Freedom: A Peculiar Concept, As Some People Use The Word

What does “reproductive freedom” mean to you? Does it mean….

1. Women should have the option of abortion.

2. People should have the option of not being parents.

3. People should have the option of being parents.

4. Women should have the option of carrying to term and delivering babies.

Which of the above are not included in your definition of “reproductive freedom?”

Now read this.

Finished? And are you angry yet?

The Congress In Charge

The holidays are upon us, and this year, they approach with fangs bared. We must maintain a cheerful posture for the sake of the little ones, but the truth is, the governments of the nations have stabbed us all in the back, and our financial ability to provide all that we would like in the way of gifts has been drastically reduced.

As this number of TLB wends its way slowly to distribution, the Congress of the United States prepares to complete its fell work. Rotten to the core with corruption and degenerate ideology, the legislative bodies will soon press upon the nation a horrendous miscarriage of governance. Opposed by left and right, hated by the majority of the electorate, this takeover of the health care of the country is a travesty. It will earn this Congress the title of the worst in US history.

It is, therefore, very difficult to mouth the words, “Happy holidays.” Instead The Eagle Wing Palace expresses the hope that the readers of this newsletter greet the coming year with courage, resolve and deep, abiding anger.

Let us hope for Justice. Justice for the oppressed, justice for the despoiled, justice for the deprived. Justice that returns Liberty to the suffering populace. So mote it be.

News From A “Developing” Nation

This is hilarious. A Thai English-language newspaper says on its website:

The Thai Foreign Ministry will report the seizure of arms destined to North Korea to the United Nations in 45 days, a deputy spokesman of the ministry said Sunday.

The weapons were impounded from a plane heading to North Korea on Saturday after it stopped for a petrol refilling.

Thani Thongphakdee, a deputy spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, said the Thai government was required to file a report to the UN in line with a resolution which prohibits shipment of arms to North Korea.

Now read what this British newspaper says of the incident. Obviously the Thais are petrified by what they found, and are lying like crazy. As if they can get away with it….

Update: of course the above story fell apart, and now the Thai government is saying everything is under control. And the full truth? Perhaps you should ask the Israelis….


TLB readers who go back a ways with with the newsletters from The Eagle Wing Palace know that the bias of the major media has been a constant theme here. It’s good, therefore, to see Andrew Breitbart joining in the fight on the side of the angels. Memo to CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and maybe even BBC: be afraid. Be very afraid.

Video from Copenhagen shows AGW skeptics doing what they can to prevent the train wreck.

NB: some readers may find parts of the content of the next linked website offensive or inappropriate for sensitive and younger people. — This is not quite what TLB thought was meant by hopeandchange. When this program was exposed to public view, several people were fired because of their involvement in it (click on the hyperlink). So why are it and its originator part of the educational program of the federal government? Or is this material not part of the curriculum Washington plans to impose on minors?

Gadzooks! A hockey stick! For a good explanation of how context matters when you draw up graphs, visit the link.

Mobile phones that allow you to write messages are a deadly hazard. Insist that your family members who own those infernal devices watch this video. Young children should be taught to scream bloody murder if the moron driving the car pulls out a mobile phone.

More on the Qom nuclear site in Iran, mentioned in this newsletter, Nrs. 108 and 109. Those comments suggested that there is a very highly-placed mole in a Western government. If that is true, the life of an important Iranian defector to the West is at serious risk — and Western intelligence has an opportunity to smoke the mole out. If the spy is smart, he will tell his masters in Tehran he has nothing for them.

This is one good sport: the woman stands up to Monckton, does her best, and is not cowed. She is ignorant, deluded, misinformed, exploited and in thrall to unscientific faith, but she can still be reasoned with — to a degree. See the video.

The folks paying for the astroturf don’t want to be identified. That should tell you something.

The Himalayan glaciers are melting, and will be essentially gone soon. How soon, exactly? When will they be liquid? Well, it turns out, after all the backing and filling and explaining and correcting of the record, the melt could come as soon as three hundred and forty or so years from now. Maybe. Assuming predictions like that are valid. After all, over three centuries…that’s a long time as predictions go. A lot can happen. And how much of it can be predicted?

Ooh! Ooh! A really cool movie in 3D! Let’s all go! — Yeah, but read this first.

The goofy saga continues. If things keep going like this, Obama’s dog will be called in for questioning. Is anybody at the top not involved?

Academic, political and ethical issues involved in investigating an AGW hoaxer.

A meditation on how things are going as the major media dither over how to report the science scandal of the last hundred years (well, Piltdown dates to 1912, so not quite a century).

In two minutes and fifty-three seconds, this narrated video explains the history — both recent and ancient — of warming and cooling, and thereby clarifies the crux of the AGW hoax. These are the facts that AGW believers have ignored, hidden, and erased. Use this information in conjunction with this very useful summary of the important developments in the exposure of the AGW hoax. You will see that the deceit was never limited to the University of East Anglia’s CRU, but extends around the globe (more bad news for the Warmers here, don’t skip it!) and into NOAA and NASA. Further, you will fully understand how it is that the push to prove AGW depends on the erasure from the record of the Little Ice Age, the Medieval Warming Period, and the “warm spike” in the 1930s and 1940s. Don’t pass up this opportunity to put the facts into sharp focus.

Moonie alert, and all that (lunatic, bogus church runs newspaper, creating possible credibility problem); now have a look at why Holder should be fired. Facts are facts, even when reported by nuts.

This is indescribably delicious. It panders to all the lusts of TLB, inducing a state of paralyzing ecstasy. Verily, mundane existence has been transformed into a celebration of the triumph of Truth.

Greenpeace hit with tactics it invented.

Interesting, but highly speculative and slightly scary: Richard Dawkins on the Darwinian selection of universes. A four minute video.

If you are going to see to the welfare of the Republic, shouldn’t you obey the rules as you work? Not if you are the current US Senate.

This is not a nutcase talking….

Fun with science tricks.

Temperatures are local, not global. Calculating global temperatures skews the results automatically.

Oops! The kids have discovered the truth about Christmas cheer. Cute and clever.

Congressman: “Hey, that lady says I’m her representative in Congress, but I’m not! Lock her up for five years, Holder!” The problem here is not that the Congressman is as nuts as his critic says he is — here are his own words demonstrating derangement — but that Holder just might try to put the lady in the slammer.

The shame of US politics: fanaticism and unprincipled whores.

The Iranian threat is a clear and present danger to peace. Sooner or later, the decision between war and regime change will be made; there is no third option. No one can say whether peace can be preserved, nor can anyone predict how regime change, if it takes place, will come about.

The French, they are a funny race…but there’s nothing funny about this.

The French, they are even stranger than you might have realized…this well-produced video is both entertaining (for US types) and informative. It’s a little over seven minutes long, and the technical quality is good. Highly recommended.

For a long time now, this newsletter has been telling you that if you want real news from and regarding Afghanistan, you need to readMicheal Yon’s weblog. Carry on. — Xmas message.

Whee! From TLB’s Proof That Your Confidence Is Not Misplaced file comes this morale-booster that will gladden the hearts of all you consumers out there who know that for Quality and Value, you can’t beat Chinese products!

After achieving considerable success in Iraq, this policy has been modified somewhat and is being implemented in Afghanistan. It is the exact opposite of what the Soviets did; it is also the exact opposite of a demonstration of weakness. It is a winner because it is so powerful. Kudos to all involved!

More French foibles: did you know that former President Chirac has been indicted on corruption charges?

“I suspect that the ‘tea parties’ of the last several months will look like modest dress rehearsals once people get a handle on what the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate are attempting to do to us.” Source.