You Ignore Lunacy At Your Peril. The Lunatics Mean What They Say

Here’s what Team Obama thinks of free speech and freedom of the press. It’s pretty amazing stuff, and the reasonable person has a tendency to dismiss it as somehow not sincere. Big mistake.

Yes, yes — you Obama-lovers in the expensive seats can trivialize these quotes as the stuff people may blurt out before they are fully awake, but it just won’t wash. The individuals quoted here were either writing a book or speaking words they knew were being recorded and would be reported. They were confidently stating their malformed versions of the truth; they believe the sophistry so strongly that they think its veracity will be obvious to everyone.

That’s diagnostic of true fanatics: they repeat their mantras and shibboleths without awareness of how bizarre they sound to rational people.

So when you hear something like this from a powerful person, do realize that you are not being lied to, but taken for a fellow traveler. The speaker simply cannot understand how any right-thinking person would disagree with him.

This detachment from reality is a hallmark of a deviant and potentially dangerous person. Of course how deviant he is depends on how wild his statements are. How willing he might be to try to impose his views on others can often be estimated by considering his understanding of how widely and to whom he will be quoted.

When people in positions that customarily command respect shoot off their mouths, don’t dismiss their words as insignificant because they are irrational or disordered or contradict obvious truths.

That caution applies not just to Team Obama. It should also be observed in the cases of Muslims who have been deliberately ignored by apolitically correct military.

Obamacare Moves On To The Senate

Some folks are prepared for disaster, and have the determination to cope with it.

…even if the bill passes, we can continue the fight, for they have won only a cultural battle, not the culture war. Culture changes politics, not the other way around. I will be fighting back against a culture that leads to less individual autonomy in every way I know how. Will you?

The Obama Mindset

The president has an upbringing and background unlike those of any former occupant of the White House, and his career is also distinctive. It is tempting to believe that his fundamental assumptions can be discerned from a study of his experiences, such that one can understand — if not predict — why he does what he does.

It’s tempting, but likely to lead to partially incorrect conclusions. With, therefore, the warning that what follows is uncertain at best, TLB now describes what makes Obama tick, and what that means.

At present, the biggest question in the news media is why The One is dithering over Afghanistan. (He may come to a conclusion any minute, but that won’t invalidate this commentary in the slightest.) The answer is that he has no experience dealing with challenges of this sort. His employment with SEIU and ACORN involved a totally different regimen of problem-solving and policy development. Unions and organizations like ACORN think in terms of dealing with musclebound behemoths who must be pestered, badgered and intimidated into making concessions. Using the law and a slim handbook of tricks both decent and dirty, the union lawyer or community organizer finds ways to bend a larger opponent to his will, forcing it to back down on specific issues.

Note that his work is free of personal risk. These days, there are no squads of Pinkertons for the activist to fear as he schemes to humiliate and humble the Establishment. Obama, however, knows that his nation, city and family are under the gun. That adds an element of horrible unpredictability to the puzzle, for the president must reckon with the fact that if he miscalculates or simply has some bad luck, unspecified individuals in unspecified numbers will likely perish. Some of those people could be his wife and daughters. The toll exacted by that constant threat can not be estimated.

This fact is important, for it reminds us that we must sharply distinguish the enemies Obama is accustomed to dealing with from his current antagonists.

The myths Obama absorbed as he grew up and by which he worked require some description, for they are persistent guides to perception. What follows is a summary of their main themes.

Obama’s customary, career-long conception of his enemy has always been that it is a cluster of profit-hungry entities sucking the blood of the masses. The Bad Guys are inhumane but vulnerable. Big business, the insurance industry, auto manufacturers, drug companies — all are parasites, greedy and far too loosely constrained by law. Call this aggregation of ethical cretins and sociopaths The Capitalist Monster. Little more than a modern extension of feudalism, The Monster exploits the poor and enriches the undeserving; it is an anachronism, powerful but sclerotic and ultimately doomed by the tide of history.

Like all those who practice evil, capitalists have their familiars. Government agencies like the FDA exist to promote the welfare of Big Pharma, the bloated and unprincipled cynics who could not survive if not for disease (and who will, therefore, never banish it). Sometimes state and local governments are the running dogs at the heels of The Monster, adopting its uncaring attitude toward the expendable working class.

Thrashing about in this quasi-Hobbsian nightmare, the Monster fouls his nest, besmirching everyone. Pollution and disregard for the limited resources of a fragile environment are palpable threats. The thoughtless officiousness of the governing class grinds the workers down, limiting their opportunities and destroying hope.

Occasional glimmers of light break through the stinking smog produced by industry, however: religion offers mankind a glimpse of what could be. And some philosophers and humanitarians have words of hope for suffering humanity, though their teachings may have been somewhat too enthusiastically interpreted and imposed.

The repressive, hide-bound, intolerant and slow-witted Capitalist Monster that holds the USA in its claws has, of course, reached beyond the borders to savage other nations and increase the numbers of the world’s poor. Part bully and part paymaster, the USA has corrupted regimes and prevented cleansing revolutions from bringing a good life to the wretched of the earth. Again and again, hope has been denied.

Yet some foreign nations have managed to evade the blood-stained talons of Uncle Sam, and walk on more serene paths. In peace and solidarity, some peoples on the planet retain their indigenous wisdom and manifest dignified humanism in their daily lives.

This implies that the USA has much to apologize for, much to regret, and much to make up to the world. It is a debt that must be paid.

Well — (gasp), this view of reality reads like something out of a comic book. Yet it is believed, and its impact has been virulent. Millions of people see the world this way, even though many of them would deny it. These deceits and distortions may never be put into words by those who have internalized them. As inarticulate concepts, they may remain shadowy impressions that this is the way the world works, and this is the nature of business, government and power.

The impressions are formative and indelible. For example, Obama cannot shake off his belief that if you have profited hugely by cleverness or good luck, you must be required to “spread it around,” and according to the demands of a government agency. What he insists on is not simple taxation, but wealth redistribution. The two are utterly distinct. When The One told Joe the Plumber that Joe must “spread it around,” the candidate forgot — if he ever realized — that Joe had no choice but to use his money for the benefit of others. Obama’s immediate reaction was to confiscate and gift: Joe must surrender (how much of?) his gains, and Obama will decide who is to be gifted with them.

Why did Obama automatically react as both robber and donor? It’s a matter of perception, of fundamental assumptions about the nature of human action, and it’s a lot more complex than a simple Robin Hood fantasy. Obama simply cannot understand how events will ever work out to a fair result if they are not controlled (to prevent The Capitalist Monster from intervening), and it is understood without the need for thought that Obama will be the controller. Joe cannot be trusted with his own money. That prejudice is the result of Obama’sWeltanschauung — his insane view of how the world actually works, and his Utopian fantasy of how it should work. Finally, the man with the plan, Obama, can be trusted. He must be trusted, and he will demand that he be trusted — or else.

Enough simian economics. Next consider the nature of Obama’s opponents, and how he is used to dealing with them. (Joe is easy: he’s just an ignorant prole, probably a racist, who can be whipped into line with confiscatory “taxation.”) Today Obama is staring the activist segment of Islam in the face, and he literally does not understand what confronts him. That, in a nutshell, explains the long delay in deciding what to do in Afghanistan.

Obama cannot grasp the nature of his nation’s and his civilization’s enemy for two reasons, one great and the other small. First, he has never faced an opponent like this before. It is not anything like The Capitalist Monster, for it is not greedy (it can’t be bought off), not sluggish, not dependent on corrupt officialdom, not bound by a higher set of laws that prevent it from resorting to murder and other crimes, and it is not vulnerable to humiliation and manipulation.

Second, and this is not as significant, the threat is dispersed and tenuous, not concentrated in corporations, city halls, state houses and boards of directors. Obama is used to being able to identify, localize and communicate with his opponents, who had more in common with him than do the Islamist fanatics. The One can’t get a grip on the opposition.

That list of NOTS is tremendously powerful. Obama has never had to deal with it.

In the past, the eloquent orator could either vote “Present” or cast his votes with the most extreme left-wing faction, and get by very well indeed. He could prattle on, reading about hope and change from a teleprompter, specifying next to nothing and changing his promises and plans to suit the occasion. He was above, not in, the fray. Decisions could be deferred, and as long as The Capitalist Monster was the enemy, there was no hurry.

Victory in an election might not be assured, but not winning would not be failure. The first attempt to get to the White House would be a good rehearsal, just the sort of thing Alinsky would have suggested as creating an atmosphere in which The Monster could be devastatingly mocked…later.

But somewhere along the line, the plan went slightly off the rails, and Obama won. He probably did not realize that his skin color and the public’s boredom with the Clintons’ soap opera would give him a tremendous advantage at the polls, and he could not have predicted that McCain would be such an ineffective campaigner.

So Obama is president, though he is simply not mentally and psychologically and culturally prepared to deal with the job. Afghanistan is a tetralemma for him, a stupefying hindrance; where is the opponent? How can he be mocked and humiliated and brought to concede vital points? There is no handle to grasp, no tool for the job, no direct, risk-free approach to the enigma. Obama is stalled.

Perhaps worse yet, the man who has always thought of himself as the representative of the downtrodden, dispossessed and repressed now represents — and worse, leads — an entity that is seen by much of the world exactly as Obama once saw his enemies!

It must be a terrific psychic blow for The One to realize that now he is the enemy. He is not the David boldly challenging a tottering Goliath.

And then there’s Obama-religion: that entertaining, endlessly amusing and tension-relieving sideshow that diverts the mind and sets aside care. Obama-religion is a farce provided by preachers who are more showmen than spiritual guides, entertaining their audiences by deprecating the overlords of the land.

Hoax religion is the only variety of faith Obama has been exposed to. He knows full well it must be participated in if one is a member of a group of people who simply wish to behave collectively and according to empty protocol. Obama has never had the slightest inkling of the genuinely spiritual side of religion.

But he is what he is. His principles are skin-deep, allowing him to return for two decades to be amused and titillated by a preacher who is a pathetic mockery of his profession. Just as the young boy in Indonesia recited mindlessly from the Koran while rocking back and forth, aping the behavior of the other good boys who were all doing as they were told, the adult Obama participated in the fraud that he believed the world would accept as genuine Christian spirituality.

And today, what does he face? People who really believe in the inerrancy of a book that has been given to them by the creator deity. People who know that their faith will triumph, if not soon, then eventually — and that it does not matter when the victory is accomplished, because all that matters is that the faithful obey the commands of the almighty.

Can a man of Obama’s faux religious experience possibly grasp this? Can the hoax, vulgar and debased religious practices and forms Obama knows inform him of the nature of an absolute evil that comes cloaked in unshakable faith?

The challenges that Obama faces are literally beyond his ken. He lacks the education, experience and ethics to be able to grasp their nature, and deal with them as a representative of the electorate of the USA. In a very real sense, Obama is not of and from the USA. He is not even an American. His mindset is alien, stunted and profoundly warped by irrational ideology and empty sloganeering. He’s a philosophical ignoramus.

He is instead an activist. An orator. A coach who gives pep talks to people who will go out and make The Capitalist Monster give them some concessions. A go-along legislator with neither legislative skills nor executive experience. An empty man who knows nothing of the depths of the genuine spirituality that can give meaning to our lives, deeds, and purposes.

Uninspired by the Enlightenment, Obama does not see people as individuals, but as masses grouped together according to how privileged or exploited they are. He deceives himself into thinking in contradictions: prosperity comes from increased indebtedness, and fairness can be achieved by a planned society. Uninformed by experience, he makes the mistake of thinking that because he can deliver a speech and wriggle past some legal obstacles, he is capable of leading a nation. Unable to comprehend the threat, he deludes himself into thinking that if you can get a city government to give in on a rather minor issue, you can prevent millions of zealots from eradicating your civilization.

The mindset is primitive, simplistic, and appallingly ignorant. Is the man hopeless? Probably. We shall see.

Do You Have To Hit Bottom, Or Will The Testimony Of A Survivor Do?

According to some folks at Alcoholics Anonymous, a drunk for whom there is hope is one who has come to the end of the line. Those who are just drunks and have not yet lost job, family, money and self-respect are not ready for the AA program.

Could it be that some nations must, like alcoholics, collapse utterly before they can rise and walk? If so, Zimbabwe might be the poster child for rehabilitation. Word has reached the civilized world that things are improving dramatically in Zimbabwe, though the news is conveyed with skepticism.

While the rebirth of Zimbabwe would be of unimaginable benefit to its citizens, the significance of the blessed event would radiate far beyond Africa. A thorough test of libertarian ideals and programs would give the USA and other sick nations an opportunity to reconsider their insane resort to quackery.

Is Zimbabwe emerging from the Valley of the Shadow? So mote it be!

Another Hoarse Shout Into The Stygian Void

First, read at least the first page of Camille Paglia’s latest column.

Second, here is a copy of a letter sent to Paglia by a TLB staffer:


Your comments regarding the feminist example set by Speaker Pelosi made me cringe. True, she does exemplify some stereotypically masculine misbehaviors, and true, that can be an example for spineless females. Yet I wonder: did not Margaret Thatcher provide the needed example, or must we have a heroine of the Left to indicate that all political factions can be goaded onward by females? And is an evaluation of the ethics of Pelosi’s zeal not relevant? After all, one could, by your lights, admire Mao for unifying his nation, but we take the ethics of his intent and the uses of his power into account and do not laud him as a leader, now do we? Obviously he was horribly effective, but his example simply tells truly modern people that we must be strong enough to defeat those of his ilk.

As you say, Pelosi’s cause is a disaster. Her actions, however strong and noteworthy, were therefore anything but wise. Without wisdom, strength is just the might of the thug, the mercenary, or the fanatic. Pure might must be informed by ethical rationality; otherwise, it has no place in politics.

I remind you that Pelosi ignorantly pronounced the congressional offices off limits to all search warrants; that was a clear indication of her lack of intellect and principle, and a demonstration of her slavish, moronic partisanship. The woman is an attack dog.

Good people admire the strength of the virtuous and wise, while they hate the strength of the wicked — and I insist humans have excellent reasons for those visceral feelings. We instinctively know better than to look up, in any way, to bad people, and we do not consider them partial role models. Divorcing actions from their moral import is a huge mistake, in other words, for human action never exists in a social or ethical vacuum.

The crowning achievement of the Enlightenment, in my humble opinion, is that in exalting the individual, it proved the tyrants and thugs undeserving of respect. Your remarks therefore strike me as atavistic and Machiavellian. Are you guilty as charged?

Whether this is called “spitting into the wind” or “trying to push a rope” may be debated. It almost certainly is “chewing on the tail of a sleeping lioness,” however.

PS: The search warrant fuss mentioned above involved the investigation of this guy.


Why the Muslim community in the USA cannot be trusted.

Why one cannot say “The Muslim community in the USA cannot be trusted” is explained here.

Read what the religious leader of the Fort Hood murderer has to say about the deaths of thirteen people. This is a religion?

If Islamic terrorists can infect the heartland, they can become your neighbors. They use the system against itself, and they intend to destroy our civilization and eradicate our heritage.

Equal justice for all is impossible when some are more equal than others, as political correctness demands. Result: Muslims get a pass, infidel vets get hammered.

SEIU — another outfit Obama used to work for — takes care of its problems the union way, and fends off a rival with gusto.

California is a mess; here’s another explanation for how it happened. Read it, everybody, because California is the predictive example of what the USA is coming to. Hat tip to JH for this very scary item.

Has this scientific anomaly/mystery been ignored and forgotten over the years? Perhaps; after all, we don’t want to suggest there might be a solid physical basis for some homeopathic remedies, now do we?

The One’s apologetic foreign policy produces results. (Another hat tip to JH.)

ACORN claims it has a constitutional right to your tax dollars, which means that Congress cannot at its discretion stop funding ACORN. Meditate on this, Pilgrims, for it can provide insight into how Obama, the former ACORN apparatchik, thinks.

ACORN in Los Angeles.

ACORN in heap big trouble and in yet more trouble. And more here! Funny, isn’t it, how the big media outfits can’t tie all this together and explain it to the electorate, when this tiny amateur newsletter routinely provides the raw material that should spark a huge investigation?

This is the guy — former Governor Moonbeam — who will be investigating ACORN in California. What a relief.

Remember the plane that went down in the Hudson river? Here’s a new video showing the entire flight.

In the pursuit of power and money, they will lie themselves blue in the face. “Artists”? Hah! They are just more examples of all-too-familiar thieves and thugs.

Trying to fathom the blatantly fascist mentality of Nancy Pelosi.

The definitive, resolute decision to be ambiguously vague and imprecisely undecided for an unspecified period of time is still operative. Shades of General McClellan! Wouldn’t it be nice if our enemies acted like this?

Don’t use Microsoft products on the internet. It’s dangerous. Meanwhile here’s a report on progress made against the Bad Guys. No, that does not mean you can assume the internet is safe now for Windows users. It isn’t.

There’s a general understanding that Roman Polanski was promised by the judge that he would spend no more than ninety days in jail for his crimes, and that Roman skipped out because he got word the solemn agreement would not be honored. As Caryn Johnson would put it, this “understanding” is baloney-baloney, which in standard English means it’s totally false.

This newsletter spent long months dealing with “they are organic farmers” and “they have improved their life expectancy” whining from Castro sympathizers. Time to face facts, Yanqui-haters everywhere: Cubans are victims of a vicious home-grown thugocracy.

The Israeli who spied for the KGB.

India reconsiders China. Everybody should.

This guy wanted to photograph a leopard seal up close. The huge animal approached him — and then took both his camera and his head into her mouth. The rest of the story is even more amazing.

Pelosi/Reid/Obama are carrying on in the humanitarian tradition established by many who have pioneered health care solutions.

This decision by US authorities will cause a huge uproar, as Muslims howl that the principle of freedom of religion — which their faith explicitly teaches does not exist — has been violated. This newsletter is surprised that the Obama administration is taking action.

The more repressive the regime, the more important terminology becomes. These days it’s often theology for thugs.

Some folks are stampeding to the sidelines, frantically marginalizing themselves in US politics by insisting that the Fort Hood murders were not what they obviously were. Krauthammer explains. Don’t miss it.