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Month: November 2009

Number 117

The Debased State Of Climate Science Introduction For a good overview of the disgrace, with a cast of characters and clear explanation of what the issues are, you can do no better than thisbrief article. What Facts Matter Most...

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Number 116

Number 116 22 November 2009 The Hoax Introduction On the 18th of August, 2008, this newsletter called the concept of anthropogenic global warming not just junk science, or a mistake, or the propaganda enriching a former US...

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Number 115

Is The Republican Party Worth Resuscitating? If ever a political party strangled its chances of victory, that was what the Republican apparatus did in the last election. From the first, it was a virtually suicidal performance....

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Number 114

You Ignore Lunacy At Your Peril. The Lunatics Mean What They Say Here’s what Team Obama thinks of free speech and freedom of the press. It’s pretty amazing stuff, and the reasonable person has a tendency to dismiss...

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Number 113

This Is The Core Issue The effort to provide adequate health care for all persons in the USA is not humanitarian. It is not an act of charity. It is not an attempt to be decent. It is a matter of solidarity. The collectivist,...

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