You Were Informed — Or Warned, Depending On How You Look At Things

Inspiring orator and purveyor of hopeandchange Obama is now more loathed than was G. W. Bush, when the latter was at the end of his second term.

This may seem like a remarkable achievement, but in truth, it was inevitable. And it was virtually predicted in the pages of this newsletter. If you want to understand what is really going on, call up all the past issues of The Terrapin Gazette, The Penguin Post and The Lynx Gazette (the names don’t matter, it’s all the same stuff) in which the culture wars were discussed. There you will find a sketch of the core issues that animate the political freak show.

If you want to do your homework but have discarded the relevant issues of this newsletter, the staff of TLB will help you. Your request will result in the delivery to you of the necessary documents.

The Protective Aura That Proceeds From The August Personage Of The One

In explaining its Islamophobia in Number 118, this newsletter said

Recall that peaceful Pakistani immigrants in Great Britain have reared children who become engineers, physicians, professionals — and murdering terrorists who are hidden by the Muslim community’s code of silence.

There is a discernible pattern in the behavior of Muslim immigrants, whether they are permanent or temporary.

Consider that the similarities between this abstract scenario mentioned above and the facts of the recent bombing attempt are not accidental. Next note that one can see that the security in place is literally insufficient, if not incompetent. That is particularly troubling, for this newsletter is able to discern a risk in certain circumstances, yet those who protect the public from religious lunatics are blind to the obvious.

Radical reform is imperative, because there is more trouble on the way.

So just what kind of people are devising the defensive procedures Western Civilization employs?

The answer may not be confidence-inspiring. Consider this baffling pronouncement from “Dr Sally Leivesley, a leading terror expert who advises governments and businesses,” reported here in a follow-up to the story of the Al Qaeda suicide bomber from Nigeria who tried to destroy a plane about to land in Detroit:

…the election of Barack Obama is a factor in that, because, whatever you think of him as a president, the fact of him shows young people that there is an alternative to killing yourself. Al-Qa’ida is, however, targeting more highly skilled people.

The Lynx Bulletin reacts with alarm to this story. It appears that the US Transportation Security Administration could have been advised of the bomber’s affiliations and possible intent, but was not…and it also appears, that if it was notified, it failed to place this madman on an international “No fly” list. Further, if he was in fact on such a list, how in the world the Dutch managed to put him on that plane staggers the imagination. There are missing explanations, and an angry electorate should demand that the authorities provide them at once.

Too, one can be forgiven for asking whether this “leading terror expert” suffers from a neurological defect. Why is she babbling irrationally about Obama? She suggests that while young people of all levels of religious fanaticism are overwhelmed into pacifism by Obama’s persona, better-educated and more intelligent people are unimpressed by the US president and are willing to commit suicide in order to commit mass murder. Who hired this “expert”? Are there more like her working to protect the public?

If this information is available to the public, it is available to the Department of Homeland Security, now isn’t it? And if DHS is not watching these lunatics, then DHS is about as competent as the Congress, the protocol experts in the Department of State, the federal agencies that provide health care to veterans and Native Americans, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Education, and all the federal regulators whose job it was to assure that the foundation of the US financial edifice was not composed of many loans made to home purchasers who could not possibly be expected to be able to repay the loans. In other words, Heaven help us.

Suicidal Political Correctness

The above item mentions an additional complication: the Muslim community’s solidarity with terrorists. This is an issue almost too simple for the news media. They don’t understand it yet, as this story makes clear: it’s fine to go after terrorists, but only as long as Muslims living in the West are not offended. When the bad guys get rounded up, the howling begins, and the authorities — who should be single-mindedly determined to defend our civilization — begin to lose their nerve.

It’s grisly, and it’s going to get worse. A good summation:

Once again US authorities had enough information; and once again political correctness prevented any action. Unlike the Fort Hood murders, this politically correct failure didn’t cost any lives. Next time we’re unlikely to be so blessed. … What we can do is be more discriminating on who gets to fly on US aircraft to US airports, particularly on international flights.

This is an era of madcap political correctness, and the press is only too eager to define the terms and make the rules by which we live. For decades journalists have been proving they are not principled enough to wield such power. It’s time to tell them to stand down.

Consider Napolitano’s Words — And Mental Processes

You might want to preface this item by re-reading this newsletter’s comments on Janet Napolitano, found in issues 72, 76, and 78. Don’t have them handy? Just let the publisher know, and copies will be on their way to you.

Regarding the attempt to bring down the NWA flight about to land in the USA,

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano hastened to assure people that flying is “very, very safe.”

Now apply some common sense to this female’s assertions. First, what she means by “very, very safe” is probably that you are extremely unlikely to be killed by a terrorist. That would be the case even if Homeland Security did not exist, and there were no safeguards whatsoever. We can’t know how much safer the feds are making air travel; we can only hope they are doing something.

Here’s the next Napolitano quote:

She said the suspect in Friday’s attack “was stopped before any damage could be done. I think the important thing to recognize here is that once this incident occurred, everything happened that should have.”

No damage was done? The bomber was burned, at least one passenger was injured, and the fire must have damaged the plane somewhat. A passenger’s account: “I stood up and walked a couple feet ahead to get a closer look, and that’s when I saw the flames. It started to spread pretty quickly. It went up the wall, all the way to ceiling.” TLB considers the panic and distress of the passengers damage, as well. And how about the system that failed? Was it not damaged by the bad, and well-deserved, publicity? Is the flying public not harmed by the inevitable loss of confidence in the governments of Nigeria, Holland and the USA? It seems to this newsletter that a lot of damage was done, and that Napolitano has her work cut out for her. That she denies the need to make repairs seems idiotic.

That brought a sharp rebuke from Rep. Peter King of New York, the top Republican on the Homeland Security Committee. “It’s not reassuring when the secretary of Homeland Security says the system worked,” King said. “It failed in every respect.”

Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader in the Senate, said, “It’s amazing to me that an individual like this who was sending out so many signals could end up getting on a plane going to the U.S.”

This newsletter is unimpressed with solons in general, but these guys make valid and truthful points.

Abdulmutallab told authorities after his arrest that his plan originated with al-Qaida’s network inside Yemen, a link the U.S. government has avoided making so far. Napolitano said there was no indication yet that Abdulmutallab is part of a larger terrorist plot, although his possible ties to al-Qaida are still under investigation.

How’s that for a juxtaposition of two contradictory statements? TLB suspects the author intended to show what a stupid cow Napolitano is.

If you think that’s a harsh and inaccurate way of referring to Napolitano, give this a moment’s thought: the bomber had two chemicals and a syringe. He could have done all the research necessary to decide which two chemicals to buy, locate sources for them, obtain a syringe, and plan his long journey from West Africa, but isn’t it extremely likely that he had help from co-conspirators? Can’t one reasonably assume that he is part of at least a small network of terrorists? Why can’t the Secretary of Homeland Security see this simple logic, and accept it?

Abdulmutallab had been placed on a watch list with more than 500,000 names in November, but not one that denied him passage by air into the U.S. Officials said he came to the attention of U.S. intelligence last month when his father, a prominent Nigerian banker, reported to the American Embassy in Nigeria about his son’s increasingly extremist views.

Despite that red flag, Abdulmutallab was not elevated to more exclusive – and perhaps manageable – lists of some 18,000 people who are designated for additional security searches or barred from flying altogether. Napolitano said that would have required “specific, credible, derogatory information” that authorities didn’t have.

Now either Napolitano is a moron, or the system does not work properly. When a man’s father exposes him as a dangerous nutcase, a hell of a lot more should happen than did, and Napolitano is simply wrong when she says the information the authorities had on this lunatic was somehow insufficient to put him on a No Fly list.

So folks on the internet are piling on Janet Napolitano (and her boss). It’s a spectacle: splat; then crunch; a loud, sickening snap; and finally a thud that sounds like a steer carcass falling three stories onto an overweight Wagnerian tenor. TLB pointed out months ago that Napolitano is an ignoramus, so the invective is long overdue.

Meanwhile, the DHS as seen by a professionally interested observer.

Things are so broken, so disordered and maladaptive, that it’s almost unbelievable. The threat is being countered by sheer good luck and by heroic passengers. If you are not outraged and determined to demand reform, you simply don’t understand the situation.


You have to look at this: it’s a list of the year’s “failed narratives.”

A gentle meditation on Calcutta, change, and improvement/loss. Highly recommended.

ACORN continues its successful quest for taxpayer funds to support its highly partisan agenda. This is not how government is supposed to operate; it’s simply unethical. The Congress and ACORN thrive in the toxic environment.

Just how bad is it? Those appalled by Congress’s crime against representative democracy disagree. This newsletter is dispirited and disinclined to optimism, while others believe the fanatical autocrats have waked a sleeping giant. — More: bad news everywhere, no hope in sight. Despair.

Once again, Democrats line up solidly behind the bad guys. This is getting tiresome. The public deserves to know exactly why Holder’s Department of Justice refused to prosecute in this case, and Holder is doing all he can to shut the inquiry down and prevent the truth from coming out. He should be a crossing guard in Death Valley.

Collectivists will get a huge laugh out of this: it’s an expression of concern regarding the sovereignty of the USA and the actions of the Obama administration.

The continual pressure on Israel from the US left continues. Is this Jew-hatred, or just a genuine desire to treat all parties equally? If it’s the latter, it’s dismayingly naive and doomed to failure — because when it comes to Hamas vs. Israel, the two sides are not equal, not even remotely so. And rewarding the taking of hostages will only encourage the taking of more hostages. As Obama should have learned (but almost certainly has not), if you turn soft on Hamas, Hamas will grow harder on you. True humanitarian desires to be fair and concessionary are, in “Palestinian” eyes, signs of weakness.

President Obama is a liar. Yes, a liar.

These organizations were instrumental in causing the financial/economic collapse, and they are still paying their officers far more than any principled outfit should. The disgrace is endemic. Reform? Nowhere on the horizon, not given the current Congress and administration.

Of all the words that can properly be used to describe Congress, “rational” is not one. This health care scheme is a demonstrable disgrace, for there is abundant experience with it already — experience that shows it is not practical. Congress cannot be bothered with facts, however.

British leftist columnist Oliver Kamm has an engrossing piece on the murder, twenty years ago, of a vile despot. The greater meaning of this event is important, because it should remind us all that, as Kamm says, “Values matter in foreign policy.”

…speaking of which, here we are, waiting for Obama to do something, or maybe nothing, but probably the wrong thing. It’s all sort of boringand a lot depressing.

Question: Will Hillary “Who painted it?” Clinton get it this time? Easy answer: almost certainly not. Have a look at the dismal facts, and ponder how you might play a role in setting things right. How about a cup of tea?

Brother Theo has come across some information about what just may be The One’s New Years gift to us. It is hard to imagine what DHS needs with these rounds.

Why the hard left cannot accept the fact that “…the evidence is now conclusive: the Fort Hood massacre was an act of Islamic terror.”

AGW timeline details where and when the science went off the rails. Stunning graphic.

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