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Month: September 2009

Number 108

Number 108 30 September 2009 The Iranian Threat Do not allow journalistic rhetoric to obscure the fundamentals. They include: 1. The recent revelation that Iran is building an additional uranium refinement facility is not new to...

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Number 107

Number 107 25 September 2009 The Administration Positions Its Heavy Artillery For The Next Battle In The Culture War This newsletter has been emphasizing the importance of the culture war in US politics for some time. Recent...

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Number 106

Understanding The USA’s Culture War If you wish to make a start at comprehending the depth and scope of the divide in US politics, you are well advised to read Tom Wolfe. His commentary is both revelatory and entertaining....

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Number 105

Number 105 11 September 2009 In Memoriam Never Forget The Truth Is Our Sword And Shield The many heroes will never be forgotten, and all citizens of the USA can be proud of them. Eight years after the terrible events, this...

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Number 104

The Penguin Post’s Modest Proposal: A Pledge For Patriotic Citizens Of The United States Of America The call has gone out, promoted by celebrities — each citizen is enjoined to “pledge to be a servant to our...

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