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Month: January 2010

Number 130

Another Consideration Of The Culture War Putting the struggle into perspective is the first step toward understanding it. Here is a quote from commentary that deserves your perusal: The middle class is the great enemy of...

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Number 129

Another Step Forward Part of McCain-Feingold has been killed, and very properly so. Note how Sotomayor voted; this female may be a Latina, but she’s not wise, and she will be a problem. — Some readers may recall the...

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Number 128

Number 128 20 January 2010 It’s About Liberty Here is that quote again. It is much more important and much wiser than even its author knew: Free people can treat each other justly, but they can’t make life fair. To...

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Number 127

Really Now, This Could Be Big The fact is, the electorate sees things differently a year after the election. That is nowhere more obvious than in Massachusetts, where a Republican just might be elected to the federal Senate. If...

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Number 126

Pride And Prejudice TLB expected a good job from these people, but this is amazing: “When tasked to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in Haiti, we immediately headed to Mayport, Fla., at more...

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