The Release Of The Libyan Mass Murderer Was An Enormity, And The Role Of The UN Has Not Been Properly Noted

One can view this from the “moonbat” or “wingnut” viewpoint: “progressives” will say it proves the dominance of a capitalist value system that puts money above all else, while members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (TM H.R. Clinton) will say it shows what happens when a nation is subverted by an alien culture. The truth will never be known. In any event, it’s a disgraceful miscarriage of justice.

There is little point in spending words on Gordon Brown; he is hopeless and doomed. The man has behaved as one might expect. He is, after all, the political head of a nation that has changed its ways under pressure from Islam. Financial considerations did apply to the release of the Lockerbie bomber, as well; it was a quid pro quo. Of course Lord Mandelson is correct to say that such words are “offensive.” They are just as offensive as calling a murderer a murderer to his face. Giving offense has nothing to do with truth.

Moreover, the careful observer will note that the “compassionate” release was precisely the opposite, ignoring as it did the agony of the families of the victims. Their misery was trivialized in deference to the wishes of one extraordinarily evil man and his degenerate family.

The real question is not why Brown passively acceded to something so terribly unethical — he is obviously not an ethical person, so there you have it — but what the international community should and can do about Islam’s holy warriors. That’s where the UN comes in. Let it be noted that when the UN approaches, wise men will hide their valuables and daughters.

For a dispassionate clarification of the issues, by all means read this brief contribution.

Note how the “medical” report of the condition of the Lockerbie bomber pleads for his release from a Scottish prison because it would benefit his family. Surely that is unethical expansion of the physician’s limited role in jurisprudential/political deliberations. When a health professional abuses his privileged status on behalf of a mass murderer, why that would happen is an immediate question.

The March Of Fascism

Jonah Goldberg wrote Liberal Fascism, a best-seller that gave many people a more accurate understanding of Hitler and modern liberalism. The book was dismissed by a NY Times reviewer because it was about liberal fascism, not about conservative fascism. Naturally.

Here, from this post on the internet, is Goldberg’s list of recent defining events:

…in the first six months of Obama’s presidency we’ve seen corporatism and “state capitalism” run amok, in the government takeover of two car companies and numerous banks. Labor unions have become increasingly indistinguishable from the government and the party that controls it. Herbert Croly and the Progressives have once again been rehabilitated as founding fathers of the New Age. The entire liberal intellectual class is convinced that this the time for a new New Deal. Critics of statism are vilified by liberal elites as racists and fascists. (And those who refuse to get with the Gorian program are guilty of “treason against the planet“). When out of power, liberals lionized free speech and celebrated dissent as the highest form of patriotism. Now, they label dissent “un-American” and the president insists he doesn’t want to hear a lot of talking from anyone who disagrees with him. While the stench of eugenics and euthanasia do not quite sting the nostrils yet, the odor is detectable and the liberal impulse for controlling the lives of others has been re-exposed.

Indeed, our own Messianic president, who insists that we can create a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, also apparently believes that “we are God’s partners in matters of life and death” and that religious organizations that are true to their calling should rally behind a united front to expand the scope and role of government. When the head of state says such things, it is hard not to be reminded of the Progressive concept of the God State, a major theme of Liberal Fascism. The “State is the actually existing, realized moral life . . . The divine idea as it exists on earth,” Hegel declared in The Philosophy of History. The State, according to Hegel, was the “march of God on earth.” The progressives agreed. Richard Ely, the founding father of progressive economics, proclaimed “God works through the State in carrying out His purposes more universally than through any other institution.”

How To Make Criminals Pay

Here’s a good idea, quoted on this weblog:

The fact that compensation would often not be forthcoming either because of inability to catch the offender or inability to pay if caught would motivate us to take out “crime insurance”, which in turn would motivate the insurance company to catch such criminals as it profitably could. Criminals would have plenty to fear from these highly motivated companies, who of course would acquire from their clients the right to such compensation as they could exact, at least up to the level of full restitution. It would be interesting to know whether the net effect would be more satisfactory than the current system, but when you consider the all-but-total failure of the punishment system actually employed in, say, the United States and Canada, it is difficult to believe that it wouldn’t be a major improvement. Everyone agrees that we have very far to go in the way of improving our system of responding to crime. It is a sobering thought that getting rid of one of the most spectacularly cost-effective systems in the history of mankind short of war is perhaps even less likely to be seriously considered than is abolition of war.

Having the cops looking for you is one thing, would you like to have an insurance company after you? Now that’s a thought to chill the blood!

A Gloomy Outlook — Put Your Money In Gold And Pure Silver Quarters

Says a PenPo staffer: “I recall Jeff Hummel from the days when I shed conservatism as inconsistent. He tooled around southern California in a shocking pink — or was it lavender? — VW bug, and wrote dense articles for the Libertarian party. Today he’s an associate prof at a California state university. I don’t think he sold out, though. It’s a matter of finding a job in academia, and that can be rough for a guy who thinks state universities are a bad idea. Intellectually respectable private universities probably won’t take Libertarians, with the exception of donations of their bodies to the medical school.” Here’s a recent article by Hummel. It predicts financial disaster, so you need to read it. It’s as dense as ever.

A Quote From Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan

“Alas, one cannot assert authority by accepting one’s own fallibility. Simply, people need to be blinded by knowledge — we are made to follow leaders who can gather people together because the advantages of being in groups trump the disadvantages of being alone. It has been more profitable for us to bind together in the wrong direction than to be alone in the right one. Those who have followed the assertive idiot rather than the introspective wise person have passed us some of their genes. This is apparent from a social pathology: psychopaths rally followers.”


The PenPo has been saying some snotty things lately about the US Veterans’ Administration and Obama. You should have taken those remarks with a grain of salt. Now, however, you can go on a low-sodium diet.

On “Nazi” tendencies, quotes, and posters: here’s a weblog post to check out. Note that the source for an Obama quote is provided by the weblog; that source is here, and since it’s the NY Times, even “progressives” will have to credit it.

It’s Damnable Hypocrisy Month at the PenPo, so here’s another damning comment. Oh, more here.

Don’t you think that if the Obama administration could point to a large, modern, developed nation that has good socialized medicine, it would do so? And wouldn’t the backers of Obamacare proclaim all the while, “It’s been done! See, it’s practical!”? Of course. Well, where to point? Canada is out, the UK is worse…oh, there’s always France. The nation with exemplary prisons must have good national health care, eh? Why, sure. Read it and follow the links. It’s French food for thought.

Comic relief. Aah, all better.

More chuckles, as internet entrepreneurship reaches a new level.

Regarding Obamacare: Zeke can’t wriggle out of responsibility for his own words, but he’ll give it a try.

A lot comes together in this brief note of how The Narrative works to twist truth. The link at the end of this commentary takes you to a video that was highly recommended in PenPo 85.

How effective are enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs, for short, and if you are a “progressive,” just call EITs “torture”)? It’s hard to say, but this article is grist for the mill.

The Obama administration ponders just how relentless and adventuresome it wants to be in its support of a Marxist dictator.

After the USSR collapsed — and to a certain extent before it did — some information was gleaned from Soviet files regarding the activities of US citizens such as Alger Hiss. Here’s another instance. While the report appears in a “wingnut” website, the PenPo recommends it for its solid sources and accurate interpretation of the facts. Thanks go to JY for this timely item.

USMC vet reads congressman the riot act; solon says he did not call those opposed to Obamacare “brown shirts,” later apologizes for saying what they are doing “is close to Brown Shirt tactics. I mean that very seriously.” This newsletter takes the representative at his word on that last bit, but wonders about his apology.

Collectivists don’t like it one darn bit when the public at large gets upset by attempts to impose more rules, regulations, prohibitions and ukases. So things like this are inevitable.

The NY Times, Palin, Obamacare, and falsehoods…. What a combination.

Wow, here’s a shocker: if you don’t like Obama, you’re a racist.

The PenPo guesses that not one person in a thousand knows about the role the IRS is set to play in the Obamacare program. Details here. Now compare that news with this CBS report.

What’s the cause of all the anger? It’s not politics — it’s the violation of fundamental values.

Before there was a Penguin Post or a Terrapin Gazette, the staff of those insightful newsletters was broadcasting the facts that Jew-hatred was to be found on the left, not the right, and that the plague would grow. An update is available.

NPCFP (Not Politically Correct for “Progressives”) alert! Sudden death from seven thousand miles away; nifty video included.

Is this legal? The White House admits it spent taxpayers’ money to promote Obamacare. It should be a scandal, but the PenPo fearlessly predicts it will not get much play in the news media, and most folks will not be angry about the abuse of executive power. People expect Obama to push hard for his programs, and he is the man in charge.

Fighting out of the blue corner, you have Barack Obama, the Chicago Organizer! His opponent, fighting out of the red corner, Human Rights! Your referee tonight is…er… Never mind, here’s round one!

Bletchley Park was unable to break many of the Nazi Enigma messages, and civilians have been working on some of them — with considerable success. The last message from the Scharnhorst is now en clair, for example.

Micheal Yon is reporting from Afghanistan; don’t skip his latest post. Meanwhile, the Brits have told him he is no longer welcome with their military. Is it censorship, political correctness, or just idiocy? There’s no way to tell. Yon has received some praise from the public in the UK, though. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Time was, Al Qaeda thugs were scared of going to Guantanamo. How things have changed.

Now, from the folks who had no idea the USSR was about to collapse, who gave us The Bay of Pigs, and who tried to use Valerie Plame to set G. W. Bush up for a fall, we have yet more grief. Why do these spooks hate each other so much, and why do they have so many enemies? What a dysfunctional bunch.

Here’s how Al Franken got into the Senate.

A lot of folks have enjoyed this video. You may have to use a proxy to view it if you are outside Europe.

Another useful quote: “The surest path to baffling the statists and governmentalists among us is to simply tell them, ‘I am really not interested in your help.'” Found on this weblog.

Click on this link, and then scroll down to the post of Donald L. Luskin. It’s cute.

“It can’t happen here.” The hell it can’t! Watch this video.

Of course you read about the tea party types who were going to blow up the Democrats’ convention with gasoline bombs, except a courageous Obama supporter infiltrated the group and now the “wingnut” terrorists are in prison. It was all over the papers and the TV, everybody knows about it. …What? You say you missed it? Shoot, nobody could have missed it, it was huge. It got lots of play in the Obama-loving media! …Well, OK, the facts are not quite as described here. Which explains why you did not hear about this story of genuine political urban terrorism. Its final phase, a death threat directed at the informant who prevented the bombing, is playing itself out now. And the major media are looking the other way, watching for a tea party mob to assault an elected official.

Here’s an emotional and meaningful article. Lest we forget…and allow evil to triumph. The threat is still with us, and from a very old foe.

Do you recall the “fairness doctrine”? The PenPo devoted all of Number Forty to that monstrosity, so avid readers of this newsletter may also recall this guy. If he truly represents his district, that fact alone should lower real estate values there drastically.

An under-reported fact about the “Rathergate” scandal.

How’s this for a freak show? “Moonbats,” using race as an issue, try to silence a bombastic, not-terribly-intellectual “wingnut,” and the business community cowers; meanwhile, the audience for the fracas grows as if someone had hollered “Girl fight!” on a high school campus at lunchtime — and the LA Times (that bastion of journalistic integrity, hah) ‘splains it all to you. (Heavy sigh) Heaven forfend…where’s the nearest binjo ditch?

Leftist high dudgeon as farce: P. J. O’Rourke lampoons the Washington Post’s smear of the uppity primitives in flyover country. Exquisite.

From The Archive

The following appeared in The Terrapin Gazette of April 5, 2005:

What We Expect Of The News Media

You may recall that some time ago, TG presented you with a relatively short list of our demands of the press. We wanted to spell out what we hoped to see, rather than simply scold the rascals.

A weblogger has done something similar, and it’s worth a look. We present here a much-reduced version of his comments. We don’t agree with all of what he says, but…that’s not a concern.

He begins with a fundamental statement that we find disconcerting: the major media and the Democratic National Committee must be thought of as one entity.

We must refer to and treat the MSM/DNC (mainstream media/Democratic Nat’l Committee) as one organization. We must refer to and treat the MSM as part of a political organization.


Then he lists some media violations of ethics:

The memory hole. The tactic here is to forget that certain events occurred….

Ventriloquist journalism. A common tactic of the MSM/DNC is to get others to do its dirty work. Let it appear as if someone else is doing the talking so that “media bias” won’t be so obvious.

Polls. An offshoot of ventriloquist journalism is the MSM/DNC’s reliance upon polls. The polls that the MSM/DNC uses are either (1) unreliable or blatantly false and/or (2) self-fulfilling prophecies.

Buzzwords. The MSM/DNC will repeat a word or phrase often enough that the word itself will take on a life of its own and give those that pay little attention to the news a point of reference. Words like “Halliburton”, “Soccer mom”, “gravitas” are designed to serve as signposts for the semi-conscious….

Coordination with the Democratic candidates.

The smear/personal attack/outrage. This one is not as recent as it seems. In the 1950’s, that overrated hack Edward R. Murrow smeared Joe McCarthy by careful editing of film, a tactic that caused Bobby Kennedy to walk out on a dinner in honor of Murrow because of what he did to “my friend Joe.”

Euphemisms. MSM/DNC often uses euphemisms to downplay otherwise serious stories.

False appearance of evenhandedness.

Well, you get the idea. It’s a long post, and if this sort of media criticism interests you, you should definitely visit this site. It includes an interesting discussion of “The October Surprise,” a particularly dirty trick that was part of the media’s proclaimed attempt to remove G. W. Bush from office. The link for that is here.

Once again: we don’t agree with all of the above. We still think our list of suggested reforms is better.

Note: the Terrapin Gazette’s list of wishes for the news media can be found in The New Terrapin Gazette, Nr. 5. If you want a copy, request it from the publisher.