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As we learned in the aftermath of the Indonesian tsunami, not all aid and assistance is created equal. Many commitments by national governments and international governmental agencies are never funded. Other pledges by these groups actually consist of low interest loans or debt forgiveness to the stricken nation.

Aid organizations affiliated with churches did the best in delivering aid after the tsunami. Their people were on the ground and living with the people who needed their help. Large NGOs and government agency types just flew in, stayed at the best hotels, and flew out. There was little attempt to work with the local leaders and address local needs. They just dictated and flew away.

TLB recommends that you not donate to the Red Cross. The Salvation Army (link may be different now) is more effective.

The Undermedia: How Webloggers Saved The World From A Dangerous Cult

Yes, you are bored with The Lynx Bulletin’s endless harping on anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

Out of respect for your lack of enchantment with AGW, TLB hereby absolves you of the responsibility of clicking on any more links to the subject.

That said, please consider just remembering that in Number 125 of TLB there are three URLs that take you to the story of how the biggest hoax in the history of science was exposed and debunked.

They are: Part I. Then Part II. And finally, Part III.

Of course you really should know that these texts, taken together, are the best explanation yet of the scandal.

So please make a mental note for future reference: “Issue 125. Three URLs.”


Issue 111 of this newsletter dealt with federalism, and answered the (silly) question of whether money that is not taxed is removed from the economy. Somehow collectivists never manage to understand the obvious truth — or they don’t have the sense to read TLB.

There’s a fly in the curry. How do you say “hypocrite” in Hindi? Isn’t it “Pachauri”?

Finally someone in the major media gets it: “What a horrible woman she is.”

This newsletter is very concerned about the lunatics running Iran, but every so often the news reminds (or should remind) us all that Islam has no monopoly on insanity.

Aww, all the time TLB thought it was just that Ol’ Joe likes the sauce!

(Moonie alert: The Washington Times is owned and run by a felonious religious charlatan, in case it matters.) Massachusetts could upset the Democrats’ plans for Obamacare. Delay seating a GOP senator, and the bill goes through. “No filthy tricks,” says Barney Frank, the man who told us Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were healthy, and has ducked all responsibility for his ignorant and incompetent behavior. Trust Barney, lose big…but first things first: Brown is unlikely to win.

In a recent private letter, TLB referred to the “end times” syndrome by mentioning that in the film “The Seventh Seal” (set in the fourteenth century) it was rumored that a woman gave birth to a boar’s head. Such events are reported when times are bad. Here’s the real thing. It gets coverage and takes on significance because of the human failing that overemphasizes bad and bizarre news when people are anxious about the future. If we don’t have real news to fret about, we invent things like AGW, and talk of pacts with the devil causing catastrophic earthquakes.

This could be a footnote to the second item in today’s TLB: once again, webloggers take the lead in doing what the major media should be doing and would be doing if they were not in thrall to mischievous ideology.

When The One speaks, how can anybody know what he means? That depends on what the meaning of “means” is.

More on the Fort Hood murders, and related matters.

Democratic grass-roots politics for the student of political science.