Is The Republican Party Worth Resuscitating?

If ever a political party strangled its chances of victory, that was what the Republican apparatus did in the last election. From the first, it was a virtually suicidal performance. That disgraceful pratfall, taking place as it did in a great representative democracy, was a tragic betrayal of the tradition of government of, for and by the people.

Yes, it’s that bad. In fact, whether the party deserves to survive is debatable.

To some folks, resuscitating the GOP would mean revivifying the political opportunities of a number of good people, men and women who are badly needed in public life. So, if by resuscitate one means save, there are certainly excellent reasons why the Republican party should be saved.

The careers or ideas of brilliant people are not, however, tied to the success of the Republican party. That does not mean that the party should be forgotten; quite the contrary, it should be saved…

…as a museum exhibit.

That’s right. The voters should give up on the GOP and seal it in a bottle of formaldehyde. That would free the best people in the party to pursue the reform of governance. As things stand, those folks are burdened by an organization that has lost its vitality, ethics and common sense.

Abandoning the GOP would not mean throwing the baby out with the bath water. The good people in the party will simply walk away. In fact many already have.

Now that the plague is well and truly upon the nation, and the best course forward is defined only in negative terms — whether and how the electorate can hamstring Team Obama — Republicans are increasingly aware that their party is obsolete.

It’s obvious. One has only to consider that somehow the Republican party could not come up with a candidate ethically qualified to be in the White House.

The crazy decisions and maladaptive policies of the “professionals” managing the GOP campaign reflect the ethical lapse. Inefficient and out of touch with the voters, the paid consultants and executives failed badly, making it embarrassing to be a registered Republican.

The GOP does not have a grim determination to triumph over evil, and it is neither respected nor feared. It is following the California model.

Even the most traditional of Republicans must admit the truth of these observations. Dyed-in-the-wool Republicans must also realize that the defense of the constitution and the foundational values of the Republic can be pursued without the GOP.

Though political scientists will dispute it, the fact is that the USA literally does not need a second party to oppose the bit-in-the-teeth extremism of the Democrats. That’s because it is always time for people to vote for principle rather than party.

Those who believe otherwise exalt one of the least admirable aspects of human nature: the impulse to subjugate oneself to a pure abstraction, namely, a collective entity. That instinct always threatens to lead to an illegitimate claim on the loyalty of the individual, and his consequent subjugation and exploitation. It imposes a triumph of process over principle, and makes it easy for the herd to lose its moral compass…as recently demonstrated by the GOP’s virtual collapse.

Meanwhile a truly nonpartisan movement has arisen to oppose the insanity that currently grips Congress and the White House.

Participants in the nationwide Tea Parties pointedly avoid linking their concerns to Republican party politics; they don’t want to handicap their quest for good government.

That is the great unremarked fact to emerge from the presidential campaign.

The time has come for reform, and a significant portion of the electorate is demonstrably ready to try to compel it. The reformers will simply bypass the Republican establishment as they target the “progressive” Democrats. The spontaneous uprising against Team Obama will be thoroughly nonpartisan, profoundly shocking both parties and — win or lose — transforming US politics.

This newsletter welcomes an evolution of political discourse that produces two novel results: first, the proclamation by many anti-Obama candidates for public office that they are Independents; second, the natural coalescence of the Tea Party movement into a groundswell that can fund candidates it likes.

Candidates who present the issues forthrightly, targeting the absurd policies and bizarre actions of Congress and the ruling Democrats, have a tremendous opportunity. There are villains aplenty to name, and there is everywhere insanity to expose; it’s a target-rich environment. Would-be leaders and reformers can now call upon voters to renounce authoritarian government programs that are hoaxes claimed to benefit everyone. Reducing the impact of Washington on the citizens’ private lives is widely considered wise. The electorate will welcome the opportunity to vote against machines, coalitions of unions and special interests — and vote for ethical individuals.

The leaders the nation needs today are non-politicians with the ability to denounce eloquently the horrors of the Obama administration. They will be able to expose the unethical behavior of the ruling elite, and set an example good people can respect.

Those individuals will come forward if they are freed to do so. Dumping the censorious party machinery that makes insider connections, deals and compromises more important than principles will free them. (Yes, there are such men, though the two-party system restricts their number severely.)

If they are wise, the new candidates will deal with fundamental issues. They will not describe themselves by using meaningless labels. They will not talk of conservatives or liberals, wingnuts or moonbats, rightists or leftists. They will deal with specifics and ethics, describing their views on the proper role of government in the life of the individual.

These candidates will present their ideas by appealing to common sense. They will quote from painful past experience. They will remind the voters of the essential values of the federal constitution, and of the vital interests of the nation and of Western Civilization. There will be no appeals to party loyalty. Finally, at every opportunity, Independent candidates will expose the ideologically polarized press for the propaganda mill it is; that alone will demonstrate a respect for the voters that was long ago abandoned by journalism’s elitist gatekeepers.

Some might call this populism, but it is not the traditional populism practiced by ACORN, SEIU, Answer, and their apparatchiki and ward heelers. Those parasitic gangs are contemptuous of the people they buy off and intimidate.

Nor does the populism described here mean handouts to keep the proles voting for greedy, inbred political machines. Instead its meaning is animated by the fact that the people will vote for members of the public who do not set themselves above the electorate. It means people voting for people, not for rulers. Its essential voluntarism implies a winnowing of politicians, which means the removal of Utopian authoritarians from the centers of power.

The populism conceived of by TLB evades the traps set by ideological factions. Elections are to be decided not by the conservatives defeating the moderates or the liberals defeating the libertarians, but by the electorate dealing with issues.

The very notion of this populism will freeze the blood of the bicoastal elite, for it is Flyover Country expressing its common sense.

The Republican party, drained as it is of ethical vitality, has no role to play in the emerging reform.

A Blueprint Is Emerging From The Miasma, And It’s Scary

TLB has already waxed bitterly analytical about the collapse of California (Nrs. 110 and 113), and noted the possibility that the fall is predictive of what will happen to the USA. Now some are saying that the more or less neo-Marxist left has figured out what is likely to happen and how the Obama administration, in spite of its unpopularity, can accomplish the long-terms goals of “progressive” movements.

The outlines of the strategy do not constitute a conspiracist plot any more than do any political plans. Everybody tries to determine which way the wind is blowing and how to take advantage of it. The frank opportunism of Team Obama, while seeming cold and cynical, is actually just expedient.

For the prudent voter, the issue is simply whether Obama and his hard-driving disciples are doing what’s best for the individual. Therefore TLB suggests that you review the known facts, consider California’s cautionary tale, and act accordingly. Hint: as a general rule, vote against incumbents in the House of Representatives and Senate (while supporting the few who have been struggling nobly against collectivist coercion), and consider aiding the Tea Party movement.


What is it about political/ideological True Believers that makes them think it’s all right to abuse children?

Once again, state department experts bungle their job, allowing Obama to make a fool of himself. By now, the blame must go to the president, who should have replaced those ignorant drones long ago.

Meanwhile, “…what a shambles the administration’s Middle East policy has become.”

In an item in Nr. 114, TLB said Obama believes that “…the USA has much to apologize for, much to regret, and much to make up to the world.” A recent post on the internet explores this unhappy truth in some detail.

Tired of mouthy feminists? Sick of the trendy “call me Ms” idiocy? Find permanent relief in Islam, the religion for real men!

More painfully tiresome news from one of the least attractive densely-inhabited regions on the globe.

“…in order to stay relevant, Republicans must compromise with Obama, move leftward, and adopt policies (that are) at odds with conservative principles.” Oh?

Everybody’s favorite Chicago-style outfit, ACORN, is in the news again (Part Two here, followed by a snide Part Three). Much to the chagrin of the organization’s top brass.

It has started. Now who will end it? — From Nr. 110 of this newsletter: “People will have to graduate from flag-waving participants to committed citizens who are willing to stand toe-to-toe with thugs.”

The US Navy strives for new levels of lethality: years ago, this video impressed the staff of TLB. Work has progressed, according to arecent report.

If you are looking for wise governmental actions on every level, coupled with a clear benefit to the public and the display of judicial sagacity and respect for the rights of the individual, you can not find a worse example in recent US history than Kelo. Proof here. — Parenthetically, TLB reminds you that a popular conservative weblog, Powerline, endorsed the federal supreme court’s anti-constitution decision in Kelo. That’s just one reason why TLB is not a conservative publication. Most conservatives neither fully understand nor endorse Liberty.

Related: if you don’t understand exactly what the ethical/political viewpoint of this newsletter is, read this post. It defines well much of what TLB opposes, and sums it all up in the quasi-slogan, “Progressives reject Liberty. It gets in the way of their Utopia.” That’s less than half of the total, however, so don’t let your subscription to TLB lapse.

Even bigger ideas are dealt with in this mind-stretching talk on the origin and nature of the universe — and more. In TLB’s sophomoric view, the lecturer has a fitting last name: Carroll. He takes the listener into a much, much stranger rabbit hole than Alice ever encountered, though. It’s a credit to Western modernity that people like Carroll are not locked up as totally insane….

The fact that Sarah Palin has been targeted by some vile individuals who lie obscenely about her does not mean she is smart. It also does not mean she is assertive, a good judge of character, or quick to realize she is being conned by a snake. Eh? Read the linked post to see what’s going on here.

Related: Palin takes more heat from the unimpressed conservative wing of her party. She appears to be losing relevance to the anti-Obama movement. Meanwhile, do read this devastating and insightful meditation on Palin; it explains how the course of US politics has been redirected by a woman with a BA from the University of Idaho. Palin-haters of all stripes, beware: you ignore commentary like this at your peril.

It’s been years since The Eagle Wing Palace has mentioned this hilarious website. Oversight corrected.

Purely hypothetical question: suppose this newsletter were to say, “You can’t vote for Obama and call yourself a white person.” How would you react? By cancelling your subscription, the staff of TLB hopes. Utterly non-hypothetical, reality-based question: how should any decent person react to the words, “You can’t vote against health care and call yourself a black man”? Over to you….

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…. It’s not a duck. And health care rationing that is health care rationing is not health care rationing, because, well, we just can’t call it that.

Boy, is this ever tiresome. This newsletter is really getting sick of harping on it. But it has to be mentioned because it is so darned important.

“We should not be making public policy in such a crucial area by keeping the electorate ignorant of the actual road ahead.” Find out who this guy is and what he’s talking about by clicking here. — Related horrifying item.

“Democrats alarmed as Independents bolt.” What did they expect? After all, that Obamacare bill is an obvious monstrosity. The only explanation for the shock in the White House and Congress is the Utopian detachment from reality shared by so many on the “progressive” end of the political spectrum. Those dreamers simply cannot understand why their fantasies are not and will never be accepted by everyone. As Bernie Goldberg pointed out in his great book, Bias, Dan Rather thinks NOW speaks for all women — that, in other words, the extremist organization accurately reflects “how women see things,” and is therefore centrist and moderate. It’s an amalgam of elitist hubris, ideology and stupidity.

Speaking of elitist hubris, “who the hell do these little people think they are?”

From TLB’s Little-Known Facts of Science file comes this fascinating item: Al Gore on geology. The facts in this file are called “little-known” because they are bullshit, so only people like Al Gore know them.

Related: here’s a green idea that is so incredibly stupid, and has produced such bad results, that you may be amazed.

What is Jacksonian democracy? TLB thought it meant ignoring human rights and ignoring the verdict of the federal supreme court so you can kill a lot of people and ruin the lives of still more innocent individuals, but now it seems to be considered a good thing. My, how times change. Have they renamed “The Trail of Tears” “Jackson’s Golden Road To Paradise,” maybe? Look, Pilgrims: Jackson was a murderous autocrat who spurned the rule of law (“John Marshall has made his decision; let him enforce it now if he can”). Sure, he was one of the founders of the Democratic Party — which in no way negates the fact that the true legacy of the man is a pure horror.

Two bouts scheduled for this week. First, US Roman Catholics vs. ACORN and “liberation theology,” fifteen rounds. Next, SEIU vs. volunteerism, ten rounds. Brought to you by Carlton Dry.

The difference between an Islamist and a moderate Muslim is often a matter of patience. Instead of killing people, moderates use a judo-like technique, turning the infidels’ values and political processes against them. The UN is a favorite battlefield for moderate Muslims because the makeup of the General Assembly is fundamentally anti-Western.

The Links section began with a question about child abuse, and it’s appropriate to end the same way. Why isn’t the criminal who made this video in jail? Did anybody in authority try to find out who he is? He laughs as the tyke is hurled through the air and into a gully, there to crash unseen into…what?