Iran Is Undergoing A Revolution

This newsletter has long insisted that either there will be regime change in Iran, or Israel will attack.

Watch this video. It may provide the answer to the inevitable question, “Which will it be?”

Um, How To Prove Al Gore Is, You Know, Right, And Show That Global Warming Is, Like, Totally Real. You Know?

The Lynx Bulletin is proud to bring you proof positive of the deadly consequences of…no, not of global warming, but of ignorance.

Ignorance is exploited by propagandists. It allows them to “prove” things to people who simply don’t realize they are being lied to, manipulated, and tricked.

Ignorance allowed the UN to run its Oil for Food scam, and it keeps Kofi out of prison. It allows Al Gore to make millions from a sloppy collection of distortions, deceits, faked facts and irrational alarmism. And ignorance allows propaganda organs like the BBC to hoodwink the public. Often. Repeatedly. Shamelessly.

Here’s what happened: in an effort to prove that carbon dioxide causes global warming, the BBC staged an “experiment” that convinced a self-proclaimed warming skeptic to change his tune. The BBC set up two bottles, one with air in it, and the other with a higher percentage of carbon dioxide in it than is contained in the atmosphere. They heated the bottles with light, and measured the temperature of each bottle. Wow! The difference proved that Gore is a genius!

All the BBC actually proved is that the international propaganda network remains as contemptuous as ever of its listeners/viewers.

The full story, complete with genuine science in both theory and practice, is found on this web page. If you want to perform the experiment scientifically and get accurate results, you can do so. The instructions are clear. There is a full explanation of everything, and there are videos to help you. You can see what the BBC did, and why that was a disaster; you can also see how to do the experiment so you get reliable results. Tip: setting things up correctly is not easy. The BBC and Gore and the AGW cult rely on that. They know that most folks are not prepared to be precise and thorough enough to conduct a valid experiment. That makes it possible for them to peddle their falsehoods.

Global warming is not to be feared because it is not taking place (has not for well over a decade), and carbon dioxide is not a pollutant — nor is it capable of causing damage to humanity by changing the earth’s climate. If the earth warms, as it did in the Medieval Warming Period, mankind will adapt without distress. That is why the AGW nuts at the University of East Anglia erased the Medieval Warming Period from their data: they wanted you to remain ignorant. When in doubt about these facts, consult past issues of this newsletter for reassuring doses of reality. Or do the experiment correctly!


No one can predict the future. That said, there are some things that the future can not provide, such as flying elephants, so we can occasionally say the possibilities for what will be are narrowly limited. With that in mind, consider the following assertions regarding what will happen in and to Iran in the next few years.

1. Because Israel can not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran that is hell-bent on killing all Jews, either regime change will occur in Iran — one way or another — or Israel will attack Iran’s weapons shops.

2. Current unrest in Iran is not unrest, it is revolution. As the video linked to above demonstrates, the government is so hard on the populace that ordinary folks are willing to do battle with the police. Note the lack of weapons in the hands of the populace. These are desperate people. Whether the lunatic mullahs and their puppet Ahmadinejad can put the revolution down remains to be seen, but their chances are growing slimmer by the day.

3. The CIA and the Mossad were tasked with fomenting regime change in Iran, and we shall never know how successful they have been. It is likely, however, that the world’s experience with US promises to Hungary in 1956 has not been forgotten. What is happening in Iran is Iranian, purely and simply.

4. There is no reason why Iran under a new government would in any sense throw off Islam. Mullahs are not all alike; some follow the dictates of the Koran and hadith strictly, while others ignore the bloody-minded nonsense (just as Christians and Jews ignore large parts of The Old Testament). The Twelvers, a particularly dangerous cult within Iranian Islam, are not omnipotent, and could be sidelined.

5. A clearer view of the future is impossible. While certain tendencies exist, such as the USA’s likely role in the UN and diplomacy with Iran, they are the creations of inexperienced, uncertain, unskilled and almost totally unknown individuals (Obama and Hillary “Willing suspension of disbelief” Clinton). No one can know what these shaky amateurs will do, and they do not seem to be well advised by the experts in the Department of State.

This is not a time for platitudes and nonsense, but unfortunately few in the diplomatic world will agree. Virtually no one is willing to speak the plain truth, namely that Iran is ruled by people who are literally insane. Iran, if nuclear-armed and under the wrong Muslims, would be infinitely more dangerous than the Soviet Union ever was.

No one recognizes the insanity in Tehran better than the growing revolutionary segment of the Iranian people. It appears that Iranians may well have experimented with lunatic Islam long enough, which means there is a chance that regime change will occur and genuine progress will result. That chance never existed in Iraq. That makes Iran a potential success story in one of the most distressed and distressing parts of the world.

Oh, This Really Enhances Airline Security. Way To Go, Janet, Baby! Plus: End Political Correctness And Get Down To Business

Micheal Yon, whose work has been praised repeatedly in this newsletter, has had a misadventure of a peculiar sort. It seems his income is a matter of interest in determining whether he is likely to try to blow up an airplane. Isn’t that profiling?

Here’s his terse account, extracted from this web page:

Got arrested at the Seattle airport for refusing to say how much money I make. (The uniformed ones say I was not “arrested”, but they definitely handcuffed me.) Their videos and audios should show that I was polite, but simply refused questions that had nothing to do with national security. Port authority police eventually came — they were professionals — and rescued me from the border bullies.

When they handcuffed me, I said that no country has ever treated me so badly. Not China. Not Vietnam. Not Afghanistan. Definitely not Singapore or India or Nepal or Germany, not Brunei, not Indonesia, or Malaysia, or Kuwait or Qatar or United Arab Emirates. No county has treated me with the disrespect can that can be expected from our border bullies.

So tell us, Janet: who’s more dangerous, the rich or the poor? Or were your people trying to figure out who could be extorted?

And as for profiling, this newsletter would like everyone to read and consider this meditation on the subject.

Personal Reflections On Ben Gurion Airport Security

Reader GB writes in response to this article on Israeli practices (linked in the last issue of TLB):

I first traveled to Israel around 1997. The airport experience was horrible, even though I was prepared in advance for the long lines. But, even then, they employed more or less the same tactic: a relatively long time spent “interviewing” each traveler to ask some apparently benign questions – and lots of eye contact. Even people traveling in pairs/groups were broken up and assigned to different interviewers, who then swapped and compared notes. What surprised me most – and is still the case – the interviewers appeared to be “college students” – probably due to the low-cost, but – in retrospect – maybe this is also an alternative or adjunct to military service. I dunno.

I made one more trip before Ben Gurion was opened, probably in 2000 or so. They almost completely disassembled my laptop upon departure. :-)) But, the processing time was quite short.

The last four or so trips have all been through Ben Gurion. What a difference! This is an amazingly modern airport and, as the article describes, has a very fast processing time. I liked reading the details about their “bomb sniffer” machine. I had always thought that it had an assortment of x-ray/sonogram/mass-spectrometry gizmos inside. But, how clever to also have a trap-door allowing a suspicious item to be dropped into a bomb-proof container for further examination. Simple, yet effective. It goes without saying, however, that BGA was, from the ground up, designed with security in mind.

One thing, however, I think that the Israelis should beef up is the security upon arrival. It is almost as if they don’t care what you bring into the country. Perhaps they perceive the threat profile to be the opposite of the USA and other countries, i.e., that someone will want to blow up a plane that is departing from Israel rather than flying to Israel. Or maybe they rely on their security at the originating destinations. In any case, I bet they had a friendly chat last week with the security officials at Schipol!

Yes, our Homeland Security Administration people would do well to have a “Gedankenaustausch”* with their Israeli counterparts.

*Exchange of thoughts


Do look at this half-hour video. It’s a stunning peek at the future of bioengineering.

The underpants bomber set himself on fire, as you recall, and the fire is said to have castrated him. — That suggests that a fitting punishment for his crimes would be to force him to work for the rest of his days as a goatherd.

You say the White House had no idea that some lunatic might hide explosives in his underwear, and try to blow himself up along with his target? You say it’s unfair to accuse the Obama administration of not realizing what the bombers will try next? You are simply mistaken. In fact it’s worse than that: the British appear to be disgusted enough with Obama that they want to rub his nose in the mess he’s made, so they are telling the world that yes, the USA was warned about the underpants bomber. It bears repeating: the intelligence and security people have not been talking to each other as they should. It’s Jamie Gorelick all over again, and that is very, very bad news for the USA.

Related: Napolitano delivers another master stroke in her problematic quest to mess up homeland security as much as possible before being fired. It’s a report from Claudia Rosett, so you don’t want to miss it.

Keeping the people ignorant: Congress tells C-Span to go away. Brilliant. Maybe this will hasten a cleaning of the Augean stables.

More on the deliberate fostering of ignorance in the body politic: here’s an informative introduction that will allow you to decide whether you want to read more about the topic.

Here you will find a useful opinion piece that appeared in a London paper. The author’s grasp of what is happening in Washington is admirable.

An observer in the major media looks at the way things are changing in the USA, and notes, with a condescending sniff, that the Little People may smell bad, but they vote. He seems to think that politics is a matter of The Educated versus The Ignorant; he’s wrong, and in spades. Irritated by the refusal of a large fraction of the populace to march to the drum beaten by the bicoastal elite, he smugly dismisses values and reason unless they conform to his mindset. This item is only for two types of folks: those who like to sneer and tut-tut at Flyover Country, or those in Flyover Country who have rather thick skin. — Further: the issue is debated, in a way, by a weblogger who summarizes things and a weblogger who posts a more extended essay on parallels with software development. Consider the lily well and truly gilded.

What does “treason” mean to you? To some, it means ….

The demographics of charity expounded graphically. Interesting and very well crafted. Don’t skip it. (Tip: if some braying ass of a foreigner wants to know why Yanks are such morons, bring this graphic to his attention — tell him it will describe your countrymen more accurately than anything else handy.)

More information on the Indian charlatan (he’s not a climate scientist, or even any kind of scientist, but he heads the UN’s IPCC) who is trying to take the world to the cleaners. He says that the revelations of his conflict of interest amount to “a pack of lies.”

The White House is thinking in such consistent lines that it’s almost possible to guess what the amateurs will do next. Yikes.

TLB has already declared the Republican Party dispensable, and asked the Tea Party movement to clean out Congress. Additional thoughtshere.

“No despot fears Mr. Obama, and no blogger in Cairo or Damascus or Tehran, no demonstrator in those cruel Iranian streets, expects Mr. Obama to ride to the rescue.” The quote originated here, and it’s been picked up and repeated on many websites. That’s probably because whether the quote has the facts straight or not, Obama has created a definite impression of himself and his administration that is understood and believed. Given the nature of the many people who would like to kill you, how secure does that make you feel?

In Conclusion: A Question For All Readers Of This Newsletter Who Voted For Barack Obama

You have seen the video linked to in the first item of this issue of TLB. If not, by all means view it now (here’s the link again).

You know — or certainly should know — that Iran is ruled by bloodthirsty fanatics who feel no compunctions at all about bringing down on Iran the full power of the Israeli arsenal. The insane mullahs actually hope that millions of their countrymen will be killed in a nuclear exchange, for they believe that event will precipitate the advent of the Twelfth Imam.

Here is The Lynx Bulletin’s question for you supporters of Barack Obama: do you believe the president will ever say anything like the following?

The United States of America declares the government of The Islamic Republic of Iran hopelessly irresponsible and utterly illegitimate, and demands that it be replaced. The United States will explore all avenues short of war to expedite the decent governance of Iran, and will encourage all other nations to help free the Iranian people from tyranny.