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Month: August 2009

Number 102

The Release Of The Libyan Mass Murderer Was An Enormity, And The Role Of The UN Has Not Been Properly Noted One can view this from the “moonbat” or “wingnut” viewpoint: “progressives” will say...

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Number 101

By Way Of Explanation This should be Number 102 or possibly even 103 of the PenPo. It was delayed by injuries to this newsletter’s second assistant proofreader, who is now able to essay a return to thankless drudgery....

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Number 100

Health Care Legislation Decoded In Number 98 of The Penguin Post, there is a link that you may have followed. It takes you to a post containing this text: …the House bill does not outright outlaw private individual health...

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Number 99

Firearms, Fake Facts, and Foolishness In Number 77 of The Penguin Post, this item appeared: US firearms in Mexico — someone (guess who, see the eleventh paragraph of the article) fiddled the real statistics, so Obama went...

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