemplation of governance will appreciate this graceful essay, which begins withpart one here, and continues with part two here. A third part is projected.

Well, we have hope, and we have change. For some folks, those words mean it’s time to learn how to escape and evade. Escape from what, and evade whom? Obama’s domestic security force has not even been funded yet — but if it ever is, it’s clear that a determined few will be darned hard to catch and keep.

For AGW believers and sensible people alike: yet more fussin’ and fumin’. The facts are in, but…. Meanwhile, if you want a quick, easy-to-understand and slightly comic book-appearing document that hits all the high spots and flattens them but good, this .pdf file will delight you. It includes hard science the cult does not want anyone to know about.

From 2015, an explanation of the government’s health services. Hilarious…or scary as can be?

From The Archive

These items were included in The Terrapin Gazette of the nineteenth of March, 2005.

Note, please: the first link directly below does not work properly, but you may open the linked web page by using the Google search engine. Copy the entire URL into the Google search window, and when the results appear, click on “neardeath’s Bookmarks About Favorites.” Then scroll down to “Saddam’s $2M offer to WMD inspector,” click, and read.

Nobody Here But Us Chickens, And Here’s A Dollar For You To Believe It

The major media continue to chortle over the (easily explained) failure to find Saddam’s nasty weapons. So you would not expect this storyto be widely reported, now would you?

If there were no things to find, why would Aziz try to bribe anybody not to find them?

Shhh…be very, very quiet. Above all, don’t repeat this story. It could be embarrassing to some Big Media people, and we wouldn’t want that, now would we?

There’s More — A Lot More, And The Gatekeepers Won’t Let It In

Continuing our demonstration of the fact that your newspaper isn’t bringing you more than five percent of the real news, we direct you to this website.

This is the twenty-third installment in a series that reports just the good news from Iraq. (Yes, there is quite a bit of good news. There always has been some; these days, there is a lot more. We are winning. Big.)

Oh, come on: click on the URL and scroll down, just to get an idea of the sheer quantity of information available there. It would probably take the better part of an hour to read it all, and longer to follow up on all the links.


The Media Are A Mess? Prove It!

We believe we can.

Here, if you needed more evidence, are the comments of the Mudville Gazette, a military-oriented weblog. The weblogger describes his frustration and then provides proof of his efforts to inform the public, the majority of whom are still in thrall to the NY Times-LA Times-Newsweek-CBS axis of deceit. Yes, we know you won’t click on all the URL’s, but you could; if you did, you would see a tremendous amount of information that no one who depends on the major media ever sees.

Don’t EVER tell us we don’t back our claims with evidence, and document everything!

For several months while I was in Iraq I felt I had a second mission – not to be over dramatic but nearly as important as my official one (though my priorities were always straight). That second-level effort was to counter the doom and gloom reporting that was being sent out from the various hotel rooms in Baghdad for re-writes on international desks in newsrooms in London, Melbourne, New York, Washington, LA, and points between.

Stop and think about that for a minute. The troops at the front had to counter the negative (and non-factual) reporting of America’s media. Don’t just read these words – really, think about the ramifications. America’s media had let it’s readers/viewers down. By design or by incompetence there was never anything in major media to indicate that Iraq’s elections would be anything other than a dismal, bloody, and catastrophic failure. Overall they were guilty of incredible ignorance or unpardonable crimes.

Read these: One, Two, Three, Four.

You might have some idea why I believed the Iraqi elections would be every bit as successful as they were. Then go here.

Then try these posts – one per day for the week prior to the Iraqi elections. If you read them when they originally went up, try reading them now with the benefit of hindsight, and see what you think.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight.

I wasn’t the only voice, of course, but I’m proud Mudvile became a place for others to sound off too. While I was still in Iraq I posted a story about action involving John Lucas’ son. In no time flat Mr Lucas had emailed clarification and additional details he’d heard from his son.

Most of the last year’s msm (mainstream media) stories of Iraq should be acknowledged as the finest examples of journalistic malpractice in history.

But now all the vets of Operation Iraqi Freedom II are coming home. Home to tell the truth about their war. Home to counter the garbage that’s been trumpeted by those back here claiming to speak for them for all these months. A great example is this response from a Vermont guardsman to the headline grabbing stunt pulled by the left in that state.

Likely the main stories of returning vets you’ll see from that same msm now will be of GIs coming home and killing their wives. Guys who’s wounds have left them struggling. Guys who can’t adjust, guys who wake up screaming…

Some will even be true. But it will be increasingly difficult not to tell America the full truth when their sons and daughters, husbands wives and neighbors come marching home.

There you have it: the efforts and the anger of a warrior who feels literally betrayed by the US news machine.

Even if you do not believe that he should have been sent into a foreign nation to help topple its government, you surely must concede that his sacrifice — and the sacrifice of many others — was opposed and hindered by a deceitful, lying and authoritarian press that preaches pessimism and defeat. Facts are facts.

Are You Convinced Yet?

Here’s a short post that describes how some Iraqis, fed up with Syrian