The Culture War: Dispatches From The Front

So what the Tea Party participants do when they gather to protest high taxes, lunatic deficits and madness in high office is called “teabagging,” eh? By the folks in the White House, yes. And quite routinely.

This newsletter had no idea what the term “teabagging” means to the, er, elite. No wonder Team Obama favors it, for the definition is, “To have a man insert his scrotum into another person’s mouth in the fashion of a teabag into a mug with an up/down (in/out) motion.” (Definition courtesy of an on-line dictionary, here.)

Well, yes, of course. Remember that we are dealing with the hip/trendy/cool/with-it “progressive” element in US culture — the folks who read dirt-mouthed columnist and plagiarist Maureen Dowd (sloppy, biased and silly account of the plagiarism here) and call Sarah Palin a “whore” and a “bitch,” and remind us that she should have aborted her last child.

Such folks resonate to the “humor” of Caryn Johnson (“Whoopi Goldberg”) and Sandra Bernhard. The latter individual, interestingly enough, has not the courage of her convictions to post her remarks regarding Palin on YouTube, though Bernhard told her audience to spread her obscene rant widely: “Call the shit in, call the shit in; tell them what I said tonight.” (See PenPo numbers 33 and 95, and find part of Bernhard’s fulminations still on YouTube here.)

Nice folks, all; red-blooded bicoastal elitists. Just the sort you want teaching your six year-old to sing the praises of The One, while taking your tax dollars for “educating” the tyke.

This newsletter would be remiss if it did not remind you that Maureen Dowd has given her name to a very dishonest journalistic malpractice (listen to a perfect example of “wingnut” dowdification here), and that Johnson (“Whoopi”) would doubtless tell you that Dowd’s plagiarism is “not plagiarism-plagiarism.” Heavy sigh….

Down To The Wire On Obamacare

As this newsletter predicted, the direction of Obama’s policies lies in the hands of Congress, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the huge bill that restructures the way illness and injury are to be handled in the USA. Only in foreign policy does the administration seem to make most of the decisions. What the nation has is a government of and by and for Congress.

How bitter is the knowledge, then, that more US citizens believe UFOs are extraterrestrial craft piloted by creatures from another galaxy than believe Congress is doing a good job. It’s a fact. (See Links, below.)

A seismic shift in domestic policy is about to occur, and the people who designed it are among the least qualified to govern. They are overwhelmingly incompetent autocrats who have no business sitting on local school boards. Few in Congress deserve to retain their seats in 2010.

This impassioned plea (source here) should be heeded:

Read pages 1219-1246. Just these 27 pages are enough to see what this bill is all about. I bet you will agree. PLEASE take time to read these 27 pages. Anyone who reads these pages and still says this bill isn’t about the government takeover of health care is either a fool or a liar. It’s just that simple.

The entire bill is to be found here.

For useful commentary on the bill, read this article. Then take a look at this video.

Tort reform is to be punitively discouraged. How’s that for “progressivism?” Next, there’s a good explanation for the presence of the “public option” in the bill here. Inform yourself.

A short handwritten letter to your senators is in order. Tell them simply that you hope they vote against this monstrosity.


There is perhaps no more useful way to evaluate the Obama administration than by examining its de facto human rights policies. Of course that automatically raises the subject of the Carter administration. This newsletter strongly recommends the thoughtful and comprehensive discussion of Obama vs. Carter found here. It’s a fine piece that provides much-needed perspective.

Speaking of Carter, the notion that Obama may be yet another one-term president is gaining currency, but The Penguin Post first mentioned it before The One was inaugurated. It was in Number 48, dated December 18, 2008 that the Gypsy seer Madame Zelda proclaimed, “You ask the questions about the Obama, and I see only one thing…the face of the Jimmy Carter. Wait…he talk about, about, something about juice. He say juice bad. Juice no like palace teen ‘ns. Something like that.”

Good news for cancer sufferers. — Hold it! There is a report of what may be a huge breakthrough, but…. This newsletter is willing to say that the chances are four out of five that this exciting development will never be heard of again. That’s because so much reporting of medical science is premature, and exploits the hopes of the victims of disease. It’s journalistic irresponsibility writ large, and the report of this continuing research is — unfortunately — probably just another heartbreaking example of the malpractice.

ACORN has its problems, as this recent news item shows, but in the long haul, the Holder DOJ will never use RICO against the politically correct felons. Justice, Obama style….

This story will be changing almost by the hour, but right now, it looks as if Team Obama wants to keep the lap dogs on a short leash…and round up the strays for a one-way trip to the pound.

Obama, the world, and the insanity. This may just be the single most important link in the last several issues of this newsletter. Don’t skip it.

Are we winning or losing in Afghanistan? This commentary almost sheds revelatory light on that question. It does at least raise issues that would require a lot more explaining before one could say they are clear enough to be understood, answered, or dismissed as illegitimate.

First it was an epidemic of imprudent, wildly optimistic business practices that caused the problem, as the example illustrates. That mess was made tremendously worse by stunningly hypocritical misbehavior on the part of an instrumentality of the federal government. Is it any wonder that the economy is shattered? As a weblogger sardonically notes, “Remember, they’re telling us that more of the same will keep this from happening again . . ..”

Should this item be filed under “another broken campaign promise” or “transparency and freedom of press, Obama-style”? You decide. Either way, you lose.

(A tip of the hat to JY for inspiring this item.) At some point, the ghost of Ayn Rand will doubtless spring up in front of this newsletter; after all, “going Galt” has already been mentioned here. It is therefore useful to attempt an exorcism in advance of the event. Read this essayand compare Rand to the Celestial political leader whose ruminations are quoted at some length here. That concludes all discussion here of Rand, forever.

If Obama gives up on efforts like this one in Afghanistan, where will he draw the line? And how likely will Afghanistan be to play host to Al Qaeda again?

You may have heard that Geert Wilders was denied entry to the UK because of his attitudes toward Dhimmitude, suicide bombers, Jews, homosexuals and freedoms of speech, press, and religion. So how did that kerfluffle wind up? With Islamic residents of Britain proving why they should be thrown out en masse. No one who believes in the inerrancy of the Koran can be a “moderate Muslim.”

Video: Climate Change Bedtime Story. Perfect.

The character of Obama analyzed: he’s a beta, and that is not good, not at all. Another tip of the hat to JY for this devastating link. — It was said that when Krushschev met Jack Kennedy in Vienna, Kennedy stood when the Georgian thug walked into the room. Manners; Niki was the older man. He immediately sized Kennedy up as a wimp, and things went to hell in a handbasket from that point on.

You couldn’t dream up what this young man can do with a bicycle. Hat tip to DD for a jaw-dropper of a video. Turn the volume way down early on.

The understanding of the Neanderthaler is growing at a rapid rate, as this report indicates. If this interests you, here’s an interview with the man who knows the most about the Neanderthal genome.

This terrific video series must be driving Team Obama crazy. Imagine two federal senators who are physicians sitting down and talking with each other — and to you — about health care legislation!

Once again, Britain leads the way — into a Kafkaesque dystopia. Can’t somebody do something?

One of the two journalists who caught ACORN apparatchiki in the act notes several opportunities the major media neglected to pursue.

Just when you thought things had been cleaned up… ACORN regains access to money and power. The Democrats simply can’t do without ACORN, and the Republicans are too slow-witted and clumsy to lock the thugs out of the federal bureaucracy.

There’s a nagging feeling in the White House that something is wrong. That’s what you get when you promote a nineteenth-century agenda of collectivist authoritarianism in the twenty-first century. Grow up, you “progressives”! History passed you by decades ago, proving again and again the impracticality and ethical vacuity of your Utopian plans.

Is there a plan for the government to control the news media, so that the public has no access to “wingnut” commentary and cannot get the full facts? Er, um, well, no, not exactly, but under the current plan “progressive” information in the media will be increased, and “…the federal government (will be) telling people how to ‘differentiate between authentic and inauthentic information.'” This will cost $7.2 billion, and Team Obama already has the money. The highly partisan feds will have a competitive presence on both the internet and in the legacy media, attempting to crowd aside nonconforming commentary and information. Hopeandchange is bringing the nation a burgeoning Ministry of Truth! Eric Blair (“George Orwell”) would be fascinated.

The big boys are “…spending money carelessly, creating massive new entitlements without funding them, dishing out cheap credit to politically favored sectors, telling business people where and how to invest.” What’s not to like?

Here’s a witty and highly informative post, rich in links, that unmasks the Grate Hoax of our Day (sample quote: “Clearly, this is not scientific inquiry, it is an inquisition. It is not science, it is religious dogma. And if you do not believe, you are in danger of committing the horrific sin of apostasy.”) It ties together many current political fads and puts them into context. What a pity that few readers of this newsletter will avail themselves of its wisdom. — Pardon the pessimism, but it is warranted.

Yes, The Lynx Bulletin supports the arts. Maybe you never heard of Nijinsky or Arrau, but they are common subjects of discussion in The Eagle Wing Palace. So there. Match that, Barry! — Oh, it seems he is more interested in how to organize the artistic community, and that is best described as “art for Dear Leader’s sake.”

Wretchard the Cat has been recommended for years by this newsletter and its predecessors. It’s no surprise that he has delivered himself of yet another thought-provoking essay that’s well worth your time.

If your listening comprehension of Swiss-accented German is up to the challenge, here are some good videos: conversations with interesting people. One, then two, and finally three. A tip of the hat to GB for the Drillinge.

The FBI still does not have enough translators. Could this huge embarrassment over at the NSA be the reason hiring is going slowly? It must take quite a while to make sure your new hires are not spies.

Photos from Afghanistan.

There’s little hope this investigation will go anywhere, but in a more just world, Maxine Waters, who is one of the main reasons the economy is in such a mess, would be interviewing good defense lawyers. Of course she’s safe as long as Holder is at DOJ and Pelosi is in the catbird seat. Pity.

Copenhagen. No, not the chewing tobacco that makes you spit. It’s the scam you had no say about, and when you understand it, it will make you throw up.

“Obama has tended to define all opposition, particularly on health care, as resulting from fear, cowardice and selfishness — instead of admitting genuine disagreement. … Other presidents have been known for a war on totalitarianism or a war on terror. Obama is known for a war on Fox News.” That’s a description of a presidency in trouble. And Congress — how is it regarded? “…more Americans believe in UFOs than approve of the job done by Congress.” Read it all here.