The Iranian Threat

Do not allow journalistic rhetoric to obscure the fundamentals. They include:

1. The recent revelation that Iran is building an additional uranium refinement facility is not new to everyone; it was known years ago. Who knew and when they first knew are the questions. It now appears certain that Obama had this information before he was elected. The press should be asking whether that is true, and asking whether he was in effect lying when he attacked John McCain for insisting that Iran posed a threat that had to be dealt with firmly. It would be very interesting to know why the construction of the new plant was kept secret from the public. Further, the timing of the Iranian announcement of the plant’s existence virtually proves that there is a highly-placed spy in the US administration or intelligence community. (This was not a leak; it was a tip to Iran to pull the rug out from under the USA at the very last moment. The spy knew of the plant and knew when the USA was going to tell the world about it — which means his position is either political or very high in intelligence. The traitor is probably no stranger to the Oval Office.) Unfortunately we can not expect the lap dog media to pursue these subjects.

2. The people controlling Iran are Twelvers. This lunatic segment of Islam believes that if tens of millions of Iranians perish in an infidel/Jewish attack, the Twelfth Imam will return to earth and lead Islam in a final battle against unbelievers and heretics. The result will be the imposition of the universal caliphate and the end of history. Translation: in order to execute God’s plan, Ahmadinejad could well provoke a catastrophic war. “Mr Ahmadinejad also hinted that the attack by the US, France and Britain might be just the thing around which his deeply fractured nation might rally.” (Source of quote)

3. Israel will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran because it cannot survive that eventuality.

4. The collectivist-leftist mindset has intense difficulty grasping the fact that anyone, no matter how ignorant and unsophisticated, can actually believe in several articles of faith taught by Islam and some of its variants. Among those beliefs are that divine benefits accrue to jihadi suicides; the inerrancy of the Koran; the verity of claims that a creator-deity demands obedience on pain of incomprehensibly agonizing punishment; the divine commandment to murder Buddhists, Jains and Hindus; the requirement that Jews be murdered or subjugated along with Christians; and the need to murder those who leave Islam.

Note that the beliefs of the Twelvers are even more preposterous. That means the collectivist-leftist community has insuperable difficulty accepting the fact that some people can and do hold these absurdities sacred and perfectly correct.

There is, in other words, a general failure of the left to credit the nature of the threat posed by Islam.

Taking refuge in the Myth of the Moderate Muslim, the “progressives” and their ideological relatives discount the dangers as too fantastic to be realized. Surely nobody can be that evil! Surely things will turn out all right if…if we just talk to them, and stop treating them as if we were their superiors. Surely they can see the good intentions of our new leader, who is, after all, not anything like those buffoons and warmongering capitalists who came before him! This is the hope that change brings!

One is reminded of the chilling scene in the film “Ship of Fools” where the dwarf questions the Jew about the latter’s blind optimism; won’t these Nazis cause trouble for the Jews? The Jew smiles indulgently and replies, “Oh, I think not. After all, they can’t kill us all.”

The notion that the danger is exaggerated because millions of Muslims won’t be active players in the coming conflagration is not just ignorant. It is self-imposed insanity that stems from a refusal to understand the significance of faith.

5. Iran is planning to install a new version of the Russian air defense system. Syria had the latest model when Israel destroyed that nuclear reactor Damascus was building, but with what was almost certainly help from the USA, the Israelis were able to penetrate Syrian airspace undetected. Whether that will be possible in the case of Iran is not public information. The sooner the nuclear facilities in Iran are destroyed, the easier the task and the more durable its impact. Time is not on the free world’s side.

The above five points are facts, not opinions.

“No American Newspapers Seem To Have Featured Sarkozy’s Justifiably Derisive Remarks About Obama’s Naivete Regarding The Realities Of Nuclear Technology.”

Of course not. When a European leader points out that The One’s foreign policy is a dangerous fantasy, that event is, by definition, not news. (Source for the above quote.) After all, what if people in the USA knew?

Eventually, given the realities of the internet, a significant minority of the US public may realize how unprofessional, manipulative and censorious the nation’s press is. The problem: a significant minority of the US public is quite happy with the partisan bias of the journalistic establishment.


No one can see the future. It is virtually impossible to evaluate risk levels, and the unexpected always happens.

So when this newsletter tells you what to look out for, it runs the risk of advising you incorrectly.

One can always dispute the accuracy of what is, essentially, guesswork. That does not mean that it is wise to abandon all attempts to say what the future will bring. Speculation can be very helpful. While no one can spell out the details, there are circumstances that do permit rational prognostication.

When someone says, “If a drunken twelve year-old gets behind the wheel of a Ferrari and manages to start it up and take it onto a Los Angeles freeway, something bad is going to happen,” he’s not just whistling Dixie.

That Autobiography, And Its Possible Implications

Do you recall that in Number 88, The Penguin Post tipped you to a credible claim that Billy Ayers wrote Obama’s autobiography, Dreams From My Father? There is more information available on this now.

Isn’t this a non-issue, though, and doesn’t it look like the birth certificate nonsense? Possibly, if you believe Obama’s statements that suggest he and Ayers knew each other, were on some of the same committees, and that’s as far as it went. Yet it looks as if he is lying. Why would he? Why not admit the close working relationship, if there was one?

Because a person working voluntarily with Ayers and allowing him to play a major role in one’s professional life has some explaining to do. Ayers remains an unrepentant would-be murderer and neo-Marxist. That he is not in prison is due to the failure of the criminal justice system, not to his innocence. This is not a guy a would-be politician wants as a friend or colleague.

Note that Obama has taken effective steps to prevent anyone from researching his past. His college days and all other significant aspects of his curriculum vitae are beyond examination. This punctilious secrecy could be the reaction of a very private person with nothing to hide. Indeed it could.

If, however, Obama understands that selective candor always attracts attention and arouses suspicion, he may have shut the door on a lot of harmless information about himself in order to hide the nature of his relationship with Ayers. The article linked above explains why this speculation is quite reasonable.

Contemporary Historians Had Better Be Developing And Archiving Their Sources Now

Some day, a scholar will determine that the time is right to undertake a thorough history of the Obama administration. The perspective will be better than is ours today, tempers will have cooled, and there may be previously hidden grist available for the mill. Certainly the subject will be considered bizarre and fascinating; people will want to know both the extent of the aberration and how it came to pass. Certain subjects that today must not be mentioned might then be fit for candid discussion, as well.

The history will contain lists of oddities and miscues and maladroit statements and revealing incidents. These exhibits will rivet future readers. They will be the Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” of the day. There will be bemused wonderment at the ability of the electorate to blunder into adoration of a leader it neither knew nor understood.

Historians try to explain the why and how, and almost always fail utterly (though disguising the fact). Their efforts are always greeted with enthusiasm, for we humans want to see the logic and causes behind events that should never have happened.

It is probable that in the final analysis Obama will prove less explicable than such figures in US history as Huey Long and the treasonous duo of Daniel Webster and Jared Sparks. So much the better for the author(s) of Obama’s history, for the world loves an eternal puzzle. Obama may well be the second sphinx of the presidency.

Of course the internet, assuming it survives the already-visible efforts to censor it, will be a rich source of anecdotes. Video clips and audio recordings and compilations such as this one will amuse and baffle the readers of the future…or at least one can hope so.

Then one entire chapter will have to be spent on the news media; the attempt to explain how this massive establishment was effortlessly turned into a legion of unprincipled partisans will require a brilliant analysis of class and ideology in the USA. Simply noting the bias and citing examples of it will not suffice.

Another chapter will have to deal with the heritage of George W. Bush and its impact on the voters. If that analysis is cogent, it could determine how history ultimately views the man.

This newsletter also wonders whether the author(s) might regard the failure of Hillary Clinton to defeat Obama as the high water mark of the feminist tsunami, and note that at the time, no one recognized it for what it was.

It is clear that Obama is simply the opportunity of a lifetime for the right historian. Whoever he or she is, whether the best-selling volume is written by one person or by a team, whether it looks like a traditional book or not…one thing is certain: the research had better be under way now.


An insightful quote on China, international trade, and US foreign policy.

Can the Iranian nuclear sites be destroyed by bombs or missiles? Big question, partial answer.

Nice people, eh? Given how these bottom-feeders savaged Sarah Palin (“not a woman”), this latest misbehavior probably should cause no surprise. Still…the realization that some folks are this filthy and hateful is depressing.

The rehabilitation of ACORN? That’s on some agendas, surely, but events (and yet more events) have been making it “…more difficult for Democrats to quietly let the organization back on the government gravy train at some future date.” What the heck; hopeandchange begins with a new name for the outfit, and that’s coming up soon! The news media won’t blow the whistle — there’s no investigative reporting worthy of the name there — which means the public will be in the dark, so the scamsters will eventually go back to sucking up federal bucks.

This commentary has got to sting, and all the more so because it appeared in the Washington Post. Yes, it is probably just tokenism, but it is also devastatingly on target. — Oops, there’s more. Form a line, Folks.

ACORN, Obama and the links between the two: guilt by association?

Ah, journalism. It’s not all elitist propaganda! There are some terrific headlines in the wild:

3 missing after waves hit Maine located
Biscuit lands head for logging
Obama’s ad buys dwarf TV presence of McCain
Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim
Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
Stud Tires Out
Reagan Wins on Budget, but More Lies Ahead
Miners Refuse to Work after Death
British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands
Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge
Body find is missing man
Monty flies back to front
French push bottles up German rear
Voodoo dogs flying doctor’s planes
Letter bombs accused in court
Mexico mine missing declared dead
Queen Mary having bottom scraped
Prostitutes appeal to Pope
Eye drops off shelf
Two Soviet ships collide – one dies
Soviet Virgin Lands Short of Goal
Shark Attacks Puzzle Experts
Smoking riskier than thought
American Ships Head to Gulf
Boonen burst seals world road gold

This newsletter said some time ago, “The house is haunted, but the ghost is not in.” Meaning: anthropogenic global warming is a fact, and the earth is getting hotter, but…man is not causing the heating, which has not begun yet and won’t get under way for some years, probably. Right, it’s insane.

Ideology trumps common sense, unfortunately. Get ready for more trouble.

The Kelo case is a stain on the integrity of the federal supreme court. States have enacted legislation to prevent the irrational precedent from abusing their citizens (California, just possibly the worst-governed state in the union, is a notable exception to that trend). Now we learn the outcome of this unethical exercise of governmental power. May the greedy politicians and their cronies in New London choke on it.

Speaking of the unholy alliances that too often arise when politicians interact with people who feel a sense of elitist entitlement, here’s yet another example of government trying to do something that is absolutely not in its mandate.

More on Senator Chuck Schumer, the champion of the Fairness Doctrine.

Stay in Afghanistan and fight, or pull out? Some interesting views are available. Have a look.

Given the current economic situation, anybody who thinks this does not matter is crazy. It does seem the feds who are trying to fix what’s broken are indeed crazy; with luck, this newsletter will be proved wrong.

It’s a major scandal, and the issues are monumental. But the lap dog media won’t touch it, and the implications of the disgrace will be ignored. That’s a consequence of hopeandchange. If Bush had been involved, the howling would wake the dead.

The USA’s Public Broadcasting Service maintains a website for news from Iran. This newsletter has not evaluated its objectivity.

The Terrapin Gazette reported on “mad cow” disease and its effect on humans, and one of those articles was recently reprinted in The Penguin Post. Here’s a summary of new research.

Cell phones. They are wonderful, aren’t they? And they have features you never even dreamed might exist. – By the way: “text” is not a verb.

Salon says it has uncovered corruption at Arlington Cemetary. It looks bad. George W. Bush is probably behind it.

From The Archive

From the pre-Terrapin Gazette period come these fragments of a message sent on October 23, 2004:

The Emerging Pattern Of Hatred

In a recent message to you, I pointed out the confluence of leftist politics and the eternal hatred of Jews. We are not accustomed to seeing ethnic bigotry emanate from the anticapitalist/socialist/neo-Marxist end of the political spectrum, but now we have it and more can be expected. See the post titled, “Whatever means they find necessary.” It’s very good.

Three (Oops, Two) URLs To Wrap Things Up For Today

I have rats to kill, so today’s message is a bit short.

(The first URL linked to a site that displayed pulp novel covers with Lesbian themes. Drat, the particular collection has been shut down by AOL.)

If you like a mystery, or have any interest in Irish history, you should see this.

I had never heard of “The Irish crown jewels.” I figured they must be empty whisky bottles.

Next, here are the last words of a lot of people. You know, such as Goethe’s “More light,” or Custer’s “Where did they come from?” What would we do without the internet to bring us things like this?

Good bye for today, and take care. There are tens of millions of people who want to kill you.