It’s Not Just Junk Science Any More — It’s A Financial Fraud Become Full-Blown Scandal

The hoax that is anthropogenic global warming has enriched Al Gore, as everyone knows — and as Gore cheerfully admits. But Gore is an amateur player compared to the Indian economist Rajendra Pachauri. The BBC has named Pachauri “the world’s top climate scientist,” in spite of the fact that the wily Indian is not a scientist at all. He is, however, the head of the notorious Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is an arm of the United Nations.

You will recall that the UN, under the direction of Kofi Annan, created the Oil for Food Program. That scam still has the distinction of being the largest financial fraud in human history.

It won’t hold that record for long, if Pachauri has his way.

Read this article for a description of Pachauri’s billions of reasons for promoting the AGW hoax.

Of course the Indian charlatan is threatening legal action because his holdings and conflicts of interest have just been exposed.

As is the case with all corrupt officials, Pachauri has the most to fear from the simple truth. Whether he can halt the cascade of information about his stake in AGW, lay claim to scientific standing that he does not have, and continue to use AGW to defraud the world, remains to be seen.

Culpable But Still Politically Correct, So Guilt Does Not Matter

For some time now, this newsletter has been telling you that the fundamental cause of the current financial/economic distress was the ideology that mandated loaning money to people who could not pay it back. Now the Wall Street Journal has a thorough and comprehensible explanation of how this happened. Of the article, a weblogger says,

When a private citizen like Bernie Madoff commits fraud, he gets a long jail sentence. But when Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and the well-connected (and now rich) Democrats who headed Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae commit fraud–on a far larger scale–they simply send the bill to the taxpayers. Or, rather, the taxpayers’ children.

“Progressives” are going to have to live this down, and doubtless they will do that with the sangfroid of the guilty who consider their accusers beneath contempt. Note well, please: that haughtiness is a feudal mindset.

Criticizing Napolitano And Obama Over The Failure Of The Security Network Is Not Partisan, Not Unfair, Not Harsh

The Nigerian lunatic managed to set his pants on fire while his plane prepared to land, and the administration’s bitter critics were quick to blame TSA, DHS and Obama for the incident. Bush, by contrast, got a much lighter scolding when, eight years ago, the “shoe bomber” tried to kill himself and his fellow passengers. So the whining has begun: Republicans and some journalists hate Obama and treat him badly. No fair!

You find yourself waiting for the as-yet-unspoken words, “They hate the president because he is black.”

Well, some folks probably do cuss Obama for his skin color, and that means they will go after him every time they can. True; but it’s not that simple, as this insightful essay makes clear.

It’s also true that the Obama administration bungled. More truths: Bush, working with a much more primitive security apparatus, was not in Obama’s position, yet once the shoe bomber was locked up, we had no more incidents of that sort. That record speaks for itself. So Obama inherited a network of agencies that were doing pretty well. But after a year of following The One’s orders, the security specialists blundered badly. If you are fair, you will have to admit the Obama administration has not done nearly as well as Bush’s, and deserves to be taken to the woodshed.

Not convinced? Think Bush and Obama should be held to exactly the same standard? Read this.

Don’t skip that quote from Maureen Dowd. She’s the NYT’s rabid attack dog, beneath whose principles virtually nothing in partisan invective lurks.

It bears repeating: Napolitano is in over her head. Her appointment was a matter of pure politics, not security. Now we learn that the (supposedly networked) intelligence/security agencies are once again not talking to each other. Shades of Jamie Gorelick.

The shoe bomber got past the Bush administration’s security because his tactic was novel. Obama has no excuse, alibi, reason or explanation that can alter the fact that he and his people knew exactly what to expect, yet missed it. They continue to miss virtually all theimportant facts. These amateurs are stranded in a fantasy world….

A Word About The Washington Times And The Christian Science Monitor As Sources

You may have noticed that this newsletter seldom links to religion-owned news media, especially those controlled by wildly irrational organizations such as the Moonies (Moon is a criminal as well as a con artist). The fraudulent church of scientology is utterly excluded from these pages, but on occasion (and always with a warning reminder) items from the WaTimes and CSM will appear here. Why? Because of the moral to be found in this joke:

A man has a flat tire just outside an insane asylum, and notices that an inmate is watching as he wrestles the wheel off the axle. Oops…he accidentally kicks all five lug nuts down a storm drain. “What do I do now?” he says aloud. The inmate replies: “Take one lugnut off each of the other three wheels, use them to hold the spare in place, drive slowly, and go into town where you can buy five new lugnuts.” “Wow, great idea,” says the man. “Er, unh, are you a patient here?” “Yeah,” replies the inmate. “I’m crazy, sure enough, but I’m not stupid.”


Those videos of old buildings being demolished by cleverly-placed explosives are entertaining. It’s amazing how the experts can bring huge structures down into neat piles of rubble, isn’t it? Here’s a sequence from China — that’s right, the folks who make toys decorated with lead-based paint, and produce the pet food that’s Fido’s (unintended) last meal, and sell you drugs that look real but aren’t, are also blowing up buildings.

In months to come, Andrew Breitbart is going to become a huge thorn in Obama’s side. Here is just a taste of what is to come.

The disgrace of academia: a mindset of culture- and race-hatred.

The enemies of Western Civilization can not accurately accuse infidels of inhumane indifference to fanatics. In truth, Westerners can wax incredibly silly over the loneliness of the long-distance suicide bomber.

Air travel security: “Why do we keep playing the game by their rules?” Good question. Let us make the rules for a change.

Jihadis constantly refer to the West’s warriors as “crusaders.” That’s a lie that preys on the ignorant, as most Iraqis could tell you. If you want to catch up with a contemporary debate on the crusades, start here and backtrack a bit. Not that any of what you discover can be used to change anybody’s mind about anything, you understand.

Faith can move mountains, they say. They are wrong. But faith can do this. (Advisory: possibly disturbing photos of abused children.)

Just how confused and confusing one can become about human rights is demonstrated in a few stunningly stupid paragraphs. Once you declare an article of faith, you make a claim that cannot be verified with empirical evidence — and you plunge into irrationality. You might as well debate the dietary habits of angels and green unicorns. Utopians take all this nonsense about human rights seriously; then, inspired by fantasies, they presume to impose their theological inanities on everyone, using whatever force is required. The results are always self-righteous tyranny and its handmaidens, poverty and war.

In discussing the fact of Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons, Oliver Kamm provides us with essential perspective and information. Do not overlook his latest uncompromising contribution to a rational understanding of events.

Here is the introductory article on how to run airport security that Janet Napolitano and her staff have not read, will not read, and would not understand if they were forced to read. Hopeandchange!