In Memoriam

Never Forget

The Truth Is Our Sword And Shield

The many heroes will never be forgotten, and all citizens of the USA can be proud of them.

Eight years after the terrible events, this newsletter pays special tribute to the people who just happened to be on United flight 93. They prevented the hijackers from destroying their target. When they could have frozen in terror, the heroes of flight 93 responded. “Let’s roll.”

Thus did some very ordinary, everyday people overcome suicidal fanatics.

In so doing, these heroes reminded us that the US citizen, however weak he or she may be, is much too strong to be conquered. Our war to defend our way of life will be won because we are determined to triumph.

That determination is not inspired by the empty words of our politicians, nor is it diminished by the lies, dishonesty and deceit so often employed by those in office. Our strength as a people does not come from the cynical blandishments of a governing class that seeks to pacify and control us.

We are better than many of our leaders. We are more honest, we are braver, and we are not as vain or as hungry for power as are those who would rule us. We are determined to make a better world for our children and grandchildren, and we know how to do it.

Our determination flows from a simple truth: the fact that we are far better people than all those, whether our countrymen or aliens, who would enslave our grandchildren “for their own benefit.”

On this anniversary, we can take time to remember…to remember the fallen, to remember the heroes…and to remember that truth.

The love we ordinary folks have for Liberty makes us infinitely better than all of our enemies.

They shall not prevail.

Secular Religion

It just goes on and on, and not even the PenPo can stem the tide:

Part of the post-rationalism (sic) religion of environmentalism requires that previous claims remain forever uncorrected. One of them is the notion that the Maldives is being overwhelmed by rising seas. By some past alarming claims, it should have already happened.

If anthropogenic global warming (AGW) were not a matter of faith, those who speak truth to ideologues would never complain that their arguments go unremarked. As things stand, pointing out that temperature changes occur first and are followed by changes in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere simply produces statements such as, “Carbon dioxide has increased 33% since the turn of the twentieth century.” Indeed, nonresponsive responses and irrelevant data are the mantras of the Gore-Hansenist cult.

Rebuttals and hard data mean little, for the AGW myth survives. And it will bring new taxes down on the US public if the Obama administration has anything to say about it. For some time now, a few observers have felt that AGW is the excuse used by tax-and-spend politicians to extend their reach and power; it’s not at all a matter of science. Some solons (how many it is impossible to say) don’t even believe there is a climate crisis, let alone that mankind caused it. Revenue is the sole concern.

That means that the next big fight in Congress, once Obamacare is decided, will be a struggle to impose taxes out of facts-be-damned fealty to Gaia. This newsletter considers that nothing less than a violation of the first amendment to the constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….”

Well, that is said almost in jest.

Camille Paglia Is Not Always Right, But She’s Always Worth Listening To

Staunch Obama supporter Paglia has been tearing her hair as the Democrats blunder into failure.

Democrats have managed to destroy the national coalition that elected Obama and that is unlikely to be repaired. If Obama fails to win reelection, let the blame be first laid at the door of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who at a pivotal point threw gasoline on the flames by comparing angry American citizens to Nazis.

Paglia seems to have been bitten by the prophesy bug, an insect that is familiar to the PenPo. In the last issue of this newsletter, you (may have) read that Obama is showing signs of being a one-term president. (See the next item, which reminds you of Madame Zelda’s vision.)

Getting rid of Pelosi might indeed save the Democratic party, which seems about to alienate ever-larger numbers of rational people and drag the nation into a swamp. Pelosi needs to go, but how can it be arranged? Her constituents, many of whom are left of Lenin, overlook her corruption and scatterbrained incompetence. The outlook is grim for both the Democrats and the country.

This is the “rule by Congress” that the PenPo warned of when it explained why a vote for Obama was not a good idea. (See PenPo 8.) Clearly, the president has been unable to assemble a competent White House team, for both foreign and domestic policy are crumbling. The gap is being filled by legislators, and the results are dysfunctional.

Do read Paglia’s recent piece, and consider her notions carefully. She is one of a very small number of genuine leftists who can actually make sense.

Madame Zelda Saw It, And She May Have Been Right

From Utopian savior to embittered partisan in nine months…Obama has changed. Part of this transformation is due to his never having been up to his elbows in politics before. For years, it was schmoozing, planning with like-mined radicals, giving pep talks to teams of ACORN apparatchiki, and dreaming of the grandeur of a perfected society. He never had to guide a controversial bill through a legislature, he never had to make a public case for his new ideas, he never had to cope with other legislators who came at him from unexpected directions. The hard work of getting people to agree to change was never his day-in, day-out task. He was an elegant, almost totally silent figure, devoid of executive experience, floating above the very unglamorous work of the state legislature and the federal senate. Speechifying was his strong suit, not legislating.

Now, however, he knows first-hand what stopped Hillary when she embarked on her naive effort to care for a nation. The sheer impracticality of the scheme and the fact that many opponents suddenly appeared have bloodied the president. The teleprompter never told him it would be like this.

Of course The One’s apologists will say this is what happens when a true leader runs afoul of brigands and obstructionists. The Blame Game is a way of deflecting attention from the facts, and it usually works, at least a little.

But in weakening the president, the rascals had some help from The One Himself. Obama made his first huge mistake when he stood aside and let a crazed Congress pass that “stimulus” bill. It was a legislative travesty, and the public was more impressed with its recklessness than with its intent. The precedent had been created: this is an administration that might well do great harm.

Against that, there is the idealism of dreamers to entice the voter. In spite of the fact that there literally is no model for the health care system Obama wants — which means that there is no proof of concept — the program is pitched with appeals that skip over the prudential aspects of the proposal. No one is talking about how problems will be avoided or solved, while everyone knows any huge government project will inevitably create many problems. There is no discussion of how policy will be adaptively modified as experience mounts, and there are no answers to questions about how the USA may avoid the horrors of the UK and Canadian systems. Instead, the public is told that the current patchwork health care delivery system must be improved.

As true as that is, the current economic collapse should give all thoughtful people pause. Improper regulation by unqualified officials acting in witless concert with lunatic ideologues like Maxine Waters destroyed the value of “paper,” the mortgages forced on people who could not afford them. While empty suits like Barney Frank and Jamie Gorelick chirped about how everything was financially sound, the facts were exactly the opposite. When huge portfolios based on mortgages began to collapse, the improperly-regulated system came down in a cascade. Clearly, the government and its instrumentalities, complete with Congressional oversight, were massively incompetent.

Yet the next assignment for these Keystone Kops is to be the creation and operation of the largest health care delivery system in the world. The IRS will be deeply involved, and the government might well fine you if you don’t sign on. The nation is off to a terrible start, and don’t think people don’t realize that.

It is no wonder that The One is frustrated. His constituents, many of them lifelong Democrats, are increasingly terrified by what he might do.

As this newsletter said long before the Democrats took the White House back, Congressional leaders will be powerful, if not defining, figures in the Obama administration. There is probably no legislative body in the USA that is less qualified to lead, and that includes town councils. The voters know it, as shown by a recent poll indicating that most people would prefer to toss all members of Congress out and start over.

When Madame Zelda — as genuine a psychic as you can find — looked into her crystal ball for Obama’s future and saw Jimmy Carter (PenPo 48), she may have seen clearly for the first time in her life.


Filed under “Aren’t we lefties all a bit crazy, after all?” – – a surprisingly candid appraisal of the Van Jones debacle.

Yes, August was Damnable Hypocrisy month at the PenPo, but linking now to this reminder corrects an error of omission.

According to this claim, a disaster in Afghanistan was due to hidebound rules of engagement. If any US military unit is capable of adapting quickly, the USMC should be. Time will tell.

The puzzle that is Lebanon, as seen by the leader of the Druze.

Good advice should be practical, effective, and…fun. These ten suggestions meet the criteria.

“In the US, students do not help individual politicians, nor do they pledge allegiance to them.” Wrong. In Obama’s USA, they are expected to do both. That’s hopeandchange in action.

If half of this is true, there is going to be one hell of a shitblizzard. If none of it is true, the folks blowing the whistle have just committed virtual suicide.

The NSA, that nasty agency that reads your e-mail and therefore knows all about what you do with that thing you have in your dresser, was intercepting messages from Muslim terrorists who wanted to kill a large number of people. When the bad guys were brought to trial, the NSA would not allow some critical texts to be introduced into evidence. Then things changed. Read everything here now, because you probably never will see the full story in a newspaper or magazine. Why is that? Because it was a case of hundreds of lives saved by reading private messages, and we don’t want to encourage more such unprincipled behavior by those rotten NSA snoopers. (We don’t?)

Here’s a report that would be good news, if it weren’t for the fact that the Department of Justice will be investigating itself. The case in question has been a hot partisan issue from the first — if any Democrats have spoken out in defense of justice and equity, the PenPo missed it.

Because this case is pending before the federal supreme court, perhaps you should review issue 23 of the PenPo. By the way, it’s no surprise that Big Media have taken their anti-first amendment stance; these rascals, as believers in and frequent practitioners of censorship, do not support freedom of the press. Gatekeepers always like strong gates…

…because they enhance control. Control makes it possible for editors to smear public figures and manipulate the electorate, as this example demonstrates.

Today’s knee-slapper on the internet: “Is America ready to believe that a politician from Chicago will eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse?”

OK, so he was rude, and everybody is upset with him. Lest you forget: there’s nothing new under the sun. Besides…. And then there’s this consequence; doubtless the Big Boys hope it does not get much publicity.

Health care is something most people want. It is neither a privilege nor a right. Therefore the fuss is over whether we are better off to get what we want from government, or from other sources. Given the government’s track record in delivering health care to small populations….

If you are interested in how Fidel Castro got his start, there is a link-rich article that will help you embark on your journey of discovery.

Obama and the Girl Scouts: where is this program going? The administration wants to mobilize the girls for the good of the nation, and some folks are seeing sinister conspiracies. Meanwhile the mainstream media are not alarmed. This newsletter suspects that if Obama ever intends to implement his promised domestic security force (which will be as well funded as the regular military), he will start small and carefully, so as not to alarm anyone. But the PenPo can imagine that its staff, if suddenly put in charge of the White House, would do exactly as Obama is doing. Time will tell whether this program is of concern.

It certainly won’t be free, and it won’t be at no additional cost. But they will try to tell you otherwise.